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The Untamed (2019) Series Recap, Episodes 21 – 30

The Untamed (2019) Series Recap, Episodes 21 - 30

The Untamed Episodes 21 – 30 Synopsis

Qishan Wen Clan’s reign finally ends, brought down by Wei Wuxian’s own Yin Tiger Seal which seizes control of Wen Ruohan’s three Yin Metal pieces to take out an entire army of ghost puppets with one command.

Wei Wuxian’s new unrivalled powers sees Wei Wuxian stand out and viewed as a threat that need to be reined in, particularly after his insistence on rescuing Wen Ning, Wen Qing and a small group of remaining Wen Clan members who everyone wants punished and killed.

To all except Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng (and to a small extent Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji) Wei Wuxian appears to have sided with evil, is cultivating evil, and have abandoned all that is good and right, but it’s quite the opposite. He is only staying true to the vow he made to protect the weak, fight evil and have a clear conscience. But with the cultivating world unable to see this, Wei Wuxian faces a future away from those he loves, from being a part of important milestones and events of those he loves, and break promises he made to them for this greater, more selfless vow he made to the cultivating world.

Episode 21

With the return of Wei Wuxian and their significant kills of Wen Chao and Wen Xu, a banquet with clan leaders and senior clan members from the Qinghe Nie Clan, Lanling Jin Clan and Yunmeng Jiang Clan attending is held to celebrate at Qinghe. Wei Wuxian’s not in a celebratory mood. For one, a particular representative from the Gusu Lan Clan who could be there is not there. Lan Xichen was still on his way, but Lan Wangji was already at Qinghe and had apparently made the conscious decision not to attend as he appears to show his disapproval of Wei Wuxian’s choice of cultivation path.

Wei Wuxian not carrying his sword is not missed by everyone; and it became a cause for criticisms of being arrogant and not showing respect to a fellow cultivator who wants a bit of a friendly duel (the person leading this criticism is Jin Zixun (Yao Shu Hao), Jin Zixuan’s cousin). Pingyang Clan Leader Yao and an elder from Ouyang Clan end up looking down on the technique Wei Wuxian used to kill Wen Chao, calling it a lowly form whilst the talismans he used to torture Wen Chao were called strange. Jiang Cheng makes things no better when he goes after Wei Wuxian after Wei Wuxian leaves the banquet early. Jiang Cheng started off wondering if Wei Wuxian was alright but ends up mentioning about the lack of sword, how it demonstrated a lack of manners and moved to remind Wei Wuxian not to forget to bring his sword next time.

Wei Wuxian not carrying his sword and not continuing on in the righteous path of swordsmanship is hinted as being not by choice, but by force because of what he had done in order to save Jiang Cheng. Based on a visit from Nie Huaisang (who had rushed over to see Wei Wuxian after hearing he had returned), Wei Wuxian’s strength is suggested to have been affected because of what he did; and it might be even less than Nie Huaisang who comes off as an easy to take on cultivator, especially with how strong and skilled Wei Wuxian had shown himself to be early on. However, just like when Wei Wuxian backed away from Lan Wangji (Episode 20), Wei Wuxian is seen even wary of Nie Huaisang slapping his shoulder. So, carrying his sword around would be risking invitations of sword challenges which Wei Wuxian looks to want to avoid.

The only person who isn’t asking and pressuring him to answer too many questions is his Shijie, Jiang Yanli. She’s the only one who doesn’t pressure Wei Wuxian to answer questions despite noticing he’s not the same as before, despite knowing Wei Wuxian is hiding something, and despite being physically repelled by the flute after she went to touch it. She also spotted him bring down rocks from a clifftop and stopping some captors beating their captives with this strange and dark resentment energy emanating from his flute.

What looked like an act he consciously performed, Wei Wuxian had started playing a chaotic tune just as the group was passing by. A captive tried to escape before a grandma fell. Another, who is revealed to be Wen Qing, tried to shield the grandma when the captors moved to beat her. Characteristic black veins started developing on both the captors and captives’ necks and face as the sound from Chenqing brought them down to their knees, levelling some.

(Side note: this group of captives turns out to be Wen Qing and her clansmen. Somehow, Wen Qing and her people had been found and captured by this group of captors. In Episode 19, it saw her (and Wen Ning) thrown in prison in Yiling Supervisory Office by her own clan for helping Wei Wuxian again. In Episode 20, it saw Wei Wuxian who left only her alive when he killed everyone posted at the place (Wen Ning has been taken away to Qishan before Wei Wuxian even arrived to take his revenge on Wen Chao), whilst Jiang Cheng was the one to let her go after discovering her in prison, only to be somehow found and now made to go somewhere.)

With Jiang Yanli in the vicinity, looking to call him to attend a meeting to discuss the She Ri Zhi Campaign, she saw Wei Wuxian use his flute (possibly experienced the chaotic, ear- and mind-shattering sounds, too). Aside from asking Wei Wuxian what had happened—a question which Wei Wuxian put off to some wind which broke a few branches—she didn’t prod too much about it.

Jiang Yanli doesn’t appear to understand the harm and consequences Wei Wuxian could be doing to himself cultivating resentment energy like Lan Wangji understands. Still, she does provide support for his decision and a break from hearing more of the same thing from everyone. When she went to his room and found herself repelled by Wei Wuxian’s flute, instead of questioning him about it, she seemed to encourage Wei Wuxian to embrace it, suggesting he give the flute a name. She figured the flute was like her mother’s Zidian Whip which only recognised her as Zidian’s owner and told him not to neglect a weapon by not giving the flute (which she believes must be a high-ranking magical item of his). After thinking about it, Wei Wuxian calls it Chenqing, as in 陈情 which forms a part of the Chinese name of this drama (i.e. 陈情令 / Chenqing Ling / The Untamed).

Although Lan Wangji has so far shown disapproval of Wei Wuxian’s decision to abandon the righteous path of swordsmanship, he appears to be trying to understand Wei Wuxian. He’s trying to reevaluate the ideas of right and wrong, suppression, and the unaccepted use of resentment energy as a way to take care of matters which can’t be suppressed.

Going to Lan Xichen for his thoughts on the rules and ways of life and understanding one’s heart/intentions, Lan Wangji learns that Lan Xichen actually believes there are no set rules or methods in life. He tells Lan Wangji that he had hoped he’d understand the ways of life if he were to read all the books in Lan Clan’s stores, but now he sees that even if he read all the books in the world, there would still be too many things he will never be able to understand. On the topic of understanding one’s heart/intentions, Lan Xichen gives him an answer that seems obvious. He suggests Lan Wangji use his own heart to see that. This is the function of being human.

Lan Wangji seems to want to speak to Wei Wuxian following this, but the visit which Lan Wangji only goes as far as the door before turning around, sees Lan Wangji stopped by Jiang Yanli and speaking to her about matters which Wei Wuxian later reminds as Jiang Family matters. Lan Wangji had only spoken to her about the harm to Wei Wuxian’s body and temperament by going on this current path of his and nothing else. However, Wei Wuxian thought Lan Wangji had gone and spoken about the details relating to what had happened at Yiling Supervisory Office, causing another incident where Lan Wangji is told to mind his own business.

Surprised to learn Lan Wangji spoke none of that, Wei Wuxian chases after Lan Wangji to offer an explanation. Lan Wangji didn’t give him a chance, not immediately anyway, as Lan Wangji launches into an attack which sees Wei Wuxian defending a few attacks with his flute before finding Lan Wangji’s sword too quick to fight off. Standing straight, eyes shut tight, he lets Lan Wangji’s sword come straight at him to end just inches from his throat.

