We should have seen that Baek Seung Chan would never get his competition, Ra Joon Mo, to go to Tak Ye Jin and he, himself, goes to Cindy. It makes total sense that Baek Seung Chan would go meet up with Tak Ye Jin while he got Ra Joon Mo to go to Cindy!

This week’s ending episode cliffhanger was huge for Baek Seung Chan and Tak Ye Yin shippers! Out in the playground, sitting on the swings, Tak Ye Jin confronts Baek Seung Chan about his feelings for her after Tak Ye Jin accidentally finds out Baek Seung Chan’s feelings for her when she hears his recorded confession in a panda plushie. After Baek Seung Chan answers some questions she had, we see Baek Seung Chan pull the chain of Tak Ye Jin’s swing towards him and kisses her!

Even with regular developments for Baek Seung Chan and Tak Ye Jin and now this newest development for them, we’re still unsure if these two will end up being together. All through out the episodes, we have been thinking how much Baek Seung Chan feels like the second male lead who had fallen for a person who doesn’t look one bit interested and passes by any attention and expression of his feelings as kindness and regular compliments. But Baek Seung Chan isn’t the second male lead character. He’s the male lead character in this series and that’s what’s making it hard to figure out whether he’ll get the girl he wants or not by the end of the series.

We’re not against Cindy and Baek Seung Chan as the final pairing at all as well. But just like how we’re unsure about whether Baek Seung Chan and Tak Ye Jin will end up together or not, we’re also not too sure if Cindy and Baek Seung Chan will end up together either—even when the latest development shows Baek Seung Chan finally seeing some of Cindy’s good qualities.

With two episodes till the end of the series, it makes us wonder if there could even be a chance that none of the couples will end up together and they’ll end up leaving it on an open ending for these couples. We’re actually not too fussed who ends up being together. It could be Baek Seung Chan and Tak Ye Jin, Cindy and Baek Seung Chan or Tak Ye Jin and Ra Joon Mo, we’d still be fine with it. There could be no couples by the end of it and we’d still be quite happy. Whatever the final outcome will be, whatever will be in the final episodes, we’ll be tuning into the final week of episodes to find out!




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