Ice Fantasy Destiny is a 16-episode follow up to the 2016 Chinese epic fantasy drama, Ice Fantasy.

With this follow up series of Ice Fantasy, we don’t see the familiar vast white landscape of the Ice tribe territory, Snow Blade City, popping onto the screen. It’s set in a modern world with futuristic-looking computer panels, holographic screens as well as tables that read cell phones and flash drives. Ice Fantasy Destiny has a futuristic and science-fiction feel about it.

Feng Suo climbs rock face - Ice Fantasy Destiny

At the opening scene of Episode 1, we see a familiar face climbing a rock face on Earth. He looks very much like the Ice tribe’s King, Ka Suo. This person who looks very much like Ka Suo is Feng Suo (Feng Shao Feng). He is a CEO of a tech company called, Ge Ning Group.

Feng Suo is the reincarnation of Ka Suo. His personality feels slightly different to Ka Suo’s when he comes across as a little more playful and not as serious.

Luo Luo, a celebrity managed by Da Qin Group - Ice Fantasy Destiny

We see a reincarnation of Li Luo as well. Though the reincarnation of Li Luo has a different face, we can recognise her as Li Luo’s reincarnation through her name that’s very close to Li Luo. Li Luo’s reincarnation’s name is Luo Luo (Zhang Yu Qi). Luo Luo is a popular music artist.

Luo Luo feels to have the same personality as Li Luo. She is quite skilled in a form of fighting as well. Luo Luo is very good at fencing.

Qiao Qiao, Feng Suo's secretary - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Yang Dan, Luo Luo's manager - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Qin Chu, Da Qin Group's CEO - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ming Na of Ming Yao Group - Ice Fantasy Destiny

We see more familiar faces who are reincarnations of the characters in Ice Fantasy.

Qiao Qiao (Lu Zi Zhen) is the reincarnation of the female warrior of the Healer tribe, Yue Shen. Qiao Qiao is Feng Suo’s secretary. Qiao Qiao seems to have a bit of a fun-loving side to her than her previous self, Yue Shen, who had come across a little stiff and serious.

Yang Dan (Chen Xin Yu) is Luo Luo’s manager and the reincarnation of Sprite Queen, Chao Ya. Yang Dan comes across as more animated than her previous self.

Qin Chu (Huang Di Yi), Li Luo’s comrade is reincarnated as the CEO of the entertainment company Luo Luo is signed with—Da Qin Group. Qin Chu’s reincarnated self has the same name, Qin Chu. The reincarnated Qin Chu likes the reincarnation of Li Luo—Luo Luo.

And Lan Shang (Madina Memet), the mermaid princess, has been reincarnated as Ming Na of Ming Yao Group. Ming Na likes Ka Suo’s reincarnation—Feng Suo.

Feng Suo, Luo Luo and the other reincarnations don’t remember their past life.

Ying Kong Shi finds a new world after he wakes up

The modern world Ice Fantasy Destiny is set in is explained to be several billions of years from the time the story of Ice Fantasy left off at. It’s the year 2020. We’re told that the divine tribes and the mortals that once existed in one world have now come to exist in separate worlds. This occurred because of Ying Kong Shi (Ma Tian Yu).

Ying Kong Shi:

“Billions of years ago, I suffered Yuan Ji’s curse which caused me to lose my memory and kill my most beloved brother. After I regained my memory, to return to a time and place to which my brother hadn’t died, I became a graupel snow bird and rammed into an ice wall. I finally found the legendary Red Lotus that could reverse time. However, the explosive power of the red lotus was beyond my expectation. The divine world froze over. After the evolution of time and space, it evolved into Pluto, Mars and Earth.”

Ying Kong Shi - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Yan Da - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Xing Jiu in his Dream tribe attire - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Grandma Feng Tian, Chairman of Ge Ning Group - Ice Fantasy Destiny

Ying Kong Shi is one of three Ice Fantasy characters that continue through to Ice Fantasy Destiny. Yan Da (Zhang Meng), Xing Jiu (Xu Ke) and Grandma Feng Tian (Zheng Pei Pei) are Ice Fantasy characters that also continue on in this series.

Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da look different with a look that blends into the modern world. Though their looks are different, unlike the other Ice Fantasy characters who have been reincarnated, they are Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da.

Xing Jiu’s appearance continues with the Dream tribe outfit for a while before Xing Jiu also takes on a modern look. Being someone alien to Earth and unfamiliar with the ways of life on Earth, for a time, we see a cute side to Xing Jiu’s character that wasn’t seen in Ice Fantasy. Feng Suo refers to him by the nickname, ‘Cat’. This is a good description of the cuteness.

Grandma Feng Tian, Ice tribe’s grandmother, takes on a modern look after brief moments in her Ice tribe attire. We don’t see Grandma Feng Tian a lot. She truly makes her entrance into the story only in the last few episodes of Ice Fantasy Destiny. She is important in helping the main characters succeed in defeating the enemy as well as help keep everything running smoothly. Grandma Feng Tian is the chairman of Ge Ning Group. She holds up appearance when Feng Suo is unable to attend meetings in his company.

Ying Kong Shi on Fire tribe world on Mars - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Yan Da on Fire tribe world on Mars - Ice Fantasy Destiny

In the final episode of Ice Fantasy, we saw that Yan Da dies saving Ying Kong Shi. After Ying Kong Shi tells us how their world came to be Pluto, Mars and Earth, he tells us how Yan Da comes to be alive and allow us to enjoy seeing Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da together again in Ice Fantasy Destiny:

Ying Kong Shi:

“On Mars and finding the Fire tribe’s indistinguishable space, amongst the spirits of the large Fire tribe imperial family, I saw Yan Da—the one who died saving me. I used a red lotus flower and a feather from a fire hawk to create her body and resurrected her. I brought her to the mortal world—later known as Earth by the mortals.”

Ying Kong Shi had to gain permission from the Fire tribe ancestor in order to be allowed to resurrect Yan Da. We hear this during a talk Yan Da has with her Fire tribe ancestor. The Fire tribe ancestor has a mirror appearance of Yan Da.

Ying Kong Shi threatens to kill Yan Da if she does another thing that goes against his wishes - Ice Fantasy Destiny

The driving force for Ying Kong Shi in Ice Fantasy was his love for his brother, Ka Suo. This continues on in Ice Fantasy Destiny. Ying Kong Shi has the desire to have his brother back to their Ice Tribe’s, Snow Blade City, and not continuing to live on Earth—a place Ying Kong Shi finds to be strange and is exhausting the brief seven lives his brother has if he continues to live on Earth. Vital to this is waiting for Feng Suo to get to his 28th birthday. This is when the red lotus will bloom. Ying Kong Shi will then use the red lotus to turn back time to the time and place Snow Blade City existed and undo the sequence of events that led Ka Suo to meeting Li Luo which brought about the present outcome Ying Kong Shi finds undesirable.

Yan Da’s driving force is Ying Kong Shi. Her desire is keeping him alive. Ying Kong Shi’s existence is dependent on the red lotus continuing to grow within him and not wither. The red lotus withers when Feng Suo and Luo Luo fall in love. Along with this desire that Yan Da has, Yan Da also has the need to fulfill her ancestor’s desire of creating the Ice-Flame magic to obtain domination over the universe.

This sees Yan Da and Ying Kong Shi continue to be two people on opposite sides.

Feng Suo's Into Dreams virtual reality event - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Into Dreams system malfunction on Luo Luo. Feng Suo and Qiao Qiao waits for technician to correct malfunction - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Luo Luo inside Into Dreams virtual reality game fighting one of its characters - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Yang Dan at Luo Luo's side after Into Dreams detect system malfunction on Luo Luo's end - Ice Fantasy Destiny

These story plots around Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da weave in through the main story setup of Feng Suo looking to develop his dream technology, Into Dreams. The dream technology extracts a person’s dream, stores the dream data and turns it into a virtual reality experience from the dream data.

