Episode 26 Recap

Fang Ting Yi doesn’t understand or support Fang Ting Hao going into Feng Yun Hall. How Fang Ting Yi feels about Feng Yun Hall is the way she feels about Qi Bai Cao. They have made her become the way she is now. Feng Yun Hall treats her like throwing out trash after she’s no longer strong or capable with no one from Feng Yun Hall paying her a visit her in the year that she’s been in the hospital.

Qi Bai Cao arrives at the hospital to visit Fang Ting Yi. However, she’s stopped at the hallway where Fang Ting Hao tells her to leave. Fang Ting Hao can’t see any reason for Qi Bai Cao to visit Fang Ting Yi without irritating her. Fang Ting Hao says to Qi Bai Cao she has destroyed Fang Ting Yi’s first love and she’s also destroyed her career in Yuan Wu Dao. He wishes for her to leave immediately if she doesn’t wish to further make Fang Ting Yi’s life harder. Qi Bai Cao decides to listen to Fang Ting Hao and leaves.

On Day Two of competitions at the Anyang Qualifiers, before Song Bai goes into the fighting arena, they watch Yin Xiu defeat her opponent in the first round in a fast and powerful way that is typical of contestants from Feng Yun Hall. With a kick to the chest, a horizontal spin and a kick to the neck, Yin Xiu knocks out her opponent. The speed and power has Fan Xiao Ying express a bit of fear in going up against Yin Xiu when she asks if they’d come around to fighting her. Qu Guang Ya says they will when the competition is a round robin one. Every contestant will come to fight everyone.

Day Two of competitions for Song Bai Hall are losses which has everyone complaining of pain and aches. Chang An is, however, still pleased with the results as the amount of points Song Bai lost with is half the amount they lost with on Day One. He can see the effort they all put into their matches.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 26 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 26 Screenshot

Early in the morning on the next day of competitions, Qi Bai Cao makes breakfast for her Song Bai family and cleans the main hall. A brief time with Chang An where he checks how her knee is, Qi Bai Cao heads out to buy calla lilies at a flower shop. Both the flowers and the flask of tremella thick soup is dropped off to Fang Ting Yi without the knowledge of them being from her. They’re well-received by Fang Ting Yi when she smiles at the calla lilies which are her favourite flowers and she likes the taste of the tremella thick soup which she thinks is from Fang Ting Hao.

Qi Bai Cao’s return to the Yuan Wu Dao circle is made known to the Yuan Wu Dao world and Fang Ting Yi in this next round of competitions which again sees Song Bai lose their matches. When Fan Xiao Ying gets knocked out after her trick of getting her opponent to look away fails, Qi Bai Cao’s concern for Fan Xiao Ying brings her to go onto the fighting arena and everyone sees Qi Bai Cao has returned to Yuan Wu Dao.

Whilst in the kitchen making congee, Song Bai’s defeated matches weigh on Qi Bai Cao’s mind. The possibility of Song Bai being eliminated from the competition is a worry for her. She also feels she’s deserted Song Bai.

Yin Xiu’s words also preoccupy her thoughts. The words she recalls Yin Xiu saying are those that asked her to challenge herself with coming out and fighting her instead of being someone who doesn’t dare go onto the fighting arena but hides underneath a cap and secretly watches from the sidelines.

The pressure cooker sounding brings Qi Bai Cao out of those thoughts. She burns her finger from lifting the pressure regulator in a hurry. Chang An finds the burn on her finger and helps her put ointment on it before she heads off to the hospital where she asks the hospital staff at reception to deliver the congee to Fang Ting Yi. Qi Bai Cao is confused when the hospital staff at reception asks her to not bring anything over anymore and asks her to leave. Fang Ting Hao is the reason Qi Bai Cao is no longer able to give things to Fang Ting Yi through reception. He appears before her and expresses knowing the previous delivery of flowers and soup was from her. He wants her to stop coming to the hospital and bringing things for Fang Ting Yi.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 26 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 26 Screenshot

Fang Ting Hao:

“Didn’t I tell you already. You are not allowed to come here anymore.”