Maybe Lan Wangji’s starting to figure things out about the reason behind Wei Wuxian’s sudden change of path and was testing him. Still, he moves to question him about where his sword is. Wei Wuxian isn’t so defensive, appearing to be ready to answer the question this time round.

Episode 22

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are back together with Wei Wuxian no longer telling Lan Wangji to stay out of his business (yay!). It doesn’t look like Wei Wuxian has gone and told Lan Wangji why he’s chosen to cultivate resentment energy, Lan Wangji is still worried about it harming Wei Wuxian’s body and his temperament, but Lan Wangji’s on Wei Wuxian’s side.

Sitting on the rooftop, Wei Wuxian clarifies that what he’s practicing isn’t the same as Xue Zhonghai’s. He calls it Gui Dao Shu Fa which uses a combination of the flute, Yinlu (Music) Technique borrowed from the Gusu Lan Clan and the cultivation of talismans to control all living things. This cultivation method appears to be what had helped him survive the three months trapped in complete darkness.

However, it doesn’t change that Wei Wuxian could be so consumed by the resentment energy he becomes demonic. For this not to happen, he must control the state of his mind and not let it take over him, changing his temperament. This is what Lan Wangji is concerned about.

Wei Wuxian is very aware of this as well as the other worry Lan Wangji has which is that it could harm his body. To reassure Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian swears he won’t ever fall to that state. Lan Wangji seems briefly unsure he can rest easy and be reassured that this resentment energy won’t change Wei Wuxian, but he does place his faith in Wei Wuxian to do what he promises.

If Wei Wuxian struggles along the way, Lan Wangji will be there. As Wei Wuxian decides to end the night, Lan Wangji tells Wei Wuxian he will help him. It’s an offer which hints at Lan Wangji’s persistent worries, but it seems Wei Wuxian is not 100% sure he won’t have trouble controlling his temperament as Wei Wuxian accepts the help.

In the She Ri Zhi Campaign, Nie Mingjue declares to personally lead an army into Buyetian and to kill Wen Ruohan for the crimes against Qinghe Nie Clan and all the innocents Wen Ruohan killed. Because of their success so far in killing Wen Ruohan’s two sons, confidence appear to have been building. Despite Wen Ruohan being in possession of three Yin Metal pieces Nie Mingjue believes they have a good chance of success.

However, Nie Mingjue had greatly underestimated the power of the Yin Metal as the mission sees the Lanling Jin Clan and Yunmeng Jiang Clan (which has since slowly been re-established by Jiang Cheng under his leadership over the last three months) take heavy casualties. Wen Ruohan’s puppets plus extra strong, bulky reptilian-like puppets controlled by the seemingly inexhaustible power of the Yin Metal sees Lanling Jin and Yunmeng Jiang Clans strike but unable to kill, forcing the ones who are still alive to retreat; and the ones who are attacked to turn into puppets themselves.

Seeing this as a failure of his own judgement, and not wanting more soldiers to die in vain, Nie Mingjue makes the decision to enter Buyetian to go after Wen Ruohan alone. He enters with a precise map of Buyetian which Lan Xichen acquired from a “friend” whose identity Lan Xichen keeps secret out of respect for the friend.

This respect Lan Xichen affords may be respect he should have thought twice about giving as the second attempt to invade Buyetian looks more and more like a scheme masterminded by said friend. This said friend, though not confirmed, looks to be Jin Guangyao, as he has shown signs to like and respect Lan Xichen ever since the Gusu Lan Clan Leader was the only one to show Jin Guangyao respect when no one else did during the Gusu Lan Clan lectures (Episode 4).

However, which side Jin Guangyao is on is hard to tell as the former Qinghe Nie Clan Deputy General shows up as a trusted aid of Wen Ruohan. Jin Guangyao seemed to show a concerned look when Wen Ruohan uses the Yin Metal’s power to send Nie Mingjue flying towards the ground before he was knocked out. But later, Jin Guangyao is revealed to have assisted Wen Ruohan in masterminding a scheme to lure not just Nie Mingjue to Buyetian, but Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng, Lan Wangji, Lan Xichen and their disciples there, too.

Although Wen Ruohan may have won and dominated the attacks between him and Nie Mingjue, it is a different outcome outside the gate of Buyetian where Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng, Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen are battling the army of Wen Ruohan’s puppets. It starts off as being no different to their first encounter with the puppets. Swords strike, but they don’t kill. They just go through and the puppets continue to fight.

Making no headway, Wei Wuxian summons what looks to be the power of the Yin Metal to take control of Wen Ruohan’s stronger, reptile-looking puppets to take on his other puppets. Leaping up on the rooftop, Wei Wuxian starts playing his flute, pulling and gathering the dark energy towards his overlooking position before thrusting it into the reptile-looking puppets. One by one, the attacks on Jiang Cheng, Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen stop before they turn to be directed at the other puppets.

Back inside, Wen Ruohan tries to command his puppets, but nothing happens. The puppets are no longer listening to him but to Wei Wuxian who now controls the three Yin Metal pieces in Wen Ruohan’s possession.

Episode 23

What Wei Wuxian holds is not the fourth piece of the Yin Metal but the Yin Tiger Seal which no one has ever seen before. The item which Wei Wuxian has been seen holding in Episode 19 and cultivating in Episode 21 is forged from what is called the Yin Metal Sword Wei Wuxian found in the cave inside the Black Tortoise of Slaughter. With this creation of his, Wei Wuxian takes down an entire army of Wen Ruohan’s puppets with one command.

It’s not Wei Wuxian who deals the final blow to the Chief Cultivator, though. Jin Guangyao is the one to end Wen Ruohan and see victory in the campaign to eliminate the Wen Clan. Attacking with a flexible sword from behind, Jin Guangyao thrusts a sword into Wen Ruohan’s back, killing him.

With this act, Jin Guangyao reveals himself as only someone who looked like he was working for Wen Ruohan, but was actually an informant for Lan Xichen and everyone after the elimination of the Wen Clan. Nie Mingjue, who regains consciousness after being knocked unconscious by Wen Ruohan’s attack in the last episode, is untrusting despite Lan Xichen vouching for Jin Guangyao’s good intentions and motives. Apparently, Jin Guangyao had looked for ways to get into the Wen Clan after saving Lan Xichen when the Zewu-zun escaped Yunshen Buzhichu during Wen Clan occupation (Episode 11). Upon entering the Wen Clan, Jin Guangyao sent secret and anonymous tipoffs to Lan Xichen.

Ever since Lan Xichen showed Jin Guangyao the respect Jin Guangyao seemed so much to crave, Jin Guangyao looks to have developed an affinity for Lan Xichen. He was also seen genuinely concerned when he learned Lan Xichen was in danger of being wiped out by the Wen Clan (Episode 10). So, there’s no reason to suspect Jin Guangyao’s motives for approaching Lan Xichen and helping him as anything but being legitimate.

However, the flexible sword Jin Guangyao used, which Wei Wuxian appeared quite interested in its whereabouts, suggest Jin Guangyao is hiding something. Towards the end of the episode, Jin Guangyao is described by Wei Wuxian as “smooth and slick in establishing social contacts” when Jin Guangyao held Wei Wuxian back claiming Wei Wuxian had seemed to want to speak to him about something. That something appears to be about the flexible sword and why Jin Guangyao wasn’t carrying it. (Jin Guangyao’s answer is that it was a random sword which he felt was ominous so he threw it away, which sounds suspicious.) But based on Wei Wuxian not having an idea what Jin Guangyao was talking about initially, it hints a few skills of Jin Guangyao’s which have to do with great forward planning and meticulous handling of matters. As Wei Wuxian notes in his thoughts, he seems to be someone who sees to everything.