Feng Suo comes to obtain Luo Luo’s dream data after Qin Chu acts against his brother, the chairman of Da Qin Group, Qin Han (Wu Di Wen), with handing over Luo Luo’s dream data to Feng Suo. Feng Suo develops a virtual reality experience of Snow Blade City which Luo Luo participate in with Ming Na and two other social elites.

It’s a virtual reality game that turns into a real and dangerous event for Luo Luo when an enemy enters the virtual reality game and attacks her. The enemy is the sword spirit leader who has come for revenge. His desire is to avenge for the devouring of the seven emotion sword spirits that Luo Luo’s past self, Li Luo, had devoured billions of years ago.

Feng Suo, who had entered into the virtual reality dream world game after Luo Luo’s vital readings flashed red on the monitor, begs a mysterious masked person to help him save Luo Luo. She lies trapped inside a magical barrier that kept Feng Suo from reaching her. The mysterious masked person is Ying Kong Shi. This was a show of Ying Kong Shi’s opposition towards Luo Luo when he wished to only take Feng Suo out of the Snow Blade City dream world that was fast collapsing. Ying Kong Shi had no concern whatsoever towards what happens to Luo Luo.

Ice Fantasy Destiny is at times light and fun. Other times, it’s serious and eerie.

The light moments are often where we see Luo Luo and her two managers, Yang Dan and Ge Ming Yue (Cai Jun Tao) together. It’s also any time Ge Ming Yue is present in a scene. Ge Ming Yue is a feminine guy who has feminine behaviour. His character with any other character often brings in light banter and light moments.

Feng Suo frightened after seeing Xing Jiu sleeping in the fridge/freezer - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Xing Jiu wakes up from Feng Suo's scream - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Xing Jiu helps Feng Suo tie his robe back up after accidentally baring his front side - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Luo Luo's eyes closed as she waits until Feng Suo is decently clothed again - Ice Fantasy Destiny

Feng Suo’s parts with Xing Jiu adds a bit of comedy during the period when Xing Jiu adjusts to being on Earth and when Feng Suo is the only one who is able to see Xing Jiu.

The moment where Feng Suo goes to the fridge for something and gets greeted by a sleeping Xing Jiu was a very funny moment! Xing Jiu was in the fridge because he says it has a similar temperature to what is in Snow Blade City. :oP :oP.

Another funny moment follows this when Feng Suo comes to need the help of Xing Jiu to tie his robe back around his body to stop continuing to be indecently clothed in front of Luo Luo. This came about from Luo Luo trying to get the fridge door open after she found Feng Suo oddly talking into the fridge. A struggle between Luo Luo wanting to open the fridge door and Feng Suo trying to keep it shut to prevent Luo Luo from seeing Xing Jiu strangely sitting in the fridge causes Feng Suo’s robe tie to come undone and fall to the ground. Feng Suo is very slow to react even after he looks down at himself following finding Luo Luo indicating to him he’s indecently clothed with a turn of her head and shut of her eyes. Xing Jiu quickly comes in and helps his king cover him up. “My King, it’s all fine now,” Xing Jiu says after finishing. Feng Suo smiles and nods in great appreciation for Xing Jiu’s help :oP :oP.

These were very memorable and funny moments between Feng Suo and Xing Jiu in the series :o) :o).

Human controlled by Fire tribe ancestor - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Fire tribe ancestor - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Fire tribe ancestor and Yan Da - Ice Fantasy Destiny

Yan Da’s side can bring in a bit of an eerie atmosphere, especially during the early episodes when the story is still developing and there’s a bit of mystery to what’s happening. The place we see Yan Da appear often is in a dark alleyway with fog and we see her meeting some strange-looking beings on one occasion. She resides in a red bus which is with the appearance of a diner. The décor is red. There are many red tagines around the place and red lanterns hanging above. The bus can appear into existence from thin air in an instant.