“I’ll say it again. Whether it’s me or Ting Yi, we don’t want to see you.”

Qi Bai Cao:

“I really want to take care of Ting Yi-qianbei. Also, I made congee and sent the fruits and snacks that she likes.”

“I know it’s difficult to have you forgive me, but I truly want to take care of her. So long as she can get better, I’m willing to do anything.”

Fang Ting Hao tells Qi Bai Cao to leave as he says there isn’t any use for her when he has the best nurse taking care of Fang Ting Yi around the clock. Qi Bai Cao gets her wish of taking care of Fang Ting Yi when Fang Ting Yi’s nurse tells Qi Bai Cao Fang Ting Yi has asked her to come in.

Qi Bai Cao is a bit nervous when she enters the room. She’s greeted with a stone cold expression from Fang Ting Yi before being asked if she has come with the want to take care of her. Qi Bai Cao nods.

Fang Ting Yi:

“Alright. You’ve come to take care of me. I’m not happy. I also won’t allow you to be happy. You want to accompany me. You will suffer along with me then.”

Chang An and the others wonder why Qi Bai Cao hasn’t arrived yet as Song Bai is about to head into the arena for their next round of competitions. Qi Bai Cao is with Fang Ting Yi and Fang Ting Hao. She watches them fight in Fang Ting Yi’s hospital room as she prepares an apple for Fang Ting Yi to eat. Preparing the apple to Fang Ting Yi’s liking takes Qi Bai Cao away from watching the competition comfortably. Qi Bai Cao is asked to prepare an apple again when her concentration on the TV showing Yang Rui being knocked out makes her cut herself and Fang Ting Yi finds the apple not edible. When she prepares another one, she’s asked to divide it up. Qi Bai Cao dividing the apple up into large chunks, she’s asked to make it smaller. When she does, Fang Ting Yi says she no longer wants the apple and Qi Bai Cao has to pick up apple pieces and broken glass on the floor when Fang Ting Yi flings a hand at the bowl and apple she presented to her.

The outcome of this next round of competitions is Song Bai losing all of their matches again. Fang Ting Yi asks Qi Bai Cao if she feels sad about Song Bai’s losses. Qi Bai Cao is. Fang Ting Yi asking this question is not to ask how Qi Bai Cao feels about Song Bai’s loss but to have Qi Bai Cao know she is to blame for her and the disciples being no longer able to compete in Yuan Wu Dao competitions because Xian Wu Hall no longer exists.

Fang Ting Yi:

“Do you know that Xian Wu is gone now? My grandfather established Xian Wu Hall with his own hands.”

“However, because of you, because you made me how I am now, my grandfather became discouraged and he removed Xian Wu’s plaque with his own hands.”

“Right now, you can still be sad because Song Bai lost their competitions. For me, I can’t participate in competitions ever again. The Xian Wu disciples can’t even represent Xian Wu or be eligible to participate in competitions. Tell me how I can not hate you? How can I not find you loathsome?”

Qi Bai Cao breaks down into an apology and a desire for Fang Ting Yi to let her make up for what happened.

Qi Bai Cao:

“If I could do things over, I definitely wouldn’t participate in that competition. I definitely wouldn’t deal that kick. In the past year, I’ve been waking up from a nightmare everyday. I desperately wish that competition was just a dream. I was wrong. I deviated from the original intention of Yuan Wu Dao. In that competition, I kept wanting to win. I craved to be victorious. I went beyond it. I don’t dare ask for your forgiveness, but I want to ask you to let me make up for what I did.”

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 26 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 26 Screenshot

Chang An finds Qi Bai Cao deep in thought in the kitchen as he turns off the pressure cooker for her. The thoughts going through Qi Bai Cao’s mind were those words from Fang Ting Yi’s grandfather who asked why she had to be so serious towards a youth competition. She had Fang Ting Hao’s words going through her mind. She recalled his words saying how laughable his words were when he had asked Fang Ting Yi to be a bit nicer in the fight because he worried about her injured leg. She also had those words she heard earlier from Fang Ting Yi about not being able to compete because Xian Wu Hall no longer existed.

