Outlander: Fantastic Princess

Outlander: Fantastic Princess

Outlander: Fantastic Princess is a free to play choose your own path story game app from Catcap Studio. Your choice determines which guy will be the one your character becomes close with. But, Outlander: Fantastic Princess is different in the way you become close with one of the male characters in the story.

We’ve played a lot of these choose your own story game apps in the past. This one is a bit different in the way that it doesn’t have you choose a character to be your love interest at the start of the story. Rather, you are introduced to a character at a time throughout the story. As you play, you choose who you wish to give items to and make decisions on actions to take. This increases your relationship with the characters. This means you may continually be deciding who you want to build a close relationship with throughout the story. It may be a character that appears at the start of the story or one appearing later in the story.

The Story

Your character - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Your character transports to Southern Dynasty - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Warm jade - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Antagonist Shadomort - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

The story of Outlander: Fantastic Princess begins with your character in the library. You fall asleep while reading a book on Southern Dynasty. Your spirit travels into a body of a princess in the Southern Dynasty. You find that there is an evil force bringing unrest to the land. You go on a journey with your group of companions, defeating enemies on the way, to find fragments of warm jade in order to seal Shadowmort and bring peace to the land.

The Characters

Kirin - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Lancelot - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Yee - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Cana - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Storm - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Gabriel - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Lothar - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Tiger - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Phoenix - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Dragon - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Tort - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Shadomort - Outlander: Fantastic Princess


A huge aspect of this choose your own path story game is battling enemies. Each stage in each chapter you have to win the battles in order to continue on reading the story.

Battle lineup - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Cana's Profile - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Battle win outcome - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Battle lose outcome - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

You are asked to select companions to head into these battles. At the beginning of the story, you only have the choice of two companions to select. But as you read on, you choose four companions to fight in the battles.

Each of the companions’ profile card can help you with deciding which companions to choose to go into the battle. On the profile cards are details of the companion’s health status, attack and defense abilities, their skills and those they work with to bring out special attacks.

Once you select which companions to fight the opponent/enemy, you watch and see if your lineup can defeat the opponent/enemy.

Healing and Upgrading Companions

When companions head into battle, their health goes down and requires replenishing. If it’s a very difficult battle, they may be injured and need healing.

Heal a character - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Heal Tiger - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Heal Lothar - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Heal Dragon - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

Healing companions can be done through the game’s healing feature. Healing a companion is a simple game of pressing the dark-coloured spots that appear on the screen until the companion’s health reaches back to full health. Healing requires the in-game currency of coins. The amount of coins you need to heal a companion depends on how injured they are and the companion level they are at. We try not to get the companions to the point of needing healing, especially towards the end of the story. It gets quite expensive to heal them this way!

The other way of healing them and bring your companions back to full health is by upgrading the companions. This way of bringing companions up to full health can only be done if they aren’t completely injured. i.e. the companion’s health is not at zero. We do like this way of bringing companions back to full health because the companions’ attack and defense abilities will be a level higher.

Battle Strategy and Lineup

On the first read of the story, we used the strategy of keeping all companions in the lineup to be at a companion level close to the player level or exactly at player level and choosing companions with the highest attack and defense numbers. We also kept health at full or near full. We used it from the start of the game through to the end.

This strategy definitely wins battles, but it wasn’t easy progressing through the chapters this way. Keeping companions at player level and full health drained a lot of the coins we built up through daily logins, achievement rewards and those we won through winning battles. Going about the game this way had us spend quite some time waiting for the coins to build up again. Building up coins can be done by replaying the battles in each of the chapters or you can obtain coins by purchasing them with the rarer in-game currency of crystals. You can obtain crystals through daily logins or achieving achievements. Sometimes, we did choose to use crystals to buy more coins to upgrade the companions to win battles to continue on reading. It helped us progress through the story faster than waiting each day to receive free coins from daily logins.

What we gathered from this first read of the story is that enemies tend to direct attacks towards the strongest companions. If the companions all have health levels that are around the same as each other, the attacks got spread out between them.

Battle wild animals - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Battle Phoenix - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Battle water creatures - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Battle creatures - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Battle emperor - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Battle Shadomort - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

On the second read of the story, we didn’t upgrade all the companions to the player level and sometimes we left the health of the companions at yellow status. Sometimes we let the health status of the relatively lower level companions at red status as well. We figured the attacks wouldn’t be directed at them as often. So, we delayed replenishing their health.