To enjoy watching Ice Fantasy Destiny, you’d have to have watched Ice Fantasy. For huge Ying Kong Shi fans (we are! :oP :oP), Ice Fantasy Destiny does well with continuing to make him the awesome character he was in Ice Fantasy. There’s not a lot of battles with magic at the beginning. If this is an aspect of Ice Fantasy that you liked about the series like it was for us, it is a little disappointing to see at first. It does come in as the series gets on.

The story in Ice Fantasy Destiny isn’t as awesome as the story in Ice Fantasy. We do love that we get to see our favourite Ice Fantasy characters again in this follow up series. However, it would have been much cooler if we could see them in the fantasy world in Ice Fantasy and in their beautiful tribe outfits! The ending for Ice Fantasy Destiny is another that’s similar to the ending in Ice Fantasy: it’s an open ending. It has the feeling of more to come.

Finally, those who have the curiosity to whether Yan Da ever manages to have Ying Kong Shi accept her, this is something Ice Fantasy Destiny does answer. We’ll provide Ying Kong Shi’s answer to Yan Da’s confession that took place in Ice Fantasy at the end of the post.

Moments from Ice Fantasy Destiny

Below contains screenshots from the series that may be huge spoilers for what happens for certain plots if you haven’t seen the series! Continue if you don’t mind spoilers! :o) :o).

Xing Jiu intrigued by magnet in a display globe - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Feng Suo shields incapacitated Luo Luo - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ka Suo's ice tribe magic activates in Feng Suo - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi walks away from Yan Da after telling her to not interfere with his plans - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Imminent attack from sword spirit towards Feng Suo and Luo Luo - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Feng Suo wakens after mysterious person helps him and Luo Luo come out of the virtual reality game - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Xing Jiu attacks! - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi hears about the legendary red lotus from Xing Jiu - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Feng Suo's kiss to Luo Luo activates Ice tribe magic within Feng Suo - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Li Luo in Luo Luo's dream after Feng Suo's kiss - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi comforts Yan Da who worries about him taking the red lotus out of himself - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Fire Tribe ancestor obtains red lotus - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi and Grandma Feng Tian - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Xing Jiu uses his holy magic cube to find where Feng Suo is - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Luo Luo calls to Yang Dan who's controlled by Fire tribe ancestor - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Fire Tribe ancestor in the process of obtaining She Mi's magic - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi attacking with the god devouring sword - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi fights Fire tribe ancestor - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi no match for Fire tribe ancestor - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Yan Da shields Ying Kong Shi from an attack from Fire tribe ancestor - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Fire tribe ancestor directs god devouring sword at Ying Kong Shi - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Yan Da turns the god devouring sword on herself to defeat her ancestor - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi holds Yan Da after Yan Da turns the sword on herself to save Ying Kong Shi - Ice Fantasy Destiny
She Mi greeted by Li Luo - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Xing Jiu's premonition starting to take place - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Sword spirit leader with Fire tribe ancestor - Ice Fantasy Destiny
The enemy rises again. Ying Kong Shi there to stop him  - Ice Fantasy Destiny
Ying Kong Shi thrown back to and wakes up on what looks to be Snow Blade City on Pluto. He sees an interesting sight.
An unknown individual appears before Ying Kong Shi.
Ka Suo visits Ying Kong Shi's ice environment. He creates an ice figure after finding the flute he gave to Ying Kong Shi.

Ying Kong Shi’s answer to Yan Da’s confession

Ying Kong Shi:

“I’ve been owing you an answer for billions of years. And that is I like you.”

Our thoughts on the outcome for Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da is we do feel that no matter how many times Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da meet, they won’t ever be together. This is what it seems to be for the two. We accept this since Ying Kong Shi has been coming across as a lone wolf and always feeling like he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Romantic love isn’t something he would concern himself with and it doesn’t really fit in with his character, either. He is, after all, a god of all gods. So, we don’t mind the fact of these two being good friends that never end up together. We would have been okay with the both continuing to be good friends who will have times where they’re concerned about each other, but have to be on opposite sides and go against each other because they’re from each other’s enemy tribe if this is all they can be. It was definitely unsatisfying to see that Yan Da dies again after being resurrected. However, this ending for the two did show us that Yan Da will die again to save Ying Kong Shi because she likes him that much. She’s awesome. And because of this, we get to see Ying Kong Shi find Yan Da as not just a good friend to him. She is someone he admits to liking. So, that’s not so bad. It’s pretty good that at least we get to hear Ying Kong Shi say he likes Yan Da. :o) :o).



