We can’t say enough about how much we loved how this episode played out! There were two major events in this episode: Qi Yi, Qi Yi‘s father and Chen Liang Liang trying to find Qi Yi‘s mother; and Ding Jia Yu.

The event of Qi Yi‘s mother begins with Chen Liang Liang bumping into Qi Yi‘s mother at a café by chance, but Chen Liang Liang scares her off with too many personal questions and she runs away. (We’re actually curious why Qi Yi‘s mother runs away. What is she afraid of that she runs away from possibly being reunited with her family?) Chen Liang Liang informs Qi Yi that she may have just spoken to his mother and this begins the search for her. Qi Yi, Qi Yi‘s father and Chen Liang Liang wait day after day for her to appear at the café that Qi Yi‘s mother frequents a lot for business deals.

The Ding Jia Yu event begins in her apartment with Qi Yi‘s mother telling Ding Jia Yu to continue her medication for heart problems and depression (previous episode showed her clutching her chest and needing medication). Qi Yi comes to know of this when Ding Jia Yu calls him, crying and pleading for him to come over; and he reluctantly does. Ding Jia Yu uses the time she has alone with Qi Yi to wholeheartedly tell him she did not betray him and pleads him to see she is telling the truth. She then loses consciousness and Qi Yi has to take her to the hospital.

In amongst this, there are some calls from a mystery person. We presume those calls were from Jerry (Jerry was pass-mentioned when Ding Jia Yu first entered) because he makes an entrance. Jerry is a tough-looking suited male who shows up at GAZE, asking for Ding Jia Yu. Jerry is told to be evidence and explanation for Ding Jia Yu‘s actions three years ago and it is admirable. With this newfound knowledge, Qi Yi is unsure of his cold opinion of Ding Jia Yu and becomes conflicted. Though Dean is still on Chen Liang Liang‘s side, he seems to have let up slightly on his harsh view of Ding Jia Yu. Unknown to them all, Chen Liang Liang is witnessing and hearing the entire conversation (between Qi Yi, Dean and Jerry); then the conversation between Dean and Qi Yi after Jerry exits, hearing a distressed Qi Yi say, “It’s not the past” and Dean tries to calm Qi Yi and convince him that it is the past—Dean, very likely, thinking of Chen Liang Liang during this time and trying to get Qi Yi to remember Chen Liang Liang, to whom’s heart is innocently caught in this mess of Qi Yi‘s. It takes a moment after these words were exchanged that Dean notices Chen Liang Liang standing there; and it takes another moment before finally Qi Yi finds her standing there. Both Qi Yi and Dean looks at her in shock and concern.

This situation is not shown nearly as heartbreaking for Chen Liang Liang as when she found out Ding Jia Yu‘s past with Qi Yi in Episode 14, but the situation does see her run away and looking sad. And also not like Episode 14, this time, Chen Liang Liang is consoled only by her friend, Kate, instead of either Qi Yi or Dean.

This event had followed on from scenes with Qi Yi showing thought and care towards Chen Liang Liang, too. Chen Liang Liang was reassured by Qi Yi that his feelings are still with her after he chose to agree to Ding Jia Yu‘s plead for him to come over to her place because she felt depressed and had trouble breathing; he told Chen Liang Liang he was not answering anymore of Ding Jia Yu‘s calls and he got another person to look after Ding Jia Yu after Ding Jia Yu had called Chen Liang Liang to make Qi Yi come over. But Qi Yi now is uncertain. We do believe that Qi Yi has moved on from Ding Jia Yu, but with the story that Ding Jia Yu has given, he will most likely be a little more thoughtful of Ding Jia Yu.

The entrance of Jerry and Ding Jia Yu‘s admirable act, they contribute to a very interesting final scene. What’s going through Chen Liang Liang‘s mind and how is she fearing as she sits opposite Qi Yi, who looks across the table at her, awkwardly and with an apologetic expression as they again wait with Qi Yi‘s father for Qi Yi‘s mother to appear? With the whole search for Qi Yi‘s mother still happening, the emotional impact of Ding Jia Yu on Chen Liang Liang is placed in the background as Chen Liang Liang continues to work with Qi Yi and Qi Yi‘s father in her goal of helping reunite son and husband with mother and wife. (The kindness and strength of Chen Liang Liang makes us love her character so much!)

Qi Yi‘s mother does finally appear at the café. She runs again and the three chase her down to the point of the playground where they know Qi Yi‘s mother is there, but cannot see her as she hides. The next part is what we found so great: even though Chen Liang Liang has been hurt indirectly by Qi Yi, she gives Qi Yi—who stands stiff, uncertain and afraid to call out to his mother because he had not had a mother to call out to for so long that it feels foreign to him—the strength to call out to his mother with her words. He does call out to his mother, timidly at first before emotionally and pleading. Qi Yi‘s mother finally comes out and Qi Yi, Qi Yi‘s father and Qi Yi‘s mother are finally standing before each other.

The combination of events and situations helped make this episode an incredible watch! There were a couple more cool things in the episode that we have to mention also. There was the scene where Qi Yi almost breaks the rule of his own ban on office romance but Shi Cui Xia saves him (from breaking it and firing himself for breaking it, if that’s even possible!): Chen Liang Liang injures herself in the office when she doesn’t watch where she is going and bumps and trips. Qi Yi immediately goes to her side. He is extremely concerned and wants to take her to the hospital. However, Shi Cui Xia reminds him of the romance ban notice, making him quickly release Chen Liang Liang‘s arm and he composes himself in front of watchful eyes of his employees as Chen Liang Liang is helped to the hospital by Shi Cui Xia. (We do say, for just a knock and fall, Qi Yi was mighty concerned! Ding Jia Yu lost consciousness and he wasn’t as concerned! By the way, this happened before Jerry‘s entrance which brought everything to an unhappy state between Qi Yi and Chen Liang Liang.)

And we can’t help noticing the messages on the clothes of the characters. They usually match the character’s personality or actions. Chen Liang Liang, she had ‘Shine’; and Ding Jia Yu, in a previous episode, when her jacket covered her shirt, it said ‘War’ (the full text was ‘Onward’). In this episode, one of Ding Jia Yu‘s clothes said, ‘You Only Live Ones’ (may have meant ‘once’ not ‘ones’, though).

So now everything is in place for some awesome moments for Qi Yi and Chen Liang Liang. We are hoping for a particular sequence of events to happen in the last four episodes; but we have not once been disappointed with how things have been handled so far, so we are going to enjoy the ride and we will look forward to what Just You has in store!




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