Episode 35 – 36 Recap

Qi Bai Cao can see the opportunity for a strike to Yin Xiu’s head with a downward leg strike. In the audience, Fang Ting Yi can also see the opportunity to deal a strike at the head. She wants Qi Bai Cao to seize the opportunity. Both Chang An and Fang Ting Hao, however, see the attack to be the wrong one. The attack Qi Bai Cao executes isn’t the one Fang Ting Yi, Fang Ting Hao, Chang An or Yin Xiu thinks she will choose to execute. Qi Bai Cao extends a regular kick. It gains her a point and the win for Song Bai.

Yin Xiu:

“Why didn’t you strike downwards? Why? I exposed such a huge weak point. Why didn’t you strike downwards?”

Qi Bai Cao:

“Because I didn’t want to injure you. It’s only a competition.”

Yin Xiu:

“If you struck down, I could’ve seized the opportunity to attack. I could’ve won the competition. You can’t beat me. You’re not my rival. I’m the strongest. I am.”

Qi Bai Cao agrees with Yin Xiu about her having not defeated her. The person who she lost to is herself.

After Qi Bai Cao’s competition, Chang An goes to Fang Ting Hao to thank him. He knows Fang Ting Hao held back the kick he could’ve made. The win should have gone to Fang Ting Hao instead of the result that came from their match. It has Chang An realise Fang Ting Hao’s person has not changed one bit. He asks Fang Ting Hao to leave Feng Yun. Fang Ting Hao says he won’t leave Feng Yun. He has things he has yet to do. Chang An worries about the negative influence Feng Yun will have on Fang Ting Hao if he continues to be there. Chang An gives the example of Fang Ting Hao’s past self believing in Qi Bai Cao while his present self no longer shows this. He’s begun seeing the world through things like strong and weak and victory and defeat. Chang An contrasts Fang Ting Hao’s time at Feng Yun with his time at Song Bai. Chang An’s time at Song Bai allowed him to see that love and trust can bring about the most powerful strength.

Fang Ting Hao gives no response towards Chang An’s want for him to leave Feng Yun. He just asks Chang An to accompany Qi Bai Cao during this time of happiness. Chang An asks Fang Ting Hao to come along as well, but Fang Ting Hao declines.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 35 - 36 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 35 - 36 Screenshot

Yin Xiu is handed a voice recorder from her sister which Kim Min Joo passes onto her. Yin Xiu’s sister tells her that she and her father misses her a lot. She explains why her grandfather had her taken away from Yuan Wu Dao. Her grandfather was taking the health of her body into consideration. Her grandmother didn’t allow her to go anywhere near Yuan Wu Dao for this reason also. The psychological harm their decision brought to her is something they didn’t predict. She lets Yin Xiu know how much guilt her father feels. He loves her. They all love her. Yin Xiu’s sister lets Yin Xiu know how happy she is to see the achievements she’s made in Yuan Wu Dao. What she hopes to see, however, is for Yin Xiu to engage in Yuan Wu Dao because of love not hate. The recording ends with Yin Xiu’s sister saying she hopes the time they come to meet will be at Chang Hai. She asks Yin Xiu to come back home to her family at Chang Hai.

After the win, the Song Bai gang express relief from no longer having to worry about the problem of Song Bai being eliminated after Qi Bai Cao gained the title of MVP in the Anyang Qualifiers and becoming eligible to enter into the Shi Jin training camp. Winning the competition had Song Bai become an internationally recognised hall.

Fang Ting Yi and Shen Bo restarts Xian Wu Hall. While Qi Bai Cao and the others help Fang Ting Yi and Shen Bo recruit members, Chang An is with Fang Ting Hao who is watching them from a distance. Chang An asks Fang Ting Hao if he will return back to the people who love him. Fang Ting Hao says it’s not time. There are things he still has yet to do. Fang Ting Hao asks Chang An why he isn’t stopping him this time when Chang An doesn’t say anything in response. Chang An says he believes in him this time. He knows he won’t become like Shui Chen Zhou and in fact he feels Fang Ting Hao is more suitable for the position than both he and Shui Chen Zhou. He will just wait to invite him to Anyang just as Fang Ting Hao had once invited him.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 35 - 36 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 35 - 36 Screenshot

Chang An:

“I recall there was once someone who invited me to come have a look at Anyang. Now, I also want to invite that person. After he’s made the wish he has in his heart come true, he can come back to Anyang again. Come back to his family and friends.”

A short walk away, Fang Ting Hao is met by Yin Xiu who has an order from Shui Chen Zhou to head back to Feng Yun. Fang Ting Hao has to report the details of the Anyang competition to him. Shui Chen Zhou has seen the video for the competition from all angles and he’s able to tell he gave some slack to Chang An in the competition. After giving this information to Fang Ting Hao, Yin Xiu says that if he doesn’t want to go he can choose to not go.