  1. Hi

    Where did you see the drama entirely? Because there is no en sub until the end.

    Can you help me please?

    1. Hi, Saranghaeseunhooppa! As far as we’re aware, there is no place that has Ice Fantasy Destiny fully English-subbed. Most sites that we know of has it subbed up to Episode 7 or 8. We’re sure you’ve come across them too since these sites are on the first page of Google search when you search ‘Ice Fantasy Destiny’. We’re only able to watch this series because we can read the Chinese subtitles. Sorry we couldn’t help you on this one.

    2. @Karolina thanks for the link. Now people can enjoy at least Ice Fantasy Destiny, Ep16 English subbed! :o) :o).

    3. It is available on

    4. @lili That’s so wonderful! Awesome!

    5. It is available now in english subs on Thats why I was able to watch it.

  2. Hi! Can I ask you something about the ending of IFD? Kasuo had a happy ending with Luo Luo but what happened to Li Luo in Ice Tribe? Is she still alive after billion of years since didn’t she visit Kasuo in the end in Earth? I believe that if Li Luo is still alive in Ice Tribe, even if Kasuo is happy with the current Luo Luo, I don’t think it’s truly a happy ending if the original Li Luo is still alive yet he’s with Luo Luo… I’m so confuse so I hope you could reply to me! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. @Aries We’re thinking Li Luo isn’t alive judging by Li Luo’s first appearance in Episode 14. In that first appearance, Li Luo was inside Luo Luo’s place of consciousness in her brain. Luo Luo had asked Li Luo how she could exist in her place of consciousness. Li Luo answered Luo Luo with the explanation of having been woken up by Feng Suo’s/Ka Suo’s powers when he went to save Luo Luo after she lost consciousness from the freezing cold environment the bad guys trapped her and Feng Suo in. The action had woken up Luo Luo’s deepest part of her consciousness which was Li Luo—her past self.

      What followed was Li Luo saying it was time for Luo Luo to regain her memories. The memories Li Luo was talking about was her’s—of which was stored deep, deep, deep, deep within Luo Luo’s consciousness. This regaining of Li Luo’s memories was shown by Li Luo stepping into Luo Luo’s body. From this point on, we saw Luo Luo no longer speaking or moving around as Luo Luo. Luo Luo spoke and moved around as Li Luo.

      So, from this, we gather Li Luo isn’t alive. She’s now Luo Luo. Her memories are stored deep within those of her reincarnated self, Luo Luo, and they were brought to the surface by Feng Suo’s action of wanting to save Luo Luo and it saw Luo Luo turn into Li Luo.

      Li Luo looks to have died after living her 270 years that Ka Suo had allowed her to have. She then got reincarnated—seven times. We’re told Luo Luo is Li Luo’s seventh reincarnation. Li Luo indicated this during that talk she had with Luo Luo in Luo Luo’s place of consciousness in her brain.

      The part at Episode 16, it’s quite hard to tell what’s what there. We’re not sure what is taking place with that part showing Li Luo in Feng Suo’s apartment where we see her telling Ka Suo whilst he was asleep that her being at his side will never change no matter if it’s in the City of Fantasy or the mortal world. We can only logicalise it as Li Luo speaking to Ka Suo in his dream. Or, it’s the show’s way of showing us that it’s Li Luo talking to Ka Suo through Luo Luo’s body. So, they showed Li Luo’s image instead of Luo Luo’s. We don’t think it’s Li Luo physically being there in the apartment because of the information Li Luo gave in Episode 14.

