Like previous episodes, Episode 5 and 6 went by pretty fast with a lot of the usual—but awesome—situations that have Lin Wei Zhen and Zhou Shu Yu becoming more and more acquainted with each other. The story truly starts at Episode 6 with a misunderstanding between the two best mates, Zhou Shu Yu and Xu Li Da, seeing these two on opposite sides and splitting those around them.

What we love about Rock N’ Road is that even though the story is a romance-comedy which has opposites attracting and meeting, it’s got a little more to the story with an underlying theme and messages about music, creativity, passion, fame and money and this comes through via the characters.

This is the first series that we are following of Wu Kang Ren’s and we must say, Wu Kang Ren is very interesting to watch. We are thoroughly enjoying his performance as the demanding, idealistic, moralistic and passionate music producer. Substitute Princess (2013 Taiwanese drama) is another series we know Wu Kang Ren has been in. This one we didn’t manage to finish (only got as far as Episode 2), but loving Wu Kang Ren in Rock N’ Road and reading how a lot of people liked Substitute Princess and reading that Wu Kang Ren got a lot of fangirls because of his role in Substitute Princess, we might give Substitute Princess another go!

Rock N’ Road, there’s a lot of potential and a heap we’re hoping to happen in the coming episodes. We want to see how Zhou Shu Yu is going to continue in his ideals about music; how Lin Wei Zhen is going to regain her A-list status that she once had as a child (she’s now an unemployed regular nobody who repels people with her loud personality); and, of course, we want to see these opposites attracting! We’re thoroughly enjoying Rock N’ Road. Episodes aren’t coming fast enough!




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