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NZ Going Digital: Recording Digital TV Programmes – Digital TV Recorders

Going Digital: Digital Recorders

In order to record the digital Freeview channels, the recording device must have the technology to pick up the digital signal. It needs a digital tuner to receive the digital channels and record them. VCRs and older DVD recorders do not have this digital tuner, and therefore will not be able to be used to record TV programs once New Zealand switches off the analogue service and switches over to the digital service.

If you plan on recording digital TV programmes off of the TV after your region switches off the analogue service, consider getting a set-top box that not only receives digital channels, but also records them. It will be more costly than a standard set-top box that only receives digital channels, but it’s probably wise to think about whether recording the digital channels is something you see yourself doing a lot in the future. You don’t want to spend money on a set-top box that only receives and find out that you want to record and can’t, causing you to go out and spend money on another set-top box with the recording feature.

Electronic stores stock a range of set-top boxes that receives and records digital channels. The Freeview site lists all of its approved set-top boxes as well. The set-top boxes that record are branded as MyFreeview as opposed to just Freeview for the standard set-top boxes that only receives digital channels. Remember, when choosing a set-top box, make sure it is the right one: choose a UHF MyFreeview set-top box if you’re using a UHF aerial to receive digital channels and a Satellite MyFreeview set-top box if you’re using a satellite dish to receive digital channels.

So, what do you do with your VCRs and old DVD recorders? You don’t have to throw them out. You can keep them around for playing your VHS tapes and DVDs. They may not be able to record the digital channels, but they still function as VHS players and DVD players.

That ends our series on NZ Going Digital with televisions. We hope it has been informative!

Happy digital TV watching!

Julia and Tania. : o) : o).

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