Chen Liang Liang now knows the reason behind Qi Yi‘s ban on romance in the office; and her friends are worried and can’t reach her; Qi Yi and Dean, they are both out searching for her. Who will get there first? We hope Dean would find her first, wishing to see him comfort her and not stand watching on from afar. He does reach Chen Liang Liang first and his first course of action is to make sure she’s okay before he gathers information on what she knows. She struggles to get it out, only saying Ding Jia Yu‘s name and Qi Yi‘s name, but he needs nothing more to confirm that Chen Liang Liang now knows everything and he quickly goes to calm her with a hug to assure her that it will be okay. Qi Yi finally arrives. In concern, confusion and fear, he forcefully gets in between them, pulls Chen Liang Liang to face him and demands her to explain to him why she is in this state. She doesn’t want to be near him and runs away. It takes Qi Yi some time to catch up to her. When he does catch up, Chen Liang Liang is evasive of him—his questions, his touch. In the end, he is forced to exit and allow Dean to take care of her.

Awesome, awesome opening sequence! In that one sequence, Qi Yi and Dean knows where they, and the other, stand with Chen Liang Liang; and how each feel! There was nothing more that needed to be done for this. There was one thing we overlooked whilst watching, though, and that was the reason to why Chen Liang Liang was so distraught. We automatically reasoned it to being heavily affected by having found out the identity of Ding Jia Yu; but a more solid explanation was given: it came through in a flashback and the unrevealed part of the conversation between Ding Jia Yu and Chen Liang Liang shows Ding Jia Yu using Chen Liang Liang‘s good heart against her. Ding Jia Yu asks Chen Liang Liang to surrender and give their love a fighting chance.

After this, it was scenes of rebuilding Chen Liang Liang and Qi Yi‘s broken friendship—all of it, of course, initiated by Qi Yi. It’s nice to see Qi Yi become the one trying to please. Chen Liang Liang has moved out of Qi Yi‘s place and is staying at Princess’ apartment. He visits often; he makes her soup; uses their goldfish, Ming Ming, to break through her closed heart; and sits with her whilst she works so that she could slowly be okay with him again.

All through this time, though seen closed off to Qi Yi, Chen Liang Liang can’t break old habits: she thinks about Qi Yi and she goes to the shop and purchases the sandwiches that she always buys for Qi Yi. She even was going to leave it at his desk had Chen Liang Liang not been stopped by Ding Jia Yu just outside his office, telling Cheng Liang Liang that it’s not in her place if she has agreed to allow her and Qi Yi‘s love to have a fighting chance.

Indeed, Ding Jia Yu is not giving up. Throughout the series, every time Ding Jia Yu is about to have an opportunity to win over Qi Yi, she is seen getting her make-up palette out and putting on blush. In this episode, getting serious, we see her putting on lipstick, but unlike all the other times where there were previous discussions of what opportunity she has, this time all we see is Ding Jia Yu in her lowly lit bedroom and we have no idea of what she has planned.

There’s still Qi Yi‘s mother. That woman that appeared in Episode 9 that Chen Liang Liang fought with over hangover medicine and in Episode 11 where she was seen having a particularly good relationship with Ding Jia Yu, they are the same person and she is—though not shown to be a fact yet and still only a guess by us—Qi Yi‘s mother. We have no clue how it’s going to lead up to this, but we see this woman as someone who Ding Jia Yu could possibly use in her goal of obtaining Qi Yi.

Towards the end, still no luck with Qi Yi breaking through to Chen Liang Liang. In a scene at the dining table, Qi Yi sits alone with their goldfish, Ming Ming, missing Chen Liang Liang. But hope comes when he hears the door unlock. Qi Yi immediately thinks Chen Liang Liang has come home, smiles and heads to the door, only to see that it’s his father (Chen Liang Liang gave Qi Yi‘s father a key to Qi Yi‘s home in Episode 8). Though it wasn’t Chen Liang Liang, it leads up to a scene with them both (see the last picture below if you want to know the end)!

We are now so excited to see what’s going to happen next. How are they going to handle the office romance ban? What is Ding Jia Yu up to? What role does Qi Yi‘s mother play in all of this?




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