Following the death of Wen Ruohan, only a small group of Wen Clan remain. Jin Guangshan (who previously was nowhere to be seen when the intimidating power Wen Ruohan was still alive) is now quick to take over the reins of this last part to the She Ri Zhi Campaign: capture, interrogate and kill the remaining Wen Clan members regardless of whether they were involved in the bloodshed or not.

Lan Xichen believing in the Gusu Lan Clan’s three step approach of enlightenment first, suppression second and elimination last, the preferred action is enlightenment. However, Jin Guangshan makes a case of needing to capture every Wen Clan member as a means to investigate where the last piece of the Yin Metal is and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands.

Of note, Jin Guangshan doesn’t leave out his own clan in the list when he talks about wanting to investigate everyone so they don’t miss anyone suspicious. He seems to just want to do a thorough investigation, but many of the remaining Wen Clan members are weak, old, women and/or children. Many do not have cultivating abilities. It begs the question whether there is a need to capture and kill.

The discussion seem to end with letting this group be exiled and imprisoned in a valley on a road called Qiongqi Path under Jin Guangyao’s suggestion when asked for his opinion. Those who participated in bloodshed should be executed Jin Guangyao concludes.

It’s not what happens, though. Behind closed doors Jin Guangyao—with a cold, stern expression—orders the execution of presumably the group who participated in bloodshed. Outside, the group consisting of the weak, old, women and children end up being shot dead by Jin Zixun and his people.

Wei Wuxian (as well as Lan Wangji) who heard the calls for help from his location on a precipice above the path leading to Qiongqi Path questions Jin Zixun how the group could be considered traitorous. Jin Zixun relays Jin Guangshan’s orders: to not spare anyone related to the Yin Metal. This was not the agreed treatment suggested (unless the scene left something out), but apparently Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen also agreed to it.

This conjures up anger in Wei Wuxian as he is seen to want to make a move on Jin Zixun, but he is stopped by Lan Wangji who holds onto his wrist to prevent him from doing so. Wei Wuxian lets Jin Zixun go, but he clearly feels the injustice this group suffered and remarks how a tune of Rest In Peace will be needed as he senses the resentment in the spirits will be increasing in Qishan after this.

This remark of Wei Wuxian’s comes after multiple attempts from Lan Wangji to have Wei Wuxian either sit through the zither score, Xi Hua, or learn it himself. Lan Wangji has been quite insistent on playing this zither piece as it serves to help Wei Wuxian clear his mind and “eliminate evil” after Wei Wuxian ended up collapsing from the use of the Yin Tiger Seal which levelled and killed all of Wen Ruohan’s puppets. It saw him sleep for three days. Wei Wuxian has been insisting this was from exhaustion, but Lan Wangji continues to worry the use and cultivating of the Yin Tiger Seal is doing harm to Wei Wuxian’s state of mind. He worries that Wei Wuxian could slowly be consumed by evil and won’t be able to control himself as the Yin Tiger Seal took control of him.

Lan Wangji’s worries aren’t unjustified as Wei Wuxian has been seen on one occasion to have been so charged with anger, it did take Lan Wangji’s calming hand plus a few moments of trying to control and suppress his anger to calm it. This was seen when Jin Zixuan had falsely accused Jiang Yanli of not conducting herself with dignity because of a misunderstanding which saw Jin Zixuan think she was going after some subordinate called Ah Yuan when this Ah Yuan was just someone she asked to help pass on a bowl of soup for Jin Zixuan (Episode 22).

In saying that, Wei Wuxian’s emotions have only ever stirred a bit; and the Yin Tiger Seal has so far only ever been used during situations where injustice has been committed. This was the case in Yiling Supervisory Office (Episode 20) when he ended the Wen occupation there, when Wen Qing and a grandma were about to be whipped by their captives (Episode 21) and when he moved to take over control of Wen Ruohan’s puppets which allowed victory over Wen Ruohan and the elimination of the Wen Clan (which, we should mention, Wei Wuxian didn’t received any credit for. Jin Guangyao was credited as having the greatest contribution to the success of the She Ri Zhe Campaign for his infiltration efforts of the Wen Clan).

Wei Wuxian’s method of getting justice may be dangerous, not entirely the right/accepted way, but his sense of justice and righteousness is just fine. The same can’t be the said about the decision regarding the group of Wen Clan members Jin Zixun just killed under Jin Guangshan’s supposed orders.

It would seem Wei Wuxian’s remark about needing a tune of Rest In Peace could possibly be seen as him saying it’s not he who needs to be controlled. He doesn’t need Xi Hua to be played to him or need to learn it to clear his mind and eliminate evil. People like Jin Zixun and Jin Guangshan and people who commit such injustices probably need it more.

Ending the episode, during a banquet to celebrate the fall of the Wen Clan and a pledge to peace and stability to commoners with Heaven and Earth as their witness, Jin Guangshan look to reinstate Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan’s marriage engagement. As a way to comfort an old friend that is the late Jiang Fengmian, he puts Jiang Cheng (who is now the Yunmeng Jiang Clan Leader) on the spot about agreeing to reinstating the engagement.

Jiang Cheng appears troubled, unsure which way to go. He believes Jiang Yanli still has feelings for Jin Zixuan, but he worries how accepting the reinstatement will be viewed as his clan seeking connections, which apparently is not something he wants. Jiang Yanli looks worried, as if not wanting to reinstate it or worried about Jin Zixuan’s opinion of it. From the looks of things, Jin Zixuan doesn’t look completely against it as he displays what looks like a nervous wait for Jiang Cheng to accept.

Episode 24

Jiang Cheng is saved from making the decision for Jiang Yanli about reinstating her marriage engagement to Jin Zixuan, saved by Wei Wuxian who suggests Jin Guangshan pass this decision onto the person the engagement involves, Jiang Yanli. (Only Wei Wuxian would dare give a response that is anything other than simply accepting the request.) Jiang Yanli’s response, a rejection. She explains that it’s not a time to be discussing an arranged marriage after having just gone through a crisis. What she thinks she should do right now is head back to Yunmeng and rebuild Lianhua Wu.

Jiang Yanli’s mention of the need to rebuild is used by Jin Guangyao to bring up the Baifengshan Roundup and Hunt Assembly where clans receive merits for capturing the most prey. It gets the Lanling Jin Clan praise from the smaller clans in attendance, calling it benevolent as it takes quite a lot of financial investment to hold.

In Jin Guangshan’s mission to locate the last Yin Metal piece, Jin Guangyao seeds suspicion in Jin Guangshan that Wei Wuxian has it. Jin Guangyao implies Wei Wuxian had the opportunity to take it from Xue Yang when he was guarding him alone during that time Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji had gone to the Chang Clan manor in search of the Yin Metal pieces (Episode 10). To seed things further, Jin Guangyao intentionally has Jin Guangshan suspect Wei Wuxian’s Yin Tiger Seal is related to the fourth Yin Metal by expressing the opposite—that he thinks the Yin Metal and the Yin Tiger Seal are unrelated.

Jin Guangyao had started off deserving pity being an illegitimate son who’s often subjected to insults and gossip, but he’s starting to show a manipulative side to him which is looking like it will bring trouble for Wei Wuxian.

Succeeding in seeding suspicion, Jin Guangshan gives the order to have people keep an eye on Wei Wuxian after learning he’s already left Qishan and is on his way back to Lianhua Wu with Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli.

