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I Hear Your Voice (2013), Episodes 4 – 5

I Hear Your Voice (2013), Episodes 4 - 5

We’re relieved with how Jung Hye Sung and Park Soo Ha finds out that the criminal they put in jail is back in society. We had imagined the criminal to stay in the shadows and make a more dramatic entrance, scaring them a little more and then come hard at Jung Hye Sung and Park Soo Ha when they least expect him, but he was eased into light with Park Soo Ha seeing the criminal volunteering at church before a call to Park Soo Ha and a meeting (we’re actually still amazed how the criminal can track down people’s phone numbers so easily; Jung Hye Sung is a little easier since most probably her phone number is everywhere with her being a public defender; but Park Soo Ha, we’d imagine his number would be a little harder to find out). We are also a little more at ease when we learned that the criminal has only Jung Hye Sung in sight for his revenge. It means Jung Hye Sung still has a good protector and shield since he doesn’t seem to care to annihilate Park Soo Ha at all to get to Jung Hye Sung! However, he’s looking to be going for the mother, though!

When Jung Hye Sung finally realises who Park Soo Ha is (that he’s the little boy she helped), we forgot that Jung Hye Sung actually still didn’t know who Park Soo Ha is (their relationship has developed so much already that we forgot). After that realisation, she appeared nicer to him; she was showing a little more respect towards Park Soo Ha, seeing him as someone who can protect her instead of a school kid who sticks to her like a piece of gum.

The main plot is slow to reveal itself, but we can see it building up. We’re hoping that the revenge of a criminal will lead to revealing the ill-judgements by court judges as well as the nonchalance and laziness of the police and more of the rival between Jung Hye Sung and Seo Do Yeon. We’re also curious to why the criminal killed Park Soo Ha‘s father. We’re guessing Park Soo Ha‘s father was a lawyer and he was on a side opposing him, but we wonder what the case was (was someone he cared for wrongly accused?)—that’s if we got the above right, of course. And we want to see more of Park Soo Ha‘s special ability in action!




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