    2. Oh my God! Thank you so much for clearing that up! Coz they changed Li Luo (Victoria) to the current Luo Luo, I couldn’t seem to get the ‘love’ I have for Li Luo to Luo Luo which is why. I actually haven’t watched the entire show coz I couldn’t find anything with Eng subs in it. I only checked out the last few minutes of ep. 16 without subs so I didn’t understand a thing! Lol xD It had been bothering me for a week so I’m glad you’ve cleared it up to me. Thank you! 🙌🙌🙌 Now I can finally wait for the Eng sub with ease. Thanks a lot!
      I absolutely appreciate your reply! 😊 x

    3. By the way, I can ask a few more question? Did Huang Tuo of Healer Tribe reincarnated too like Yue did?… 😅

    4. @Aries We were sad when Victoria Song didn’t come back to play Li Luo to begin with. But as we watched, we got used to Zhang Yu Qi playing the reincarnation. We didn’t think the two characters Feng Suo and Luo Luo were as sweet as Ka Suo and Li Luo as well. We put it down to the story setting and setup, though.

      There wasn’t a reincarnation for Huang Tuo in Ice Fantasy Destiny. We quite liked that character. It would have definitely been nice if we could see Huang Tuo in Ice Fantasy Destiny! We like his fun-loving character!

      We hope you do find a place where Ice Fantasy Destiny is fully English subbed. We’ve looked around and it’s quite hard to find a place for this series.

  3. I feel that Ying Kong Shi really loved Yan Da but refused to be with her because of his brother and of course the difference of their tribes. I agree that their destiny was to never be together. But also I find it interesting how those two were like a mirror image of Feng Suo and Luo Luo in their previous incarnations. Both relationships were destined (nevermind how , why and by who) to fail. Also both ended in female’s death more than once.

    1. @Karolina It does seem that way for both pairings. There isn’t a happy ending for Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da or Ka Suo and Li Luo/Luo Luo. There doesn’t seem to be one for Ka Suo and Ying Kong Shi, either. They come together, but then something else stops them from coming together. They keep getting separated. It seems it will take overcoming a lot of huge obstacles before Ka Suo and Ying Kong Shi can finally be happy and together. It’s another relationship we wish had a happy ending, too!

    2. I believe that Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da would have a happy ending if they ever get reincarnated as normal humans without their previous memories and powers. I also honestly strongly believe that no matter what happens, like what Grandma said at the last episode in season 1, Ka Suo, Shi and Li Luo are bound to meet again and like their destinies were intertwined or something? If that’s the case, the ending in season 2 isn’t where it all ends. There’s more to it other than their subtle hints we couldn’t get. Get what I mean? Watching Ice Fantasy is like solving a jigsaw puzzle tbh. They leave so many ‘pieces’ and they want us to be the one who figure out the ending. I feel like, the ending isn’t at all what you’d call ‘not happy ending or sad ending’. Like, they leave us to interpret the ending ourselves. In my opinion, they all would reincarnate again (hopefully) and finally have a proper happy ending. If there’s also a man who Shi often see in the end but wasn’t explained who he was, that only means that I’m right! There’s definitely something more in the end! I really hope they could make a season 3 or a movie perhaps to clear things up y’know! 😭

    3. Ying kong shi didn’t say he loved yanda they were just friend,let’s go back to the past ying kong shi’s mother fall in loved with the king of fire tribe which is also yan da’s father so yanda was born first then ying kong shi’s mother married the king of ice tribe then ying kong shi was born so they are king of fire tribe’s daughter and son.who need’s yanda anyway both of them don’t fit together,it’s better if it’s ying kong shi and mermaid princess yanda is ugly😩

  4. Who was the guy appearing in front of Shi at the end?

    1. @Justin Not sure! We’re wondering who that person Ying Kong Shi encountered was as well. That scene and the scene at the end where Ka Suo makes an ice figurine and placed it next to the flute was vague. We can’t see what was meant by them.