Both Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng fumes over the sight of the Wen Clan emblem hung above the entrance. Resentment energy of the Yin Tiger Seal can be seen emanating from Wei Wuxian’s flute, Chenqing, while the purple electricity can be seen sparking from Jiang Cheng’s Zidian Whip. It’s Jiang Cheng who destroys the emblem with Zidian to reclaim the former Wen Clan’s Yunmeng Supervisory Office as the base of Jiang Cheng’s Yunmeng Jiang Clan.

With their return, Jiang Cheng officially takes over as Yunmeng Jiang Clan Leader to his disciples with the Jiang Family Motto to remain the same as when his late father was clan leader: insist on trying even though it may appear impossible but also know when to hold back.

Now that Jiang Cheng has become clan leader, Wei Wuxian is expected to keep his promise to Jiang Cheng to be his right-hand man. However, Wei Wuxian is nowhere to be seen after Jiang Cheng’s official announcement. He’s out in the streets having some wine which has Jiang Cheng pretty frustrated with his carefree behaviour. Wei Wuxian has always been carefree, but since the time Wei Wuxian had made that promise, things have changed with Wei Wuxian. How it’s changed is hinted by yet another scene where Wei Wuxian finds himself knocked to the ground as if the force from a shrug of Jiang Cheng’s shoulders (which didn’t even look that strong) had been too much for him.

Jiang Cheng casually attributes Wei Wuxian’s loss of balance and strength to take the shrug to being drunk and subsequently losing his spiritual energy without appearing to truly think that’s the case. However, lacking spiritual energy might just be why Wei Wuxian fell to the ground, why he maintains distance from others and why he doesn’t carry his sword anymore. In fact, the possibility of lacking spiritual energy and being too weak to accept challenges from challengers is only one reason why Wei Wuxian doesn’t carry his sword around. The other reason lies within the clue given in a scene in Episode 19 which saw Lan Wangji attempting to unsheathe Wei Wuxian’s sword only to find he couldn’t because Lan Wangji wasn’t the sword owner. What determines a sword’s owner won’t be revealed till near the end, but suffice to say when Wei Wuxian’s sword is finally unsheathed everything behind why Wei Wuxian doesn’t carry it, why he chose Gui Dao Shu Fa and cultivating resentment energy over Immortal Cultivation and the righteous path of swordsmanship as well as why he is so easily knocked to the ground becomes clear.

For now, though, Wei Wuxian just comes off as simply having chosen to head off on the wrong cultivation path. It continues to worry Lan Wangji. Upon returning to Yunshen Buzhichu, Lan Wangji spends his return on his zither learning new music scores. He had requested from Lan Qiren quite persistently to be let in to browse the collection in the Gusu Lan Clan’s Forbidden Room in the clan’s Library Pavilion, only to be denied.

Lan Qiren might be thinking Lan Wangji is starting to stray from the teachings of the Gusu Lan Clan which may be why instead of sending Lan Wangji off on a task to dispel resentment and eliminate evil built up from the She Ri Zhi Campaign with Lan Xichen, Lan Wangji is put on the task of drawing up the house rules again after some of the books containing them were ruined or lost during Lan Xichen’s hurried escape from Yunshen Buzhichu during the Wen Clan occupation.

Lan Wangji looks to listen as he is seen reading the first page to the 3,000 house rules which writes, “One must annihilate evil, follow an upright path and the righteous way will forever prevail”. However, in the end he is seen in the Library Pavillion in a room which might just be the Forbidden Room looking through the books and scrolls there.

Whilst Lan Wangji is meant to drawing up the house rules, Lan Xichen is in Yunmeng to try persuade Wei Wuxian to return to the righteous path of swordsmanship, offering his personal help as well as Lan Wangji’s. Not unexpectedly, Wei Wuxian refuses with the reason of not wanting to return to that path as opposed to not being able to.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yanli is having thoughts that maybe Wei Wuxian isn’t wanting to stay at Lianhua Wu anymore with how Wei Wuxian’s been staying out the whole day to return to engage in a fight (the fight Jiang Yanli is talking about is the part where Wei Wuxian was knocked to the ground by Jiang Cheng’s shoulder. Wei Wuxian’s seemingly instinctive action of holding out his flute during confrontational situations happens again seems to have her thinking it was a fight between him and Jiang Cheng). Wei Wuxian denies that being the case. He tells her there was no other place he calls home, especially with the fact that before he was brought to Lianhua Wu by Jiang Fengmian, Wei Wuxian was a young boy on the street, begging for food. He tells Jiang Yanli he would never leave her or Jiang Cheng and makes the promise to not slack off anymore.

It looks like only Jiang Yanli can return the peace in their now three-person family so quickly as well as keep Wei Wuxian’s smile on him. Jiang Yanli tells Wei Wuxian that he was born with a smile: he was someone (she saw) to never hold any sadness in his heart and would stay happy no matter what his circumstances were. Wei Wuxian tells her the only reason he is this way only because of her. Wei Wuxian tells her his temper isn’t that great. Had it not been for her, he’d have beaten Jiang Cheng many times over already.

Wei Wuxian turns into a three-year-old next, telling her how hungry he is before he seems to be asking Jiang Yanli not to like Jin Zixuan so much. His exact question is “how can someone like someone so much?” which has Jiang Yanli turn around to ask whether he has someone he likes. Wei Wuxian denies it: “I don’t. I won’t like anyone. At least… I won’t like someone too much. It’s like towing a plow around your neck.” That has a smile spread across Jiang Yanli’s face as she demotes Wei Wuxian to a one-year-old. (The scene is so cute and funny!)

Although Wei Wuxian doesn’t mention who exactly he’s talking about, based on the focus on Jin Guangshan’s desire to reinstate Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan’s marriage engagement at the start of the episode and ending the episode with Wei Wuxian expressing yet again his dislike of Jin Zixuan to Jiang Cheng after the above scene, Wei Wuxian is talking about Jiang Yanli and her feelings for Jin Zixuan.

Episode 25

Jin Zixuan’s feelings towards Jiang Yanli is starting to become clear: he likes her, but is still too proud—possibly too embarrassed—to admit it. With the Baifengshan hunt on the schedule, Jin Zixuan is hoping Jiang Yanli attends the hunt to watch him. However, he seemingly isn’t ready to let her know this as he shows up at Lianhua Wu with the invitation but states it’s his mother, Madam Jin (Hu Xiao Ting), who wants her there. Fortunately for him, Jiang Yanli accepts the invitation, but without Jin Zixuan being open about his intentions or his feelings, his attempt to spend more time with her fails.

Out in the woods, Jin Zixuan tries to spend some alone time with Jiang Yanli with the appearance of it being under his mother’s suggestion, but it’s actually he who also wants to be with her. When Jiang Yanli declined a further invitation to Lanling Jin Clan’s private hunting grounds, Jin Zixuan was actually hurt, thinking she declined because she didn’t want to be together with him and not because she didn’t like hunts. Had Jin Zixuan read a little more into her response to the invitation, it wasn’t a “no”. It was “no need to trouble yourself”. So, it’s not that she didn’t want to be with him, it’s because she thinks he’s being forced to spend time with her.

But with him not seeing behind her words, Jin Zixuan angrily hides behind the appearance of his mother inviting Jiang Yanli, avoiding admitting to the fact that it was he who wanted to spend time with her.

A confrontation between Jin Zixuan and Wei Wuxian develops after Wei Wuxian leaps in between Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli, wanting to take her away and spare her from Jin Zixuan’s rude treatment. In Wei Wuxian’s eyes, Jin Zixuan was embarrassed from being rejected and had expressed it with anger.

