Episode 10 was Lin Wei Zhen and Zhou Shu Yu-centric. A couple of times characters conveniently exited to make way for a scene with just Lin Wei Zhen and Zhou Shu Yu. These scenes and many others focusing on these two were very awesome.They show Zhou Shu Yu having a changing opinion of Lin Wei Zhen. He’s finding that Lin Wei Zhen is not a silly girl with no talent, but someone who works hard and is quite talented, graceful and feminine.

Zhou Shu Yu is complimenting Lin Wei Zhen a lot more and giving her credit when she works hard and does well. His stares also stay on her longer and he calls her cute (and pinches her cheeks!) when he sees her work so hard. These don’t get too far and become moments between the two, though, when Lin Wei Zhen doesn’t react to them in a way that shows she’s finding his actions to mean something more.

There was a moment between the two in one of the scenes in this episode, though, when Zhou Shu Yu was slightly drunk and became a little loose with Lin Wei Zhen: he inappropriately chest bumps Lin Wei Zhen then comments how soft that chest bump is after demonstrating a series of manly actions to show what friends between manly guys should do. (This was after Lin Wei Zhen asked him to remember the nice words he said about her with a pinky swear.) What came after it was an apology from Zhou Shu Yu and awkwardness before Lin Wei Zhen runs to her room, unsure of what had just happened and feeling herself blushing whilst Zhou Shu Yu is in his room agitated by what he did and feverish after it.

Zhou Shu Yu is slowly being affected by Lin Wei Zhen. At Episode 6/7, we were clued in to Zhou Shu Yu having (possibly) started falling for Lin Wei Zhen when he said he will write a song for her. Yang Jia Xin, his ex-girlfriend, revealed that Zhou Shu Yu had started with writing a song for her when he was falling for her (or had fallen for her). And in this episode, his accountant friend, Wang Mu Qun (Tu Shi Min), asked Zhou Shu Yu if he was falling for Lin Wei Zhen after he saw Zhou Shu Yu in the recording studio helping her sing better her father’s song. We’re not too sure about the story behind what he saw, though, except to suggest that he was going down the path he recognised as his friend falling for someone.

We’re looking forward to the next episode. In this episode, Lin Wei Zhen and Zhou Shu Yu along with two of Lin Wei Zhen‘s friends were in the countryside attempting to sell Lin Wei Zhen‘s album (to meet the target of selling 50,001 copies so to fulfill the challenge set by BS Entertainment and release Lin Wei Zhen from her binding contract with BS Entertainment to allow her to truly begin working with Zhou Shu Yu and release work produced by him). So, there wasn’t too much of Xu Li Da scheming and causing problems in this episode. But, the next episode, from the looks of the preview, Lin Wei Zhen and Zhou Shu Yu will be back in the city and it seems they are attempting to make Lin Wei Zhen give up through targeting Zhou Shu Yu!




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