Episode 27 Recap

Hu Yi Feng informs the Song Bai gang their next plan for the competition is to forfeit it. Chang An has agreed and so has Yu Chu Yuan. The Song Bai gang don’t understand why they have to forfeit the competition and they don’t wish to. They’ve already endured a lot of competitions and forfeiting will mean they’ve endured for nothing. They also won’t give up on Song Bai when they can still stand up and fight. The concern Hu Yi Feng have about them continuing to participate in the competition in their current state is that it might result in something more than their current injuries.

Qi Bai Cao returns to the main hall with drinks for everyone when she finds this discussion taking place. She keeps herself hidden whilst the Song Bai gang tries to convince Hu Yi Feng and Chang An to not have them forfeit the competition.

Wu Xiu Da asks Hu Yi Feng and Chang An to allow them to at least fight one more round of competitions if they must forfeit. Yang Rui sees Song Bai to have the chance of having at least a win and not have a score of zero for this competition if Hu Yi Feng participates. He asks Hu Yi Feng to participate. Hu Yi Feng turns to Chang An to seek his opinion. It’s an idea which Chang An feels Hu Yi Feng should consider and agree to when he nods and let’s him make the decision.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 27 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 27 Screenshot

The Song Bai gang gets their wish to participate in another round of competitions when Hu Yi Feng agrees to participate. For this next round of competitions, Hu Yi Feng sees Wu Xiu Da to be fit enough to participate. The third contestant, however, needs to be female and who should go into the competition stumps him. Fan Xiao Ying and Qu Guang Ya decide they are best to participate. Both aren’t fit to participate with both having injuries but Fan Xiao Ying thinks she’s better to participate because she’s the manager of Song Bai. She feels Qu Guang Ya will just be a human sandbag to her opponents if she were to go up. Qu Guang Ya disagrees with Fan Xiao Ying. She thinks she’s better to go up when the tricks Fan Xiao Ying uses in the arena doesn’t fool opponents into losing.

With no one suitable to participate in the next round of competitions, and with the Song Bai gang managing to change Hu Yi Feng and Chang An’s mind of forfeiting, Qi Bai Cao propels herself forward and puts her hand up to participate.

Qi Bai Cao:

“I’ll go up. I’ll go up for the next round of competitions.”

The day before the competition, the Song Bai gang makes sure Qi Bai Cao has thought it through. They tell her that they’re already happy that she is at Song Bai. She doesn’t need to force herself to compete. Qi Bai Cao is okay to compete. She doesn’t want to see Song Bai lose anymore and she doesn’t want Song Bai to be eliminated.

Song Bai’s next round of competitions is against Sen Hai. With Hu Yi Feng and Qi Bai Cao going up in this next round of competitions, the Song Bai gang feel there’s a good chance their hall will have two wins. Hu Yi Feng indeed wins his match against his opponent. Qi Bai Cao, however, doesn’t manage to get Song Bai the second win.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 27 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 27 Screenshot

Qi Bai Cao struggled to fight well from the beginning. Her extremely scared opponent, Fu Ling, brought the traumatic memory of the kick that knocked out Fang Ting Yi into Qi Bai Cao’s mind. Fu Ling pleaded Qi Bai Cao to be lighter in her attack and not beat her up like she had in her match with Fang Ting Yi. Fu Ling kept Qi Bai Cao unable to advance or attack with words which asked her if the reason she wasn’t making a move was because a superior fighter like her wished to defeat her in one swift move.

Qi Bai Cao was able to keep delaying a fight with Fu Ling when Fu Ling’s fear of being knocked out by one of her signature moves had Fu Ling choose to make a move if Qi Bai Cao made a move. After a while, however, with the referee again instructing both to begin the fight, and Fu Ling deciding that as she will end up getting knocked out in the end and choosing to get it over and done with, Qi Bai Cao got struck at the chest during when Qi Bai Cao’s head was filled with Fang Ting Yi’s words which blamed her for the closure of Xian Wu.

With one point going to Sen Hai and not wanting to see Song Bai lose or get eliminated, Qi Bai Cao wanted to bring a second win for Song Bai. She prepared an attack with her leg. However, continuing to be unable to overcome the traumatic memory of that match with Fang Ting Yi, Qi Bai Cao retracted her leg. For the rest of the match, she was only able to evade Fu Ling’s attacks. Fu Ling won her match against Qi Bai Cao with the one point she gained for the attack at Qi Bai Cao’s chest.

