Hello! Welcome to our little corner. We’re sisters who sometimes have a little too much to say about the Asian dramas we watch. We had originally shared all our thoughts on dramas on social media. However, the posts became so long we figured we had better put them on a blog instead. And so, this blog which started off as a general interest blog, became the place where we posted all our thoughts, reviews and recaps of Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese and Japanese dramas we watch.

We really like playing otome games—or what we like to call, choose your own path story games—so we post about them sometimes. Other topics you’ll find on our blog include some baking/cooking posts (we love to try our hand at making things we like to eat), reviews on products (especially products not normally reviewed by people—products such as the goods we ship through from China), and the occasional tutorial to subjects we think might be helpful to others.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts! If you like our posts, share, share, share our posts!

Thanks for reading!

Julia and Tania. : o) : o).

Some of our favourite things and people…

CardCaptor Sakura
Korean drama You’re Beautiful
Taiwanese drama It Started with a Kiss
Joseph Cheng
Korean drama She Was Pretty
Xiao Zhan
Chinese drama The Untamed
Taiwanese drama Fabulous Boys
Jeyuk Bokkeum
Milk Tea
Star Trek Voyager
Apple iPad
Japanese Strawberry Cake
Rune Factory game
Harvest Moon game
Chocolate Mousse Entremet