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Love Cheque Charge (2014), Episodes 27 – 44

Love Cheque Charge (2014), Episodes 27 - 44

We’re still happily watching this series, now passing 40 episodes. There is still quite a lot of lightheartedness in each episode, but the mood and atmosphere in them are definitely leaning more towards the serious side as problems for each of the relationship plots have settled in and now needs resolving.

The relationship between Mao Guai and Qian Qian have the problem of a woman obsessed with Mao Guai—one who has a very warped understanding of reality. She is a despicable character who continues to push and push even when the card that she held and thought could break up Mao Guai and Qian Qian did not make even a dent in their relationship. It only made it even stronger. This character is played by Cherry Hsia. She’s doing a good job being a frustrating antagonist. But we notice that Cherry Hsia is always playing these beautiful, but loony, type of characters who are full of negative thoughts and have an unstable mind! Has anyone come across a series where Cherry Hsia isn’t the crazy character?

The mother-daughter relationship of Chen Yue Yun and Tian Xin Ping is making steps towards being resolved as secrets are out and there only needs to be forgiveness from Tian Xin Ping. This part of the series is now good to watch. We didn’t like Chen Yue Yun before because she pitied herself and ran away and hid every time Tian Xin Ping expresses warmth towards her and then disappointment and hatred towards her because she is both the person Tian Xin Ping admires and despises. Now, though, Chen Yue Yun is actively seeking forgiveness from Tian Xin Ping and not hiding and running away from what she wants to happen between her and her daughter.

And the main plot of Shi Bo Hai, He Bu Fan and Hsu Man Man, this one is now taking centre stage and has become the most problematic. Shi Bo Hai is found to be lying in a hospital bed in a coma since the accident three years ago and He Bu Fan and Shi Bo Hai comes to know of this fact. Shi Bo Hai comes to a point where he has to make a choice between his mother (who has been diligently taking care of his comatose body every day) and his friend, He Bu Fan.

The problem for Shi Bo Hai lies in choosing to wake up or not which will have an effect on his mother, He Bu Fan, Hsu Man Man and himself. If he chooses to wake up then he won’t have to see his usually proud and strong mother in this pitiful state, but that will mean he will take He Bu Fan and Hsu Man Man on the path of breaking up because his superior tells him that him waking up will take them on that path. If he chooses to not wake up, then his mother will remain in this pitiful state, but He Bu Fan and Hsu Man Man will remain together. And then there’s Shi Bo Hai, himself: if he chooses to not wake up, his soul will forever be dispersed with no hope of reincarnation.

Hard one! We’re pro He Bu Fan and Shi Bo Hai, so it won’t be good whichever decision he makes! But, we do love a series with good conflict, so we’re excited to see what comes from all of this!




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