    2. The guy must be someone he knew, could it be Ying Kong Shi is … gay?

    3. @Justin We did a quick search around the Chinese sites to see if anyone had a clue to who the mysterious character is and we didn’t find anything that follows on from Episode 16. So, there’s not much about this mysterious character and the relationship he has with Ying Kong Shi or his place in the Ice Fantasy world.

    4. At the end of IFD, I thought it was grandma. She had appeared as a man in a previous episode of Ice Fantasy with Ka Suo and Li Lao. I can be wrong. Will have to find the episode and verify it.

    5. @DrM We vaguely recall grandma in disguise… It was during the early episodes where Ka Suo was searching for Ying Kong Shi after he was taken away by the Fire tribe. Just can’t remember the look she had. But it seems the mysterious character is Xian Xue. Ying Kong Shi is Xian Xue’s reincarnation. This is something we missed when watching the drama.

    6. That guy was Xian Xue, and his story gives a nice twist to the whole IFD story.
      I will not spoiler you if you didn’t watch the whole stuff.
      But beware and mind his smile. That gives away at least the fact that he is not to be underestimated.

      Regarding Shi and Yan Da: I have seen several (dozens) of Chinese Tv shows since I was taken away by IF in late 2016, and I think when someone says “Wo xihuan ni”, which is usually translated to “I like you” equals almost a marriage proposal in the Western world. Especially if the scriptwrites save it for the last, and it is said only once.
      Shi wanted t give KaSuo a chance to live a Li Luo-less life, to keep him alive.
      What is someone gave him a KaSuo-less life, to be able to love freely? 🙂

      Feel free to check this
      and this
      and contac t me for further chat about IFD. 🙂


    7. @charistia Is ‘Xian Xue’ the name you gave to the character in your fanfic? We followed the link. We see you write fanfic for Ice Fantasy Destiny. Awesome. :oD :oD.

    8. The reincarnation of Xian xue is yin Kong shi this was stated many time and I can only imagine with them both being at very last scene smiling to each other means it’s not over. I hope not I need more ice fantasy

    9. Xian Xue. Ying Kong Shi is Xian Xue’s Reincarnation.

  5. Thank you so much for the info! ^_^ Can I ask one more thing tho if you don’t mind? Ying Kong Shi finally said ‘I like you’ to Yan Da in IFD right? Did Shi told Yan Da his feelings before she died or did she already died before she could hear it? Also, just mentioning it but if all the tribe leaders and Li Luo died as well as Ka Suo (Ka Suo died in his first lifetime right?), it means that only the Dream tribe leader is the only one left in City of Fantasy other than Ka Suo’s grandma? Like he’s all alone before he came to Ka Suo’s side in Ka Suo’s 7th lifetime? Does that mean that he lived for like billions of years?! O_o

    One mooore thing~!!! I watched a few IFD video clips on YouTube and I watched this one video where Chao Ya’s reincarnated self fighting with Luo Luo while Ka Suo was inside a huge ball of ice, is she like reincarnated to become enemies with Ka Suo who she used to serve before or I mistook her for Chao Ya?

    I’m asking a lot of things, I hope it doesn’t bother you too much! Lol. >//<

    1. @Aries Yes, Ying Kong Shi did. His answer came after he answered Ka Suo who asked if he was okay after Ying Kong Shi returned with Yan Da from that fight with the Fire Tribe ancestor. It led to him giving his answer to Yan Da’s confession.

      Yan Da hearing Ying Kong Shi’s response to her confession, we’re not really sure, but to us it feels like Yan Da did hear it. What makes us think this is that Yan Da’s spirit didn’t disperse until Ying Kong Shi had finished telling her his answer to her confession. This makes it look like Yan Da was waiting and didn’t leave until after Ying Kong Shi finished giving his answer to her.

