Episode 5 Recap

We get some idea why Fang Ting Hao keeps fighting with Chang An and why he keeps wanting to get Chang An to leave Song Bai and stop teaching Qi Bai Cao. It’s something to do with a person named, Xing Yao.

Qi Bai Cao gets taken away from her training with Chang An after Chang An loses a round of fighting with Fang Ting Hao, of which was initiated by Fang Ting Hao who used it to decide whether Chang An would stop training Qi Bai Cao or not. Chang An loses. A serious knee injury Chang An seems to have made him no match for Fang Ting Hao. Qi Bai Cao gets taken away and Chang An waits in the training room for her the whole night—furious.

Qi Bai Cao only comes back the next morning after an evening out with Fang Ting Hao where she expresses her desperation for Ruo Bai to appear before her. She has to make up to Chang An for leaving training. Fan Xiao Ying (roommate and seemingly the BFF) comes up with medicine for Chang An’s knee. The idea doesn’t work to lessen Chang An’s fury towards Qi Bai Cao leaving training and getting her to leave—that is, until he accidentally slams the door on Qi Bai Cao’s arm! Ouch! Qi Bai Cao doesn’t at all wince in pain, though. She just continues to hold the medicine out to Chang An as Chang An shows distress whilst calling Qi Bai Cao an idiot for continuing to have her arms extended and holding out the bottle of medicine for him to use on his injured knee.

Qi Bai Cao gets invited in. Chang An gives Qi Bai Cao another chance. He makes Qi Bai Cao understand she is forbidden from leaving with anyone when he’s training her from now on. Qi Bai Cao agrees to the condition. Qi Bai Cao’s bruised arm takes Chang An’s attention. He asks Qi Bai Cao to use the medicine she got for his knee on her arm. When Qi Bai Cao obeys to the order given, but struggles to open the jar, Chang An resigns from aloofness and does it for Qi Bai Cao.

Chang An putting on the medicine for Qi Bai Cao is how it should go! Chang An should have given a warning first before going at rubbing the medicine into the bruise so fast, though! It looked so painful the way he rubbed it in! These subtle moments of Chang An slowly seeing Qi Bai Cao are satisfying. We like them a lot!




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