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The Perfect Match – 極品絕配 (2017), Episode 20

The Perfect Match, Episode 20

Wei Fen Qing becomes the Chairman of Yanis and there’s a new obstacle for Wei Fen Qing and Huo Ting En when Wei Fen Qing’s mother is against the two of them being together.

Episode 20 Recap

The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot
The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot

Wei Fen Qing seeks Grandma Huo to obtain the 10% share of Yanis she had once offered to her to change Yanis’ decision on selling the night market land. After Grandma Huo is assured Wei Fen Qing won’t harm Yanis, Grandma Huo provides the shares to allow Wei Fen Qing to become a director of Yanis and participate in a board meeting.

At the board meeting, Grandma Huo announces the agenda of the meeting. It’s to appoint a new chairman of Yanis. Grandma Huo announces retirement. The candidates up for the Chairman position are Wei Fen Qing and Huo Tian Zhi.

Grandma Huo provides a background on Wei Fen Qing to the directors and why she is a strong candidate for the Chairman position of Yanis. She provides the impressive outcome of the ambassador banquet to which Wei Fen Qing had a role in. Grandma Huo also mentions how Wei Fen Qing is respected by the La Mure chefs. Finally, Grandma Huo provides Wei Fen Qing the biggest endorsement with giving her vote for the Chairman position to her.

It’s not enough to give Wei Fen Qing the majority of the votes, however. Huo Tian Zhi has the majority of the votes. Grandma Huo gestures Wei Fen Qing to speak up.

Wei Fen Qing stands before the directors and asks them all to reconsider their votes with a story about her reason for wanting to become the Chairman of Yanis.

The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot
The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot

Wei Fen Qing:

“Seven years ago, my dad passed away. My mum raised me and my brother. We almost lived on the streets. It was the night market people who warmly took us in and allowed us to continue to survive.”

“The night market is like my family. The income of the night market people might be insignificant to you. But to the night market people, their livelihood depends on it.”

“I hope you can have another think on this, give one more chance to the people of the night markets and vote again.”

However, Wei Fen Qing isn’t able to move more of the directors. Wei Fen Qing manages to obtain five votes. Meanwhile, Huo Tian Zhi gather six votes.

As Grandma Huo officially announces the new Chairman of Yanis, Huo Ting En and Ah Wei stops the announcement. Ah Wei introduces himself and let’s everyone know his reason for appearing at their board meeting.

The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot
The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot

Ah Wei:

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Meng Shao Wei. I stand in for my father, Meng Xing Da, and Pin Le Group at this board meeting today. In my hands are authorisation letters of the shareholders.”

“Our Meng family are in favour of Wei Feng Qing to be Chairman of Yanis.”

Ah Wei comes with his vote and his dad’s vote, giving Wei Fen Qing seven votes, surpassing Huo Tian Zhi’s six votes. With Wei Fen Qing obtaining more votes than Huo Tian Zhi, she becomes the new Chairman of Yanis.

Ah Wei also solves Yanis’ financial problem with offering to purchase the land the night market is on. This also saves the threat of the night market being shut down. Ah Wei is seen as a hero and the real deal prince who is high above Huo Ting En in family background and coolness according to Ah Wei’s night market circle of friends.

The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot
The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot
The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot
The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot

The Huo family recipe folder with the missing pages of Wei Fen Qing’s father’s recipe book comes to the attention of Wei Fen Qing’s mother. She finds it placed on the desk in Wei Fen Qing’s room. After Wei Fen Qing explains it to be a Huo heirloom and had been something Huo Ting En had given to her, Wei Fen Qing’s mother seeks Grandma Huo for an explanation.

Grandma Huo reveals that an argument had occurred between Wei Fen Qing’s dad and her son. The argument was over the restaurant being solely on serving curry cuisine. Wei Fen Qing’s dad wished to withdraw investment in Yanis because Grandma Huo’s son had other ideas for the restaurant than solely serving curry cuisine. When Grandma Huo’s son didn’t agree to the condition, Wei Fen Qing’s dad left with his recipe book with a plan to open his own restaurant—one that served curry only.

The missing pages from Wei Fen Qing’s dad’s recipe book is explained to have been taken by Grandma Huo’s son by force through the opportunity of Wei Fen Qing’s dad being unconscious from a motor accident.

Wei Fen Qing’s mum is upset after hearing the details of how the missing pages of the recipe book came to be in the hands of the Huo’s. She comes to suspect a possibility the accident may not be an accident. Grandma Huo pleads for Wei Fen Qing’s mum to not pass the grievances of their generation onto the next generation.

The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot
The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot

Grandma Huo:

“I know that whatever I say now you won’t believe me. However, I beg you, don’t let our grievances pass down onto the next generation. I know you feel wronged and resent us. So long as it’s within my ability, I will do whatever you ask. I’m willing to do it. I really don’t wish our grievances to continue on. Really. Ting En and Fen Qing—the two of them truly love each other.”

The plea is denied. Wei Fen Qing’s mum isn’t able to forgive the actions of the Huo family.

Wei Fen Qing’s mum:

“The Huo’s are too selfish. Too selfish! Right now, my only hope is that the Huo family will never ever appear before me again.”

Back home, Wei Fen Qing is told about what had happened in the past between the Huo’s and their family. Wei Fen Qing’s mum tells Wei Fen Qing she forbids her from marrying Huo Ting En.

The episode ends with Wei Fen Qing at La Mure with Huo Ting En. Over a meal that Huo Ting En cooks for the two of them to have together, he provides Wei Fen Qing advice on how to approach things regarding people and life. Wei Fen Qing finds the words coming from Huo Ting En strange.

The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot
The Perfect Match, Ep 20 Screenshot

Wei Fen Qing:

“Why do you keep telling me to remember things and talking about the future? What’s up with you today?”

Huo Ting En:

“Because, in the future, I will never appear in your life again.”

“I just think we are probably not suitable for each other.”


Another episode we didn’t enjoy. Situations are odd and fantastical.

Wei Fen Qing hasn’t shown any proof of having a lot of experience to be Chairman of a group like Yanis, so the rise from night market stall owner to being Chairman of a huge corporate company is too unrealistic. If there were at least scenes that directors were fed up with the Huo’s management of the company that they were willing to appoint basically any person, then we would think it could be possible. We have to see that so at least we’ll feel there was some logical reason why such outcome has come about.

Wei Fen Qing’s speech about wanting to save the night market as her reason for wanting to be Chairman of Yanis had nothing to do with what she could offer to help Yanis. So, we can’t imagine how she held onto the votes she got before that speech when her reason made Yanis appear like a means to a personal goal that had nothing to do with doing well by Yanis. She may have said she will never harm Yanis to Grandma Huo and Grandma Huo said she believed her, the directors still need to be convinced. Also, unlike Grandma Huo who wants to pay her debt to the Wei family hence can be seen as a reason why she’d agree to hand over the company to an inexperienced person like Wei Fen Qing, the directors don’t have that. We believe they’d only care about profits and performance.

The whole thing where Ah Wei buys the night market land, we think this could’ve happened without the event of Wei Fen Qing getting the shares to become Chairman. Ah Wei could have just purchased the night market land right when the news came telling of Yanis selling the land. This would still be showing Ah Wei to be using his company to help the person he loves if that was a reason why Wei Fen Qing was written to be Chairman of Yanis. We would have then been spared from watching such an unrealistic event as Wei Fen Qing becoming night market owner to Chairman of Yanis.

We can’t connect with the things that has taken place in these past few episodes. So unnatural, unrealistic and unbelievable.




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