In the last episode, Qi Yi chased Chen Liang Liang down blocks before they are separated by traffic at a pedestrian crossing. He asks why she influences his life then leaves him to suffer alone. Chen Liang Liang shouts out that it’s because she likes him; it’s because of the office romance ban that she runs away from him. Qi Yi then walks across oncoming traffic to reach her and kiss her.

After that kiss, Qi Yi was honestly blunt, telling Chen Liang Liang she can like him, but he can’t say he likes her yet. He then explains that it’s because he hasn’t found the flower that doesn’t wither yet and asks her if she could wait for him to find that flower that won’t wither so he can gift it to her. (We can’t seem to pinpoint what Qi Yi means by that, though. Does he mean he needs time to be someone who can love and protect as Chen Liang Liang loves and protects?)

Qi Yi‘s mother is revealed. Also revealed, is the story of how she came to leave the family. After Chen Liang Liang finds a container under the floor and finds a picture of the Qi family back when they were all still together, Qi Yi‘s father tells the story of how he and the financial debts of his business forced Qi Yi‘s mother to sign a promissory note, agree to a fake divorce and go abroad until he can clear his debts. The time frame he gave to this to be resolved was three years, but he couldn’t do it. Qi Yi‘s mother stayed away out of force not will.

Meanwhile, Qi Yi‘s mother is back in Taiwan. She is at Ding Jia Yu‘s apartment, looking after Ding Jia Yu and comforting her who, after seeing Chen Liang Liang move back into Qi Yi‘s house (and possibly the initimate scene), had some sort of a panic attack before she knocked on the door and found Ding Jia Yu holding her chest in pain. At this point, Ding Jia Yu doesn’t know that this woman whom she calls Na, is in fact the mother of Qi Yi, and Ding Jia Yu tells her the story of how the person who stopped believing in love has started to love again. This leads Qi Yi‘s mother to ask Ding Jia Yu why she is fighting for it and goes after a feeling that doesn’t belong to her. After Ding Jia Yu tells Qi Yi‘s mother not to worry about her and that she will get back what is hers, Qi Yi‘s mother tells Ding Jia Yu that she will not judge her and promises her she will be by her side just like she had been by her side.

With that line, we wonder how strong the relationship is between Qi Yi‘s mother and Ding Jia Yu. We don’t think Qi Yi‘s mother has enough of a resentful heart that she will cause problems for Qi Yi and Chen Liang Liang on her own; but Ding Jia Yu, she may provide the pressure that will cause her to be in a difficult position: will she side with Ding Jia Yu when the time comes to choosing to support Ding Jia Yu and her goal?

The remainder of the episode focused on some more nice scenes between Chen Liang Liang and Qi Yi. Qi Yi is slowing changing to find Chen Liang Liang more and more important to him. He terminated the tenant rules, saying to Chen Liang Liang that he wants her to live freely, like she is a family member of his. There are also scenes of the secondary couples, most of them surrounding the idea of fighting and protecting love: Li Han Bo resigned from his job to pursue his love for Shi Cui Xia; and Alex and Kate—a couple who are in love—looks at the brave move of their ex-coworker. Even Qi Yi seems to be doing something in this area. It’s all hush-hush and we aren’t too informed, but Qi Yi and Dean are up to something. They have spoken of a plan, but we’re not told what it concerns. We can only guess that it may have something to do with protecting his business and love as there was a threat from Ding Jia Yu who told Qi Yi she will show that she is the only one who deserves his love; and making an enemy of her, she will make sure his company falls. This sounds a whole lot like what Qi Yi‘s father went through, so we’ll see how Qi Yi protects business and love!




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