This episode is Ding Jia Yu-centric. She has not been a very likable character; she got in the way of Qi Yi‘s happiness and caused problems for Chen Liang Liang. But in this episode, she finally loses hold of Qi Yi and seeing her go from being full of fight to looking emotionless and vulnerable we feel for her character.

Ding Jia Yu‘s downfall happens in Qi Yi‘s surprise party. Qi Yi is stepping down from CEO of GAZE. After rumours of GAZE possibly being up for sale, Qi Yi reveals a new CEO will be taking over in a week’s time and the employees throw a surprise party to farewell him (held at Buzz’s café). Ding Jia Yu isn’t invited and turns up (slightly intoxicated), wanting to talk to Qi Yi in private about matters regarding their relationship. It turns into a row in front of everyone when Chen Liang Liang enters. Ding Jia Yu‘s downfall comes when she uses the fake story to force Qi Yi to her side; and when that doesn’t work, she asks him what his choice is: herself or Chen Liang Liang? Qi Yi still can’t choose, not until Chen Liang Liang frees him from responsibility by revealing the truth about Ding Jia Yu which allows Qi Yi to finally speak out his choice.

Ding Jia Yu becomes subdued and reclusive after this point. She doesn’t turn up for work, answer her phone or open her door. She just spends time locked inside her apartment making bracelets. (Aren’t the bracelets pretty? They are purchasable and are the actress’ collection! When Ding Jia Yu said she made the bracelets herself, ‘she’ really does!) Everyone tries to get her to open her door—Jerry, Qi Yi‘s mother, Dean and Qi Yi, but she doesn’t. When Chen Liang Liang tries though, Ding Jia Yu does. Ding Jia Yu did take a pair of scissors to the door, presumably to harm Chen Liang Liang, but nothing happens and Chen Liang Liang is let in. Chen Liang Liang has come over to cook for Ding Jia Yu and to be a friend after she heard from Qi Yi‘s mother that Ding Jia Yu was a specially lonely person.

(Minus the purposely-inserted-suspicious scenes to throw the audience off,) Ding Jia Yu looks quite innocent in all of these scenes. We particularly love the scene where Ding Jia Yu was making bracelets (again) and Chen Liang Liang wanted to make some, too. Ding Jia Yu doesn’t say anything, but she accommodates Chen Liang Liang. She helps Chen Liang Liang when she couldn’t find the start of a wire coil and she passes the scissors when she asks for it! :oD :oD. These Ding Jia YuChen Liang Liang scenes are the only scenes we see Ding Jia Yu with a bit of life and emotion in her. After this, she returns to being emotionless and reclusive.

We were sad when we thought Episode 20 was going to be the final episode of Just You; but to our surprise, there is an Episode 21! We are now looking forward to seeing what is happening to GAZE; we’re wondering what Qi Yi is going to do next since he is resigning; and who is the incoming CEO? With scenes showing Qi Yi and Dean constantly talking about a plan and Li Han Bo with his mystery project, it makes us think that maybe Li Han Bo is the new boss of GAZE.




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