My Wedding and 7 Rings – Asahi Kakyouin Main Story

7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story


My Wedding and 7 Rings is a romance genre story app that allows you to interact and choose the story’s ending. The ending is determined by the choices you make during points in the story where you are asked to select a response from a set of responses. In this story game app, the choices you make takes you to two possible endings—happy ending and super happy ending.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

There are eight characters to choose from and each of the character’s main story costs to play (US$2.99). But, once you purchase them, all chapters are there for you to read them however you’d like to read them.

The main story has 13 chapters. There are no social features. It is simply a story. Apart from a five part secret story that you have the opportunity to unlock through playing the story, all stories that follow from the main story such as the epilogue, sequel and sequel epilogue are only available through purchase.

The Story

The CEO of Sanno Corporation, the global multi-industry conglomerate you are an employee of, has just passed away. The CEO executive assistant of the conglomerate informs you of your relationship with the late CEO: unknown to you, you are his grand-daughter. You will inherit the conglomerate and, because your grandfather is concerned over the weight of running such a conglomerate alone, you must marry one of the six special executives of the conglomerate. The person you choose will be appointed the CEO of your late grandfather’s conglomerate that you inherit upon marriage, bringing a competition between the special executives—all vying to win your heart.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot


We chose to give this story game app a go for its modern setting since the ones we’ve been playing have all been in a historical setting. The whole setup of you being a regular employee forced into marriage with a special executive of a company you work for is interesting and great setup for good romance between you and the executives.

But for a romance genre story, we feel there could be more romance. There was playful teasing from Asahi. There was the typical moment where he backs you into a corner, traps you between him and the thing behind you, and he gets you flustered from being so close to you. We also get to see Asahi go down the expected transformation of playful teasing to care and concern when he worries about why you weren’t home yet. We see this in one of the chapters approaching the middle section of the story.

We did like the romance scene near the end stretch of the story when they are in Paris. We won’t spoil, but this one was the moment we had thought was really good because it was inserted in the right atmosphere and after some good development in the story. We even liked how the scene exited.

We feel it was more a business story that focused on Asahi and his background. The story focused on Asahi wishing to have the village town residents agreeing to his proposal plan for redevelopment of their village town. It focused on his goal of winning his brother in the bid for a contract with a French brand which Asahi needed for his redevelopment project.

Asahi’s character is written to be the number one guy girls like. He’s also written to be a playful one who affects all girls. What we would have liked to see was more of Asahi appear affected by this character we played. We think there was one scene that hinted him being affected through possibly being concerned that another special executive was trying make moves on you; but, it was hinted and the scene wasn’t very big.

There was a part at the end of the story that had the atmosphere turn slightly melo. During this point, the character we play gets separated from Asahi and it’s our character breaking down. We’re not fond of situations that bring in melo in romance stories. So, the final situation wasn’t particularly awesome for us.

In the story, your character had two friends/colleagues. They came in at the beginning and around the middle. These friends/colleagues of yours are admirers of the special executives. Though they were great help to you when you needed to shop for clothes for a business trip and when you needed to stop reporters pestering you, they didn’t have any interesting role in the story. If only these friends were made to be ones who became suspicious of our character spending time with the executives outside of work, we’d feel the story would have been full of excitement and would not have noticed the small amounts of romance scenes in the story.

Getting super happy ending wasn’t hard at all. We had no trouble getting it on the first go. We actually found getting a really bad score hard. We were trying hard to get the undesirable answers to get a low score because we thought that maybe a low score would help us unlock the first parts of the secret story. But, we just couldn’t get a combination bad enough to unlock the first parts of the secret story. We still haven’t managed to. We’ve only unlocked parts 3, 4, and 5.

With not a lot of romance, and with a plot that mainly focused on the Asahi’s project, the thirteen chapters went by fast. There wasn’t a lot in Asahi Kakyouin character game of My Wedding and 7 Rings that made us want to go for another character story to see how the story would play out with another character.

Saying that though, after playing a lot of these story games, we know each character has different settings and situations. Maybe Asahi Kakyouin’s character main story is just one that didn’t have the situation we like and the other character stories could have one we did like. We think if we were to choose the next character to try, it would be either Kai Fujisawa or Hiroto Chitose. Kai Fujisawa came across as quite the mean one in Asahi Kakyouin’s story game. Kai is one who only saw you as a means to gain that CEO position. It would be fun to see Kai changing that attitude of his. And Hiroto Chitose—he’s described as a player. It’s always fun seeing a player turn to a one-woman man in a romance story :oP :oP.

So, this story was just okay for us. Anyone who hasn’t played this character and is curious, below is the recap of the story. We tried to not put in the romance parts of the story into the recap so to not spoil it; but, it does hint them and the recap contains spoilers for story progression.

Asahi Kakyouin Main Story – Recap

Chapter 1

You move out of your apartment into Asahi Kakyouin’s huge mansion. You find Asahi Kakyouin as playful and forceful.

Chapter 2

You become Asahi’s assistant in his village town redevelopment project to build a new retail destination of luxury retails stores. The meeting you have with the village mayor is cut short when a disgruntled resident comes in strongly opposing Asahi’s proposal.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

Chapter 3

You find a difference of values between yours and Asahi’s when you agree to hear out the disgruntled village resident and Asahi isn’t pleased. Asahi only knows money and power as important in life. He doesn’t understand family or love as what’s important in life.