      We think Xing Jiu (Dream Tribe leader) did live for billions of years and alone like that until he came to be at Ka Suo/Feng Suo’s side at the 7th reincarnation. We don’t think there was any scene that showed how else Xing Jiu spent those billions of years… Guess, we’re supposed to use our imagination! Hehe…

      We’re quite interested to know how Xing Jiu didn’t get harmed when the world split into Pluto, Mars and Earth, though. We guess it’s up to our imagination again. :oD :oD.

      Chao Ya’s reincarnation is like Luo Luo. She’s a human who doesn’t remember her past life. She’s one of Luo’s Luo’s managers. That scene is Chao Ya’s reincarnation having gotten controlled by the Fire Tribe ancestor.

      No problem! All good with the questions! :o) :o).

  6. Alguem pode me dizer se li lou deu uma boa lição em ka suo pois gente ele merecia sofrer um bocado pelo que o burro fez por não escutar o coração e é uma pena o novo rosto de li lou

  7. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh i got spoiled huhuhuhuhuhuhuh one reason of watching ice fantasy despite of it being a 62 with at least 45 minutes per ep is the chemistry between shi and yanda…and i find it happy and sad that he only said he likes yanda in this sequel and when yanda died.,.. i know he has the power of god among gods…but that was too lonely and cruel huhuhuhuhuhu i still hope for the two to be couple… but oh well… hanggang dito nalang ang istorya <///3

    1. @HarunaKanako Did you find the 62 episodes long for Ice Fantasy? We enjoyed the entire 62 episodes! We love Shi. So, every time he’s on screen, we were like YEAH! It was double YEAH when there were scenes with Yan Da and Shi together! That made the 62 episodes of Ice Fantasy go by very fast for us!

      We also wish to have seen a happy ending for Shi and Yan Da! We would have loved for a whole series to be developed for the two going from friends to a couple!! :oD :oD.

  8. Hii
    I recently watched IFD so would like to ask you something? There are many scenes which i didn’t find in subbed version of drama ( i watched from the link stated above in comments section) but in raw version i guess i watched. For example, xing jue hair is dryed by feng suo is missed, Ming Na took her sis to Ma tian ci place (ma tian ci stepped down the stairs and they both got amazed by him), fire tribe ancestor yan zhu destroying by burning dont know whom ( human controlled by yanzhu, pic in above) etc . please clear my doubt.

    1. I mean in which episodes that scenes are which i wrote before.

    2. @Isle ngu The scenes you mentioned–Feng Suo drying Xing Jiu’s hair, Ming Na and her sister going to Ma Tian Ci’s ice exhibition and the human controlled by the fire tribe ancestor–these were all scenes from Episode 6. :o) :o)

  9. I thought grandma lost her spirtual powers in Ice Fantasy and became a mortal. How was she able to be in IFD and with some powers and memories?

    1. @Caroline We actually don’t know… When we were watching Ice Fantasy, we didn’t pay much attention to Grandma. But, we also remember that grandma wasn’t the same grandma as she used to be by the end of Ice Fantasy… Maybe there was something in Ice Fantasy Destiny that was there to explain it, but we didn’t pick it up. Not quite sure :o/ :o/.

    2. Hello, I just found the 16 episodes of Ice Fantady Destiny, and I got a few questions. Do you know why at the end, were two Ying Kong Shi in Ice place? Kasuo and Li Luo are gods again or mortals when fall in love again and regained their memories? And, why there’s the old Li Luo appeared with a memory sphere in the last episode?

    3. @Maria The ending of Ice Fantasy Destiny was really confusing to us actually. We don’t think Li Luo and Kasuo has become gods again. We think Li Luo isn’t really there in person, but it’s just her godly spirit and she’s saying her final goodbye to Kasuo. That globe… maybe it’s a globe that simply shows her memories??? We think Li Luo is letting her reincarnation, Luo Luo, be the one to accompany Kasuo from now on in the modern mortal world. With Ying Kong Shi and that Ying Kong Shi look-a-like, we wonder who he is as well. Back when we watched the drama, we went looking online for something like a novel for an explanation, but couldn’t find anything beyond what happened in Ice Fantasy. Not sure. We’d like to know too :o/ :o/.

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