Jin Zixuan unsheathes his sword, having had enough of Wei Wuxian getting in the way of him and Jiang Yanli. This isn’t the first time Wei Wuxian got in the way. When Jin Zixuan went to Lianhua Wu, Wei Wuxian wouldn’t let him have a moment alone with Jiang Yanli, sticking right next to her the whole time till he left. Thanks to a block from Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian avoids fighting it out with Jin Zixuan.

Jin Zixun and Madam Jin make their appearances, accompanied by their disciples plus Pingyang Yao Clan’s Clan Leader Yao. What started as a scene about Jin Zixuan’s reluctance and embarrassment to just express what he feels for Jiang Yanli turns into an attack on Wei Wuxian’s character, a denouncing of Wei Wuxian’s cultivation abilities and an attempt to humiliate Wei Wuxian by bringing up his family background with Jin Zixun doing most of this.

Before Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli showed up in the woods, Wei Wuxian had been there on his own, looking rather down as he hunts using his flute (as opposed to his sword) to make one-third of prey voluntarily walk into the Yunmeng Jiang Clan nets. Because of this, Jin Zixun calls Wei Wuxian selfish, and his skills as nothing more than playing a couple tunes on his flute: they can’t be counted as relying on his own abilities. Wei Wuxian’s response to that is an invitation for Jin Zixun to try playing his flute and see if anything will voluntarily follow him. He also challenges Jin Zixun to compete with him and see if he can beat him—challenges which Jin Zixun don’t dare to take on.

With nothing else to attack Wei Wuxian with, Jin Zixun moves to attack Wei Wuxian’s lack of respect—using Wei Wuxian’s failure to carry his sword at the banquet in Qishan (Episode 21) as well as during this hunt as his examples—and criticises Yunmeng Jiang Clan’s upbringing of him like it had anything to do with his argument about hunting and Wei Wuxian having apparently broken hunting rules.

At this point Wei Wuxian is visibly fuming inside, his resentment energy close to surfacing with Jin Zixun resorting to the more personal-level type attacks. Lan Wangji, who draws Wei Wuxian’s attention briefly with a call of his name, seemed to provide a break in the rising anger. However, the anger is still there as he lets all who stood before him know that regardless of how they regarded his methods or his abilities, they can’t match his skills by a long shot. Against him, they’d all be left biting his dust.

Unwilling to concede, Jin Zixun moves to using the only thing he has in an attempt to put Wei Wuxian in his place and humiliate him: calling him the son of a servant, and because of this fact, Wei Wuxian should stop acting so arrogant. Jin Zixun’s low-blow sets Wei Wuxian off. It takes not only Lan Wangji this time, but Jiang Yanli to keep Wei Wuxian from lifting that flute and striking Jin Zixun with those unrivaled skills which he looked down on but dared not to take on.

Jiang Yanli has Wei Wuxian stand behind her as she takes over in speaking to Jin Zixun. She appears to submit to him at first, apologising to Jin Zixun and everyone on behalf of Wei Wuxian. It’s only to set up her own response to Jin Zixun’s claim that Wei Wuxian broke rules for capturing too much prey, to Jin Zixun’s denouncing of Wei Wuxian’s abilities and to the unrelated argument involving Yunmeng Jiang Clan upbringing and Wei Wuxian being the “son of a servant”.

In her apology, she had apologises for her own ignorance in knowing the rule on capturing too much prey. She’s not really apologising as she later notes her ignorance is because since ancient times there never have been such a rule. Clan Leader Yao argues it’s an unwritten rule which everyone is aware of, understands and obeys. Jiang Yanli’s response to that is it’s not Wei Wuxian’s fault others can’t capture prey, and moves on to respond to Jin Zixun’s denouncing of Wei Wuxian’s methods as being different from everyone else’s but Wei Wuxian still cultivated them with his own abilities and shouldn’t simply regard them as an improper and evil method. (This seem to be a point which is for Lan Wangji to hear as the camera moves to him for a second.)

In response to Jin Zixun calling Wei Wuxian a son of a servant, this has her most fired up, seeing neither this point nor the one which criticises the Yunmeng Jiang Clan upbringing as relevant to hunting and the rules. For calling Wei Wuxian a son of a servant when in her eyes Wei Wuxian is a disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan and as close as a biological brother to her, she ends with demanding an apology from Jin Zixun to be given to Wei Wuxian.

The apology never takes place in the end as Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen plus his disciples arrive to interrupt the confrontation. Had they not interrupted, Jin Zixun may have had to with Madam Jin telling him to do as Jiang Yanli demands. Madam Jin had initially saw this as a small matter, but Madam Jin’s respect and very close friendship with the late Yu Ziyuan is shown here through Madam Jin’s extremely good treatment of Jiang Yanli.

The hunt ends with Jin Zixun exiting it, having lost interest in continuing. Jin Guangyao is blamed by Madam Jin for organising such a poor hunt.

A banquet follows the hunt and Jin Zixuan looked to have wanted to spend more time with Jiang Yanli there. Chances were was looking grim for Jin Zixuan as Jiang Yanli looked to leave with Wei Wuxian, until Jin Zixuan finally confess his intentions, shouting to Jiang Yanli as she was leaving that it was he who wanted her to attend the hunt. It wasn’t his mother as he had kept on telling her. It seems this was all Jiang Yanli wanted to hear as she agrees to attend the banquet.

With Jiang Yanli appearing to move towards Jin Zixuan, Jiang Cheng now the Yunmeng Jiang Clan Leader, and Wei Wuxian unwilling (or rather unable) to return to the path everyone expects of him, Wei Wuxian looks to be thinking of distancing himself from affecting those close to him because of the path he’s chosen. Jiang Cheng, who shows up pulling him by the wrist to attend the banquet with him, is told to go ahead without him. Lan Wangji. who is not far from him, is given a farewell.

Taking himself to the streets of Lanling, going nowhere in particular, Wei Wuxian comes across someone familiar, someone just like him, someone who has been cast out of the great sects. That person is Wen Qing. They had missed each other whilst walking through the street (Wen Qing completely covered by her scruffy hooded cloak and Wei Wuxian drinking away a bottle of wine as he strolled through the streets). However, a shove at the shoulder of Wen Qing from a Jin Clan members sees her fall to the ground, hood fall away and Wei Wuxian turning to look at the commotion, spotting her a short distance away.

Episode 26

Lanling Jin Clan is acting like the new Wen Clan with Jin Zixun acting like a second version of Wen Chao, flaunting his family’s newfound power over other great clans. Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji, who have very low alcohol tolerance levels, is pressured to show Jin Zixun some respect by each drinking a cup of alcohol.

Despite Jin Guangyao’s best efforts to help Lan Xichen, and by extension Lan Wangji, get out of the drink, Jin Zixun just won’t let up. Jin Guangshan does nothing to stop Jin Zixun’s insistence either, clearly insisting on the display of respect as well. Jin Zixuan seem to go along with it and even let out a silent chuckle at Jin Zixun’s claim of being able to take eight bowls of liquor: a small teacup size is nothing. Clan Leader Yao, who seems to support everything the Lanling Jin Clan demands, encourages the demand. Meanwhile, Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue looks on with concern.

Lan Xichen ends up obliging. He can at least use his jindan to eliminate the alcohol’s effect. Lan Wangji, though, appears not to have the skill. Fortunately for him, Wei Wuxian appears and takes the drink for him.