Chapter 4

You are taken to a beauty salon to be made over to attend Asahi’s family gathering at the family estate. Asahi’s reason to bring you to the family gathering is to let his family know he’s in a relationship so they will stop looking for partners for him.

Chapter 5

You come to understand why Asahi see money and power as what’s important in life when you witness the tense relationship he has with his step-brother, Akira Kakyouin, CEO of his family business, Kakyouin Industries, when you meet him in the family gathering. Kakyouin Industries is a rivalling company to Sanno Corporations and Asahi wishes to prove to his brother and family he is able to succeed on his own by winning the contract with a French brand that he and his brother are looking to win.

A few days later from the family gathering, you are at the bar you used to work at. Asahi shows signs he’s beginning to be attached to you when you find him waiting for you by his limousine outside the night bar after you end your night out. There are also many missed calls from Asahi on your phone and he tells you he was worried about where you were.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

Chapter 6

You go on a business trip with Asahi to Paris to meet the French brand CEO Asahi hopes to sign a contract with for his redevelopment project. The outcome is disappointing. The meeting sees Asahi having no chance. Asahi sees Akira’s Kakyouin Industries being the reason.

Chapter 7

Asahi is despondent. But it doesn’t last long when he and you keep company a lost young half-Japanese and half-French boy until his mother shows up. The young boy likes you and mouthy with Asahi.

After helping the young boy, going on route back to your hotel, you find Parisienne women greeting Asahi. Your heart flutters when he shoos them all away. You are shocked when he goes and buys you all the jewellery surrounding the one bracelet item you are looking at. A short time spent relaxing at a café, you head back to the hotel. Asahi informs you he and you are staying in the same room. A sexy lingerie that your friends helped you pick out on a shopping trip drops out. It leads to an intimate moment.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

Chapter 8

The CEO of the French brand calls through. Asahi is given another chance to win the contract. Asahi thanks you for this chance the CEO is giving him: you were the one who kept the French brand CEO’s son company—the French brand CEO’s son being that young half-Japanese and half-French boy they met after their disappointing meeting with the French brand CEO.

Both you and Asahi return back to Japan. An order that Seiichirou Hayami (Sanno Corporation’s late CEO’s executive assistant and current acting CEO) gave, you and Asahi head to an amusement park. You hear Asahi tell of him being his father’s illegimate son and the struggles of this growing up. A tender moment takes place.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

Chapter 9

You, Asahi and the other Special Executives all spend a weekend helping out at your uncle’s restaurant. You find that Asahi isn’t good at everything: he isn’t as good as you in the kitchen. You find the whole outing fun with the guys as you all get along. However, Kai Fujisawa—another special executive in the company in the race for your heart—is cold and mean when he reminds you that you are nothing more than a prize to win to him and the other special executives—including Asahi. Asahi enters, unimpressed with Kai’s ways. Asahi tells Kai not try to match his game. She’s just a pawn, isn’t she? Kai asks Asahi after finding Asahi’s actions out of character. Asahi has no response.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

Chapter 10

You cook for Asahi at home as you both work on the proposal to present to the French brand CEO and the town residents in the living room. The next morning, heading out of your room and finding Asahi still asleep in the living room on the sofa, you find yourself more and more affected by Asahi. Going into work, a crowd of reporters gather outside. There are allegations of embezzlement made against Asahi.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

Chapter 11

You hear Asahi has been demoted. Your blood is boiling when you hear Asahi’s subordinates gossiping and talking badly of Asahi. Matters get worse. You get told to choose another partner as Asahi is no longer eligible because he is no longer a special executive. You head home. You find Asahi lacking the high and mighty and playful attitude you know him to have. The whole situation brings you to tears. Asahi holds you tightly and tells you that you are free to leave whenever you want since he no longer has the right to be your partner. You disagree and tell him otherwise; but, Asahi says for you to quickly pick another guy.

Chapter 12

You are brought into Seiichirou Hayami’s office to hear him tell you to pick another guy. You have three days. You move back to your apartment. Whilst working late the next day, you are informed of the CEO of the French brand is coming to Japan for a press conference. You work hard to rework the proposal you and Asahi worked on. On the day of the press conference, you encounter the disgruntled village resident in the foyer. He goes at you with a knife.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

Chapter 13

Asahi saves you from the village resident. You notice the blood from the cut on Asahi’s hand. It isn’t a concern for Asahi because the press conference is starting. He takes you by the wrist to head in.

Asahi gets reinstated as a special executive and therefore eligible again to be your partner when the French brand CEO announces his desire to sign with Sanno Corporation with the condition that Asahi leads the project. Allegations of embezzlement against Asahi is cleared after the other special executives is told to have been investigating on the matter and have found it to be rumours spread by spies from Kakyouin Industries.

My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot
My Wedding and 7 Rings, Asahi Kakyouin Main Story Screenshot

You are then taken to either the Happy Ending or Super Happy Ending. The Happy Ending takes place in his office. The Super Happy Ending takes place at home.




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