Episode 8 of Just You was really so good to watch! The events of the last episode allowed for so many good relationship developing moments between Chen Liang Liang and Qi Yi. This episode showed Qi Yi being concerned about Chen Liang Liang, caring for her, and treating her well. We particularly liked the scene where Qi Yi asks Chen Liang Liang to accept the poor lonely orphan pet goldfish. Love how Qi Yi names it for Chen Liang Liang and does a speech so that Chen Liang Liang accepts the cute goldfish!

But of course, with all the huge developments in their relationship, the end left with a cliffhanger and because of it, we were left wondering about so many things: what is the story behind the relationship ban in the office, what is going to happen to Chen Liang Liang and what’s in store for Qi Yi with the decision that he has made? So many things to wonder!

There’s one thing that we’re still a little fuzzy about and it’s the company that Qi Yi is in charge of. We still haven’t really understood what the company does. From the logo and the talk of designing a summer drink,it sounds like a product design company. Is that what it is?

But never mind that! We’re loving Just You!




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