Chang An find a new burn on Qi Bai Cao’s hand and he notices she has been crying. He tells Qi Bai Cao to not visit Fang Ting Yi at the hospital anymore and reiterates that what happened to Fang Ting Yi isn’t her fault. It’s the result of Fang Ting Yi’s training. Qi Bai Cao, however, only sees herself to be the one who made Fang Ting Yi the way she is now and wished she was the one in the hospital. Qi Bai Cao cries. Chang An can only bring her into a hug and say things will get better.

Fang Ting Hao again shows that the coldness he exerts towards Qi Bai Cao and his words telling her he does not wish to see her isn’t how he feels when privately he recalls times in the past where she’s in his company. Lost in the thought of the time she fell asleep in his car in the seat next to him, he returns to the present realising she isn’t next to him and the hand he extended touched air.

Qi Bai Cao continues to visit Fang Ting Yi. Her time with Fang Ting Yi is spent taking care of her. As she takes Fang Ting Yi out to get fresh air, helps her with grooming, and feeds her the food she makes—slowly Fang Ting Yi begins to soften her cold attitude and hate towards Qi Bai Cao.

Hu Yi Feng returns back to Song Bai. When he walks into the main hall where the Song Bai gang are all applying medicine on their injuries, the Song Bai gang are beyond happy to see him. Wu Xiu Da and Yang Rui hug Hu Yi Feng. Hu Yi Feng comfort them and express knowing the difficulties they’ve been through whilst he’s been away. Hu Yi Feng finds Qi Bai Cao in the room. He tells her she’s not allowed to go running off like she had. Yang Rui comes in and says to Hu Yi Feng he can’t ever leave again also. Hu Yi Feng says he won’t leave again.

Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 26 Screenshot
Whirlwind Girl 2, Ep 26 Screenshot

Away from the Song Bai gang, Hu Yi Feng passes on the Yuan Wu Dao information CDs Yu Chu Yuan put together for Chang An. He also lets Chang An know how grateful Yu Chu Yuan is towards him for looking after Song Bai. The mention of Yu Chu Yuan, Chang An asks when Yu Chu Yuan will be coming back to take charge of Song Bai. When Hu Yi Feng says Yu Chu Yuan still has matters to attend to which he can’t get away from, Chang An wonders how important the patient he’s looking after is to be away from Song Bai during a time when Song Bai needs him to be here.

Chang An:

“Or is it because of that very important patient. How important is that patient that he won’t return even when it’s a time of crisis for Song Bai?”

Hu Yi Feng says all patients are important to a doctor. Chang An sees the patient to be a regular patient which doesn’t need his attention. Hu Yi Feng says there’s no such thing as a regular patient. Ruo Bai enters their conversation after this. Hu Yi Feng is curious to know Chang An’s thoughts on what he’ll do if Ruo Bai returns.

Hu Yi Feng:

“What will you do if Ruo Bai returns one day?”

Chang An:

“Regardless of whether that person is already in Bai Cao’s heart it won’t be a reason for me to give up protecting Bai Cao.”


It’s pretty good timing for Qi Bai Cao to find the hospital Fang Ting Yi is staying in at the time Fang Ting Yi complains about Feng Yun Hall having not come visiting her in the year she’s been in the hospital. We’d like to think that somewhere underneath the hate and anger she has towards Qi Bai Cao, the care and want to find her and visit her would have moved Fang Ting Yi a bit. If not, then Fang Ting Yi should see Qi Bai Cao is a whole lot better than Feng Yun who didn’t even care one bit about her welfare after the accident.

The bit at the end of the episode is quite interesting and cryptic. When we watched this episode, we watched it before having watched the first season of Whirlwind Girl. We didn’t really know who they were talking about. After catching ourselves up with the first season, we like to guess that the very important person Hu Yi Feng and Chang An are talking about is Ruo Bai.




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