Wei Wuxian returns following the discovery Wen Ning as well as the rest of Wen Qing’s clansmen and Qishan Wen Clan cultivators have gone missing. His run in with Wen Qing seems to have had him learn they all disappeared following a hunt for the eight-winged bat king which saw Jin Zixun force them to act as live bait because his own abilities was insufficient to catch it.

Jin Zixun tries to deny knowing anyone by the name of Wen Ning at first, and once confronted with a detailed recount of events from Wei Wuxian to jog his memory, Jin Zixun refuses to reveal the location of where the Qishan Wen Clan remnant is.

Jin Guangshan is unmoved by Wei Wuxian’s claim of urgency in the matter. Instead of resolving the matter, the new Chief Cultivator uses the opportunity to interrogate Wei Wuxian about the Yin Metal and wanting him to hand it over if it is in his possession.

It all reminds Wei Wuxian of the days when the Qishan Wen Clan came into power. Jin Zixun using people as live bait, beating people over minor insubordination; and Jin Guangshan wanting everything to be given to him and how everyone must now listen to him and the Lanling Jin Clan.

Jin Zixun makes the argument that Wen Clan did many evil things and thinks his actions are what the Wen Clan deserve and believes more of the Wen Clan should be killed regardless of whether the group had any involvement in the bloodshed or not, whether they will kill or may never kill in the future, Jin Zixun was suggesting anyone with the last name Wen should be killed.

The suggestion infuriates Wei Wuxian as his hand holding Chenqing start shaking and resentment energy start emanating from the flute. Wei Wuxian does end up controlling himself from unleashing his powers on Jin Zixun thanks to a warning from Lan Wangji, but his patience is thin. Despite explaining that this Wen group are innocent and shouldn’t be punished because of the doings of the main branch of the Wen Clan, neither Jin Zixun or Jin Guangshan showed any consideration or urgency over the matter. Wei Wuxian even showed Jin Guangshan his respect by offering to apologise later for this interruption. Still, they were unwilling to listen and reconsider their treatment of this innocent Wen Clan group.

Wei Wuxian is left with no choice but give Jin Zixun and Jin Guangshan the count of three to reveal the location of this group before he really will unleash Chenqing and the powers of his Yin Tiger Seal on them. He tells them is definitely capable of killing anyone he wants, reminding them that no one can stop him. He controlled and took down an army of Wen Ruohan’s supposedly invincible ghost puppets after all. Wei Wuxian is a force not to be reckoned with; and they know it. It takes two counts before Jin Guangshan gives the nod to Jin Zixun to submit to Wei Wuxian’s demands.

Finally getting the answer, Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing head off to a valley on Qiongqi Path where they are met with a valley full of bodies in knee-high water. All having been dumped there after the hunt several days back. The use of Spirit Attraction Flags had Wei Wuxian already suspecting they were trying to attract a particular kind of evil spirit—that, or practice demonic cultivation. Guards had kept their mouths shut when Wei Wuxian question them, but amongst themselves a guard is heard mentioning the Wen Clan cultivators they’ve apparently kept captive were test subjects for cultivation refinement. (Exactly what is happening is not clearly referenced in future episodes, but it looks like this could possibly be one of the starting points of the hidden force’s scheme to climb the ladder.)

Although the guards were unforthcoming with information about the bodies, Wen Qing was able to walk into the valley at Qiongqi Path to search for her younger brother thanks to Wei Wuxian who had the guards cower just with one small movement of Chenqing.

Body after body, she turned, calling for Wen Ning under heavy rain and darkness. A flashback earlier in the episode had shown he had been hit by a large, heavy sledge hammer before being impaled in the stomach by a Spirit Attraction Flag, so finding Wen Ning alive and standing was low. But she does find him. After searching and searching with Wei Wuxian eventually searching the bodies himself as well, Wen Qing finds Wen Ning lying on his side, holding onto a curious pouch, with the Spirit Attraction Flag still in his stomach. Wen Ning appears dead, but according to Wen Qing, he’s not.

Arriving back from the valley to a killing spree of the workers, Wei Wuxian uses Chenqing to control the supposedly dead Wen Ning to uncover the killer of the workers and those in the valley. They were unwilling to divulge when asked and insisted they would not dare kill when only moments ago they killed for fear Jin Zixun would find out they were going to make a run for it and neglect their duties, i.e. look after the cultivation test subjects well. As the ghost-like Wen Ning go after the guards, throwing them with such strength they flew like rag dolls, Wei Wuxian shortly learns Wen Ning wasn’t actually under his control. After hearing Wen Qing’s shouts to Wen Ning to stop his attacks and then for Wei Wuxian to stop, Wei Wuxian is shocked to see Wen Ning still attacking despite Wei Wuxian having stopped playing his flute.

It is at this point Wen Qing shouts to Wei Wuxian that Wen Ning hadn’t died. It’s just that his spiritual consciousness had been stolen. After Wei Wuxian absorbs some resentment energy (which we’re guessing is Wen Ning’s) and throwing up some blood, he desperately calls Wen Ning twice to wake him from his possessed state: first by Wen Ning then by his courtesy name Wen Qionglin.

Wen Ning hears it and appears to return from the possessed state to stop attacking. Like Wei Wuxian was once been seen doing whilst trying to control his Yin Tiger Seal back in Qinghe (Episode 21), Wen Ning screams like he’s been trying to fight off / control the evil forces within in before he collapses to his knees.

The junction point of turning back and no return arrives for Wei Wuxian as he seeks to rescue and take Wen Qing, Wen Ning and Wen Clan cultivators and non-cultivators away somewhere he’s yet to decide on. Lan Wangji, who arrives just as Wei Wuxian leads the group on horses, look to stand in his way. Whether Lan Wangji actually stops Wei Wuxian is yet to be seen as the episode ends with Wei Wuxian asking Lan Wangji if he remembers the promise they made together. It’s a promise which should get Lan Wangji see that what Wei Wuxian is doing is in every sense keeping true to this promise as opposed to having simply gone off on the wrong path for no other reason than to dominate.

Episode 27

Rule 52 of the Gusu Lan Clan forbids associating with evil. Apart from practicing demonic cultivation, Wei Wuxian isn’t doing evil or bringing evil to the world and inflicting it indiscriminately on anyone and everyone. He is just saving a group of Wen Clan remnants made up of harmless women, elderly and children, plus some cultivators who never bloodied their hands.

The promise Wei Wuxian had made with Lan Wangji back during the lantern-releasing event during the Gusu Lan Clan’s lectures (Episode 7) was to live a life fighting evil, help the weak and have a clear conscience. Right now, taking the group of Wen remnants away is helping the weak and fighting evil. Wei Wuxian is doing exactly as he had promised back then. Saving Wen Ning and the others is keeping Wei Wuxian’s conscience clear, as not standing up against the use of live baits back during the Baifengshan hunt is something Lan Wangji had held him back in doing in the opening ceremony, and as Wei Wuxian expresses, is something he regrets. Had he stood up against the act back then, Wen Ning might not have suffered such a situation.

Wei Wuxian has no confusion in who’s the weak, who is evil, what is right and what is wrong, what is black and what is white. Because of this, he insists on saving the group of Wen remnants even if it means using his flute against Lan Wangji in order to get pass.

Lan Wangji lets Wei Wuxian pass, apparently seeing what Wei Wuxian was doing is in every sense keeping true to that promise. He lets him go knowing there may be a day he and Wei Wuxian may face each other in a battle. Wei Wuxian seems to suggest this as just before he goes on in his opposite path, he tells Lan Wangji that if he had to die he would be happy to die by Lan Wangji’s hands. Only dying by his hands would he not feel any grievances.