Chang An has gotten surgery for his knee injury. He is told by his doctor his knee is recovering very well. However, he must continue to be careful and let his knee continue to heal. Qi Bai Cao has accompanied Chang An to see the doctor. The doctor asks Qi Bai Cao to keep a watch of her boyfriend. Qi Bai Cao shows awkwardness as does Chang An. Qi Bai Cao, however, doesn’t go to correct the doctor. She just nods. After the doctor leaves, Chang An asks Qi Bai Cao if she can go somewhere with him tomorrow. Qi Bai Cao asks where that is. Chang An just asks that she comes.

Hu Yi Feng wants to know if Fan Xiao Ying has anything on in the evening. He has to repeat the question when Fan Xiao Ying doesn’t quite hear it properly. Fan Xiao Ying’s reply is she does have something on with Ping Ping, Yin Yin and the others. She halts herself when she finds Hu Yi Feng’s question interesting. She wonders why he’s asking. She wonders if it’s because he’s wanting to ask her out. Hu Yi Feng stammers in denying it’s his intention. Fan Xiao Ying asks Hu Yi Feng to admit it and directly ask her out. It’s not impossible for her to reconcile with him if there is a surprise of some sort coming from him.

Looking onto Fan Xiao Ying and Hu Yi Feng from a distance, Lu Fei Yu sees he has to let go of his love for Fan Xiao Ying. He wonders when love will come to him.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 35 - 36 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 35 - 36 Screenshot

At Qi Bai Cao’s place. Qi Bai Cao cleans Chang An’s figurine. Her thoughts are taken away from Chang An when she accidentally drops his figurine onto the floor. When she goes to pick it up, the box containing the strawberry hair clip Ruo Bai gave her comes into her view. Her happy expression changes to a troubled one as she opens the box and looks at Ruo Bai’s gift.

Meeting Chang An the next day, Qi Bai Cao hears Chang An ask if he can continue being with her everyday.

Chang An:

“From the day I saw you, in that moment, everything started becoming better. I got used to being able to see you everyday and being with you everyday. Bai Cao, I want… Can you allow this habit to continue, to forever continue?”

Qi Bai Cao:

“Instructor, as you know there is someone residing in my heart. Although he’s no longer here, I don’t know when…”

Chang An:

“That’s okay. I can wait. I can wait until your heart can accept someone else. I can wait no matter how long it will take.”


There was quite a bit of development for Yin Xiu. It’s surprising she’s originally a Chang Hai disciple just like Kim Min Joo and if we got it right Yin Xiu’s grandfather is the master of Chang Hai. The voice recording revealed a lot about Yin Xiu’s past and the misunderstanding she had of those she cared about and they brought her to become so full of hate. Yin Xiu said in the previous episode she didn’t understand what love is. She only knows hate. The recording seems to have brought her to maybe understand it a bit now. Yin Xiu seems to have become more empathetic when she said to Fang Ting Hao he didn’t have to go if he didn’t want to. This was a response to when she gave Fang Ting Hao Shui Chen Zhou’s orders to go to Feng Yun and report to him about the Anyang competition. It makes us wonder if Yin Xiu will consider leaving Feng Yun and fulfill her sister’s wish for her to return to her family at Chang Hai.

The last episode had a couple more open endings. One is Fang Ting Hao. He didn’t respond to Yin Xiu when she said he didn’t have to go to Feng Yun if he didn’t want to. We’re guessing he’s more likely going to continue as he’s been going. He still needs to change the way Feng Yun is influencing the Yuan Wu Dao world.

The other one is whether Chang An can continue to stay at Qi Bai Cao’s side. We got around to watching Whirlwind Girl as we were finishing Whirlwind Girl 2 to catch ourselves up on the characters and story which Whirlwind Girl 2 continues on from. We learned Ruo Bai was the person who was there to bring Qi Bai Cao to become the Yuan Wu Dao fighter she is. We also learned that Ruo Bai had a heart condition. In the last episode of Whirlwind Girl, Ruo Bai was seen going into an ambulance. The continuation to this in Whirlwind Girl 2 is talk of Ruo Bai being dead, but there are a few interesting things which seems to relate to Ruo Bai and makes us wonder if Ruo Bai is not dead but getting treatment.

There were moments in Episode 25 and Episode 26 which could be hinting Ruo Bai as being in the US. In Episode 25, we hear Fan Xiao Ying upset that Hu Yi Feng is in the US and wondering what he’s doing over there with Yu Chu Yuan. In Episode 26, Hu Yi Feng returns back to Song Bai and the talk he has with Chang An mentions Yu Chu Yuan taking care of a very important patient. That very important patient has to be Ruo Bai, right?