We used this strategy with the lineup of Lancelot, Kirin, Yee and Storm for up to Chapter 4. It worked well for the battles with groups of bandits and creatures. However, battles that have the outcome of recruiting a companion full health is required for best chances of success. With recruiting Phoenix, it was quite difficult. We actually had to replay some of the battles in previous chapters or use some crystals to get more coins and increase player level so we could upgrade our companions to a companion level where the lineup could defeat Phoenix. Then, around Chapter 7 and onwards, even when the lineup included stronger companions like Tiger, Dragon and Phoenix, we found we couldn’t win battles with the strategy of upgrading some companions to player level. All had to be upgraded to player level and health had to be in green status range to defeat the enemies. We again had to replay battles of previous chapters to increase the player level to upgrade companions’ levels to be high enough to win battles.

This aspect of the game makes the game interesting as we try to work out which lineup is effective in the battles and how much upgrading of companions is required to successfully win battles.

Romance Storyline

Strength essence - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Strength essence, Yee - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

As we said earlier, the companion that you become close with unfolds as you play the game. After winning a battle, you are rewarded with items. One of them is an item called, “strength essence”. You give this to one of the companions that participated in the battle and, along with the battling strength of the companion, your relationship increases with the gift of the strength essence.

There are other ways to increase your relationship with companions.

What's your choice? - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Who do you choose? - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

One way is during moments in the story where it asks you to make a decision. This could be asking you to choose a companion to accompany you or look after you whilst the other companions continue on in other tasks.

It could be asking for you to decide on an action you want to take and that decision determines the companion you have chosen. So, with these ones, your choice doesn’t necessarily select the companion you want to build a closer relationship with.

Moment with Gabriel - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Moment with Kirin - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Moment with Phoenix - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Moment with Dragon - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

Other times it’s automatically chosen. Whichever companion you have a closer relationship with will be the companion that comes forth and does something which results in increasing your relationship with that companion.

These moments you have with your companion gets stored in the ‘Scroll’ section of the game. This is at the screen when you head into the game.

Bag of items to give to characters - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Bag item, Crisp - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Lancelot likes gift of Tassel - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Tort likes gift of Gold Goblet - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

Another way to increase a companion’s relationship level is by sending a gift to them. This can be done through the companion’s profile card with ‘Send a gift’ to the companion. The gift you send are the items you gain from battles, daily logins and achievement rewards. These are found in your ‘Bag’.

Each companion has a favourite item to be gifted. The item that the companion likes increases relationship by 2%. Meanwhile, those that they are indifferent towards increases relationship by 1%. We’ll list the items that increases relationship by 2% for each companion:

  • Kirin – Jade
  • Lancelot – Tassel
  • Yee – Sachet
  • Gabriel – Love Knot
  • Cana – Silk
  • Storm – Pendant
  • Lothar – Amulet
  • Tiger – Crisp
  • Phoenix – Jequirity
  • Dragon – Exquisite
  • Tort – Gold Goblet

We guess this is the way to increase your relationship level with the companions that come in later in the story. There are two other items, Tea and Lucidum. It makes us very curious what they’re for…

Kirin's gift for obtaining 120 impressions - Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Lothar's gift for obtaining 120 impressions - Outlander: Fantastic Princess

The relationship level that the companion have to be at is 120 impressions. The reward for reaching this is a gift of an outfit that your avatar can wear. It’s nice to see our avatar given another outfit to change into. Though we’re curious to see what the outfits of the other companions look like, what we’d love to receive for achieving the goal is a side story for the companion. This is something we wish the game did as well. :o) :o).


The story in this choose your own path game isn’t something that will have you speedily progressing to the end of the story to find out what the end is. But, there are things that keeps you playing the game. Collecting moments with companions is one. These moments with companions that you come across in the story are then all stored in one place for us to revisit again. The place it’s stored in—Scroll—is a bit inconvenient, though. It’s at the screen before the main screen. So, you have to exit the game and re-enter the game to get into if you have already gone into the main screen. The outfits that you get for gaining 120 impressions for each companion is also something that can keep you playing as you try to obtain them all and see the design for each companion. And, of course, there’s the happy end moment for each companion that you gain for reaching 120 impressions for each character.




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