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My Google Plus Page Won’t Link to my Website!

Julia and Tania Google Plus Page

We got ourselves a Google+ Page! After tossing between starting up a Facebook or Google+ Page, we decided on Google+. Despite Facebook being still the social network people are all on at the moment, we think Google+ is a much nicer interface to look at and use: we like the simpler, cleaner design of Google+.

It’s a pretty easy set up. A few clicks and we were all set up. The only problem we came across was linking the Google+ Page to our website. It should have been an easy task. We suppose that is why there wasn’t too much about the solution online when we tried to find out what we were doing wrong and why we kept getting the following message:

Check that the line of code was added to your site’s homepage and that the modified homepage is live on your site. Then try testing again.

The problem was the URL for our site. If you’ve followed all the instructions and are getting the above error, try omitting the ‘www’—or if you’ve been omitting the ‘www’ in front of your URL, try adding the ‘www’ in front of your URL.

Google suggests adding <a href="https://plus.google.com/{PageID}">Google+</a> within the head element in order for Google to be able to verify you are the owner of the website, but we had problems with this method. Our entire page rendered blank. (It could be that the piece of code is intended for adding within the body of the website??) Instead, try putting the following piece of code: <link href="https://plus.google.com/{PageID}" /> within the <head></head> element. This is better as it achieves what Google requires in order to verify you are the website’s owner and it doesn’t render any text on your website like the suggested method.

Anyone on Google+? Add us to your circles! We look forward to meeting you all. : o) : o).




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