If we’re not wrong about Ruo Bai getting treatment for his heart condition in the US then Hu Yi Feng is part of a small group of people who knows. We actually thought maybe Chang An was in the know when Episode 23 introduced a case which is said to be something Chang An carries around with him all the time. It’s an item which is said to make Chang An leave Qi Bai Cao’s side. We, the viewers, aren’t clued in on what’s in there, but we thought maybe whatever is in there has something to do with Ruo Bai. But then we think about the scene in Episode 26 where Hu Yi Feng is talking with Chang An about Yu Chu Yuan taking care of a very important patient. Chang An had asked Hu Yi Feng who it is that is so important that he isn’t at Song Bai at a time which is so crucial for him to be at Song Bai. This makes us think maybe Chang An isn’t someone who is aware of what’s going on. We can’t imagine Chang An would say that if he knew. He’d instead be asking questions about how this important patient is doing or something suggesting he knows what’s going on over where Yu Chu Yuan is.

We’re thinking Fang Ting Hao would be someone who’d know about what’s happening over there in the US where Yu Chu Yuan is. He’s been coming across as the type of character who knows everything even though he doesn’t show himself to know, so maybe he is also someone who knows.

The last few episodes had some interesting action which we enjoyed. We liked the 45 Points contest where Chang An single-handedly wins it to allow Song Bai to continue on in the competition and we found the match between Fang Ting Hao and Chang An exciting. Yin Xiu became a more relatable character in the last few episodes when they revealed why she was so full of hate and explained where that huge desire to be the strongest came from.

The scene where Qi Bai Cao happily wipes Chang An’s figurine and thinks about the moment he presented it, it feels like it’s progress in seeing Chang An beginning to make his way into Qi Bai Cao’s heart. But then Ruo Bai’s hairpin came into Qi Bai Cao’s view and again we see her not accept Chang An the next day when he asked her if he could continue what has become a habit for him. It has been very tedious seeing Qi Bai Cao react like this to Chang An. If she’s not rejecting him with words, she’s uncomfortable or stiff.

Before we watched Whirlwind Girl we thought Ruo Bai was someone already in Qi Bai Cao’s heart and so we thought that’s why he’s such a huge obstacle for Chang An. Then we watched Whirlwind Girl and we find out that Ruo Bai was actually someone like Chang An to Qi Bai Cao. Both Ruo Bai and Chang An had a one-sided like for Qi Bai Cao because she liked another guy. That was surprising for us. We think maybe Chang An had it better. At least Chang An managed to get two kisses from Qi Bai Cao. The way Chang An went about his like towards Qi Bai Cao was different though. Chang An was direct and straightforward. He told Qi Bai Cao he wanted her to be his girlfriend and was bold in showing his like. Meanwhile, Ruo Bai kept his feelings to himself. Ruo Bai showed his care and like towards Qi Bai Cao through helping her in the background however he could. We think it wasn’t easy for Ruo Bai to express his feelings when, unlike Chang An who could express his feelings because the person in Qi Bai Cao’s heart was no longer by her side, the person Qi Bai Cao liked was by her side. The guy Qi Bai Cao liked was a sworn brother of his and he cared and liked Qi Bai Cao as well, so Ruo Bai really couldn’t express it so directly if he wanted to, we feel.

It’s really hard to decide the guy we’d like Qi Bai Cao to choose to be with. If we decided according to the person who helped Qi Bai Cao more in Yuan Wu Dao, Ruo Bai, Chang An and Fang Ting Hao each helped Qi Bai Cao equally. Each guy were also very cool in their own way. Even Yu Chu Yuan helped as well. He’s the first person in Song Bai to take care of her and was very nice to her. Yu Chu Yuan also was the one who wanted Ruo Bai to nurture Qi Bai Cao’s talent in Yuan Wu Dao. We think the guy we like more is Ruo Bai. So, Ruo Bai is who we wish to be with Qi Bai Cao.

Whirlwind Girl 2 was a good watch. We generally liked it. Compared to Whirlwind Girl, though, we like Whirlwind Girl. It’s a better watch. Those scenes in Whirlwind Girl 2 with the Song Bai gang were usually very tedious for us. We also found the fights the Song Bai gang were in to be silly antics and it’s too predictable that they’d lose their match when they used tricks to try delay their inevitable defeat. These things made Whirlwind Girl 2 seem to be filled with a lot more fluff and air. But maybe we’re being a bit too harsh on those fight scenes the Song Bai gang are in. We recall what Chang An said when he took Qi Bai Cao to see those young Yuan Wu Dao disciples in Episode 29. Chang An said those young Yuan Wu Dao disciples may not have skills of a Yuan Wu Dao master; however, their minds are of a Yuan Wu Dao master. Yuan Wu Dao is about improving oneself, not about wins and losses or anything other than improving oneself and loving Yuan Wu Dao for Yuan Wu Dao. So, understanding this, we guess scenes where the Song Bai gang features in and those fight scenes where the Song Bai gang uses silly antics has the purpose of showing this message. So, while halls like Feng Yun has lost Yuan Wu Dao’s original intention, Song Bai continues to be a hall that continues to carry out Yuan Wu Dao’s original intention.



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  2. Thank you so much for your synopsis 💝💝💝 it helped me understood this drama because the only platform I could watch was at the China Zone channel at YouTube. They don’t provide English subtitles.

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