Qi Bai Cao’s match was a disappointing one for Yin Xiu. She feels Qi Bai Cao has become weak in the year she hasn’t been competing. She sees Chang An to be the reason for Qi Bai Cao’s weak abilities. Expressing it to Chang An after the match, Yin Xiu says Chang An was once the strongest Yuan Wu Dao athlete. It’s why she’s the athlete she’s now. However, Chang An no longer the strongest fighter, the disciples he teaches are useless.

Yin Xiu changes her mind on leaving the rest of the competition to her subordinates. After seeing Qi Bai Cao’s loss to Fu Ling, she shows Qi Bai Cao what Yuan Wu Dao is. Her match against Sen Hai, she knocks out her opponent in a matter of seconds with a powerful air attack and a kick to her neck.

After watching Qi Bai Cao’s match, Fang Ting Yi tells Qi Bai Cao how she felt when she saw her fight so poorly and lose to a weak opponent. Predictably, she says she was happy and delighted. Unpredictably, she says the happiness and delight she felt only lasted seconds. Fang Ting Yi says she has been thinking a lot and for a long time in the year she’s been lying in her hospital bed. She wonders why they’ve become the way they are now. Fang Ting Yi tells Qi Bai Cao that when she first saw her at Yu Chu Yuan’s wooden cabin with a broom in her hand, she looked unremarkable to her. Slowly, she begun to hate her because she took everything away from her. She took away her brother, Yu Chu Yuan and her limelight as she slowly became strong.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 27 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 27 Screenshot

Fang Ting Yi’s reason for saying these things Qi Bai Cao has heard many times over from her is to apologise and let Qi Bai Cao know the person at fault is no one but herself. Qi Bai Cao hadn’t taken anything away from her. With Yu Chu Yuan, Fang Ting Yi says Yu Chu Yuan had told her many times a sister is all he sees her to be. She was told this many times and was told before Qi Bai Cao came along. Fang Ting Yi says to Qi Bai Cao she didn’t cause her to be the way she is now. She was made aware of the serious condition she had and was told she needed treatment for it by her doctors already. She ignored it and continued to learn the Thunderbolt Fireworks Kick. Not wanting to give up the opportunity to participate in the City Youth Competition and wanting to fight her, she participated in the competition.

Fang Ting Yi:

“I wanted to hate you and put everything onto you. I wanted to continue to torment you and make you suffer. However, I realise I’m not happy at all with how I am. Watching your competition today being in something like a haze and losing the competition, I wasn’t happy at all. Bai Cao, undo your haze, undo the knot in your heart and compete well. Xian Wu no longer exists. However, Song Bai is still here. Protect it well and don’t be like me. I only knew the heartache after it was gone.”

While Fang Ting Yi no longer expresses hate Qi Bai Cao, Fang Ting Hao continues to do so.

Fang Ting Hao:

“She made Ting Yi the way she is now. I hate her. I don’t want to see her. Am I not allowed to?”

“Yes, I really liked her before, but I can’t like her forever, right? She’s now no different than an enemy of mine. So immediately get Bai Cao out of here. Ting Yi and I will never forgive her. Also, I watched the competition today. It’s really great. She’s finally like Ting Yi who can’t ever go up and fight. Seeing this scene makes me feel wonderfully happy.”

These words which Fang Ting Hao says to Chang An at the corridor to Fang Ting Yi’s room is heard by Qi Bai Cao. Qi Bai Cao loses hold of the food flask she has in her hand. Tears trailing down her face, she apologises to Fang Ting Hao.


This episode seems to be for the purpose of giving that final important push to get Qi Bai Cao back into fighting. Too early for Qi Bai Cao to go back up and return to her normal self, it seems. But it’s progress, things are moving along and we’ll be able to see Qi Bai Cao go back to fighting without guilt after Fang Ting Yi gives her the okay to do her best and with Qi Bai Cao now seeing she needs to overcome her fear to save Song Bai from elimination.

That was some truly harsh words from Fang Ting Hao when he talked about Qi Bai Cao to Chang An at the hospital corridor. The part where Fang Ting Hao said he’s wonderfully happy Qi Bai Cao can’t go up onto the fighting arena and compete just like how Fang Ting Yi isn’t able to is quite interesting. We’re focusing on the words ‘wonderfully happy’. It sounds so hateful when we hadn’t watched the following episodes and knew the developments. After seeing the following episodes, we know there’s actually a different feeling behind these words than hate. The feeling is quite opposite to hate, but it does sound so hateful and it’s how it came across to Chang An and Qi Bai Cao.

So, with Fang Ting Yi no longer hating Qi Bai Cao, it’s just Fang Ting Hao who hates Qi Bai Cao. What will come it?




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