The encounter brings to surface emotions rarely seen on Lan Wangji. A tear rolls down his cheeks as their paths now appear to oppose one another.

Holding a discussion about the incident with the clans, Jin Guangshan tries to build a case to demonises Wei Wuxian and pressure Jiang Cheng to rein in Wei Wuxian and get him that Yin Metal. He has Jin Guangyao recount the rebellious and evil acts which include turning Wen Ning into a ghost puppet, unlocked his murderous intent and killed four guards. As if making a connection to Xue Zhonghai’s ambitiousness in the past, Wei Wuxian having taken the group of 50 Wen Clan remnants with him to Xue Zhonghai’s Fumo Palace Hall in the Yiling Burial Mounds is mentioned.

Jiang Cheng tries to clear Wei Wuxian of their accusations of such ambition (or maybe he’s thinking aloud), bringing up the fact that he (and Lan Wangji) was with Wei Wuxian in Yueyang when they ran into Xue Yang searching for the last Yin Metal piece (Episode 10). He asserts Xue Yang took it. This has Clan Leader Yao suggest there was always a possibility Wei Wuxian was colluding with Xue Yang, thereby explaining how Wei Wuxian could have the Yin Metal and was able to turn Wen Ning into a ghost puppet.

As already revealed by Wei Wuxian, what Wei Wuxian has isn’t the Yin Metal but the Yin Tiger Seal (Episode 23) which he had suggested was forged from the Yin Metal Sword he found inside the Black Tortoise of Slaughter (Episode 14). Second, the accusation Wei Wuxian had turned Wen Ning into a ghost puppet isn’t entirely untrue, but turning him into a ghost puppet to carry out acts of evil wasn’t his intention and was not completely his doing.

As Jiang Cheng later finds out when he is pressured to visit Wei Wuxian to find out the situation (as well as work towards getting Wei Wuxian to hand over the Yin Tiger Seal to Jin Guangshan), Wen Ning became this way in part due to Wen Ning’s susceptibility to attracting evil spirits ever since the incident which saw the Dancing Goddess absorb one-third of his spiritual consciousness. Wei Wuxian’s intention was to use the Yin Tiger Seal on Wen Ning (who was already on his last breath after being completely engulfed by the evil spirits) to punish the Jin Clan through Wen Ning’s own hands. He never expected in doing so, it would cause him to turn into a ghost puppet who lost his mind.

With Jiang Cheng not seemingly responding to Jin Guangshan’s attempt to makes Wei Wuxian out to be a danger to the world and must be stopped, Jin Guangshan moves to appeal to Jiang Cheng’s worries over being disrespected as Yunmeng Jiang Clan Leader. Jin Guangshan first makes up words about Wei Wuxian saying he had never placed importance in Jiang Cheng during the Baifengshan hunt which Jiang Cheng wasn’t present to hear.

Lan Wangji refutes Jin Guangshan’s claims, saying he never heard Wei Wuxian say this about Jiang Cheng. It does little help to Wei Wuxian as Jin Guangyao look to save Jin Guangshan’s lie with the claim of there being so much was said at the time it was hard to remember exactly what was said.

Clan Leader Yao also move to help by discrediting Lan Wangji’s statement with the fact he and Wei Wuxian are close friends—so close, he let Wei Wuxian leave with the Wen remnants. His insinuation seems to be that, for Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji is capable of wrongdoing.

Mian Mian is the second and only other person to try defend Wei Wuxian’s actions. Jin Zixun had gone back to focus on Wei Wuxian’s arrogance with the addition of Wei Wuxian being problematic as Wei Wuxian was killing indiscriminately at Qiongqi Path as well as during the She Ri Zhi Campaign. Mian Mian argues that on the battlefield such as at Buyetian everyone can be said to be killing indiscriminately. As for the incident at Qiongqi Path, she provides a possibility that it could be the guards were abusing the prisoners and had killed Wen Ning (and so Wei Wuxian had Wen Ning deal punishment for it).

But, as Mian Mian points out, they all choose to question Wei Wuxian’s actions and not look into the matter. Instead, they choose to believe the words of the inspectors and leave it at that.

Mian Mian ends up leaving the Lanling Jin Clan with Lan Wangji walking out on the discussion, both seemingly unwilling to listen more to this injustice. Meanwhile Jin Guangshan resumes his demonising of Wei Wuxian, throwing in talk of Wei Wuxian possibly starting his own clan. He continues to appeal to Jiang Cheng’s fear of being disrespected, but it’s not by Wei Wuxian but by his disciples.

When Jin Guangshan talks about Wei Wuxian creating trouble for Jiang Cheng and not being considerate of his feelings, Jiang Cheng rejects this being the case as it’s always been the way since childhood. Even Jiang Fengmian couldn’t control him. Jiang Cheng seems to say this with fondness as a small smile spreads during his response.

Seeing this not work, Jin Guangshan brings up Wei Wuxian being favoured by Jiang Fengmian before going on to bring up the need to ensure respect from his disciples and not have them look up to Wei Wuxian as their role model. This gets the result Jin Guangshan is after as Jiang Cheng offers to visit Yiling and see to having Wei Wuxian hand over the Yin Tiger Seal.

The accusations and fears Jin Guangshan speaks of are unfounded as Jiang Cheng’s visit time the Burial Mounds sees women, children and the elderly tilling and farming land, and the building of houses. Wei Wuxian’s set up a nice home together with the Wen remnants. There’s no evil plot to start up a clan to challenge anyone or a Xue Zhonghai kind of ambition in Wei Wuxian at all.

From the looks of things, Wei Wuxian could remain on Yiling Burial Mounds with the Wen remnants and pose zero threat to the outside world. However, with people after the Yin Metal and the Yin Tiger Seal, leaving Wei Wuxian alone so he doesn’t have to threaten anyone is looking impossible.

Episode 28

Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng and the Yunmeng Jiang Clan no longer have anything to do with each other. Jiang Cheng had tried his best to get Wei Wuxian to come back, to abandon Wen Qing, Wen Ning and hand in the remaining Wen Clan to be dealt with, but Wei Wuxian refused. It was not right and not the way to treat people who once took them in, saved both him and Jiang Cheng, and helped bring back the bodies of Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan, allowing their ashes to return to Lianhua Wu.

It’s not that Jiang Cheng had no sense of gratitude for what Wen Qing and Wen Ning did when Wen Ning rescued him from Lianhua Wu and when they needed a place to stay. Jiang Cheng just couldn’t see a way Wei Wuxian could be left alone protecting a clan everyone hates and wants killed. With Wei Wuxian in possession of the Yin Tiger Seal, Jiang Cheng is sure trouble will find Wei Wuxian even if Wei Wuxian tried his best to seclude himself and cut himself off from the rest of the world. They will look for every opportunity to seek him out.

These thoughts appears to be behind the reason why Jiang Cheng had initially moved to end Wen Ning’s life when he was brought into Fumo Cave and saw Wen Ning lying there, surrounded by talismans. As a way to save Wei Wuxian from facing this difficult path, Jiang Cheng wanted to force Wei Wuxian to abandon him and the others by thrusting his sword into the unconscious Wen Ning. Stopped by Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng had another chance to go through with killing Wen Ning with his Zidian whip. But in the end, Jiang Cheng couldn’t do it. In short, Jiang Cheng was choosing Wei Wuxian over Wen Ning and Wen Qing and the others.

In an attempt to get Wei Wuxian to see the difficult path Wei Wuxian is facing, Jiang Cheng mentions words very similar to the ones Lan Xichen had spoken back when the Zewu-jun visited Yunmeng and shared a drink with Wei Wuxian (Episode 24). Both had mentioned about the world/people having accepted rules, views and attitudes which one must follow. Where Lan Xichen focused on the effects on others around him when Wei Wuxian deviating from these accepted rules, views and attitudes (specifically, Lan Xichen talks about how it will hurt those around him), Jiang Cheng focused on how deviating from them will cause Wei Wuxian to be criticised and ostracised.

Jiang Cheng tells Wei Wuxian that in the eyes of the four great clans, Wei Wuxian is regarded as a person of unusual and outstanding talent, a strange hero who’s formidable and in a league of his own. But the moment his voice differs from theirs, he will be regarded as deranged and someone who doesn’t conform to accepted attitudes and principles. So, the only way he can see Wei Wuxian escaping criticism and ostracism is for Wei Wuxian to disassociate from the Wen Clan and give up what Jiang Cheng believes is as an almost impossible task of returning Wen Ning to a normal person. Otherwise, as Jiang Cheng says in a desperate, exasperated tone, he won’t be able to protect Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian appears to see and understand Jiang Cheng’s words, but he still can’t give up on Wen Ning, Wen Qing and the others. His insistence to go down this path and attempt to hide himself and this group which everyone wants killed and save them from an unjustified death sees Wei Wuxian suggest Jiang Cheng just abandon him. Since Jiang Cheng can’t protect him then tell the clans he rebelled and anything he does from this point forward no longer has anything to do with Yunmeng Jiang Clan.

With that said, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng set off to cut their ties with each other with a final duel. Jiang Cheng’s sword against Wei Wuxian’s flute. Jiang Cheng ends up stabbing Wei Wuxian in the side when he has Wei Wuxian at close proximity. From the way Wei Wuxian responded with not having expecting Jiang Cheng to be so ruthless as to stab him, there looks to have been an unspoken agreement to inflict each other with enough injuries to show and report to the world Wei Wuxian and his ties to Jiang Cheng and Yunmeng Jiang Clan are cutting ties. Wei Wuxian looks to have held back possibly because of this with Jiang Cheng only vomiting up some blood and a limp left arm.

One month later sees the beginning of Wei Wuxian’s bad reputation as Yiling Laozu (Yiling Patriarch) who practices demonic cultivation and creates ghost puppets. Wen Ning who has since been dubbed Gui Jiang-zun (Ghost General) is his right-hand man in committing evil deeds. To feed and increase Wei Wuxian’s demonic powers, he digs up corpses, crack open their bones and sucks the marrow from it.

They’re all just stories told to demonise and have the world fear and condemn Wei Wuxian to death. Although the people appear to be familiar with Wei Wuxian and his title as the Yiling Patriarch, they appear to only know him by name, but possibly not by face as Wei Wuxian is able to freely roam through the street markets bartering for cheaper potatoes without the same kind of spoken condemnation heard from the patrons inside the teahouse where the stories were told.

Lan Wangji, who happened to be in Yiling on a monster hunt, was in the teahouse bristling inside over the stories. After leaving the teahouse with a loud slam of his teacup which drew instant silence from the patrons, Lan Wangji’s expression seem to soften and brighten upon catching sight of Wei Wuxian who had called out to him.

Their reunion is brought about by a young boy called Ah Yuan (birth name: Wen Yuan) who had disappeared from Wei Wuxian’s sight whilst bartering and found Lan Wangji’s leg to hug. It’s a sight which Wei Wuxian finds amusing as a crowd had gathered around the Hanguang-zun and the boy after he had apparently made cry somehow.

Deciding to play a small joke on Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian greets Lan Wangji with the claim he had fathered Ah Yuan. A small hint of confusion seem to pass through Lan Wangji’s normally expressionless face which had Wei Wuxian hold in a laugh. Ah Yuan isn’t his child, but a child from the Wen Clan who he rescued at Qiongqi Path.

Curious about what Lan Wangji had done to make Ah Yuan cry, Wei Wuxian gets a denial of having done anything. That has Wei Wuxian make his own assumptions, putting it down to Lan Wangji’s look of deeply ingrained, long-standing resentment on his expression (which might be a small reference to the injustice Lan Wangji could be feeling for what’s happened to Wei Wuxian and his reputation). Wei Wuxian slips in a thought about how Lan Wangji does have a good-looking face; however, a small child can’t tell the difference between a good-looking face and an ugly one. So, the look of resentment must have been what had made Ah Yuan cry.

Lan Wangji makes it up to Ah Yuan, though, with the purchase of a butterfly toy Wei Wuxian had let Ah Yuan look at and appear to buy but ended up not buying. It has Ah Yuan hugging Lan Wangji’s leg, releasing Wei Wuxian from being that person Ah Yuan clung onto and never letting go because Ah Yuan likes Wei Wuxian. It looks like Ah Yuan likes Lan Wangji, too, now.

With it being so rare to see Lan Wangji pass by Yiling, Wei Wuxian suggest they have a meal together to catch up. Lan Wangji doesn’t respond making Wei Wuxian drag him along, telling him he will be treating him.

Episode 29

Wei Wuxian’s catch-up with Lan Wangji sees him hear news of Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan’s marriage. Jin Zixuan has been more obvious with the fact he’s fallen for Jiang Yanli. He had asked Jiang Yanli not to leave him to go look for Wei Wuxian in Yiling with Jiang Cheng (Episode 27) and expresses his desire to build a second Lianhua Wu for her, i.e. a place she can call home with him, and shows her by first planting lotus flowers in the pond at Jinlintai (Episode 28).

It’s news which has Wei Wuxian feeling down. Put aside the fact he still thinks Jiang Yanli is too good for Jin Zixuan, it’s a big event in her life which he now can’t be a part of. With Lan Wangji across from him just listening, Wei Wuxian tells him about the plans he and Jiang Cheng had to make Jiang Yanli’s wedding day the grandest and one to remember for centuries to come. But with him no longer part of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan or their world, he can’t even attend her wedding let alone plan such a thing.

This path he’s chosen is looking to be quite a difficult one, one which Wei Wuxian seem to note is filled with judgement, condemnation and scrutiny. From the looks of things, it’s quite a solitary and friendless path. Expressing more of what it’s been like for him, Wei Wuxian reveals the suffocation he’s been feeling the last couple months with all those who ran into him avoiding him. When Lan Wangji accepted Wei Wuxian’s invitation to visit his place in the Yiling Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian reveals their lack of guests to his place. This fact was revealed (quite embarrassingly) when Lan Wangji was served cups of water instead of tea because they didn’t have any tea leaves in their stores. There hadn’t been a need to keep any tea leaves because no one had ever come to visit.

Wei Wuxian’s standard of living is pretty modest compared to his previous abode at Lianhua Wu. Two caves in their natural state, lit by candles on cave walls and and twigs, protected by talismans serves as his place of rest, cultivation and healing. Fumo Cave is where he spends much of the time sleeping in whilst Xie Chi Cave is where he cultivates and heals after cultivating. Money is made from selling radish the Wen Clan remnants grow on their land. Meat is a special item on the dinner table judging from Ah Yuan’s cries of surprise when he spots it on the table later in the evening.

The naming of the caves seem to be getting some criticism according to rumours Wei Wuxian mention. In one sense, “Fu” means “subdue/vanquish” and “Mo” means “demon/evil spirit”. It gives the idea of the cave being a demon-subduing, evil spirit-subduing cave which contradicts the very act outsiders rumour Wei Wuxian is doing when he creates ghost puppets to do evil deeds. But Wei Wuxian explains the name simply describes the prostrate position—that is, lying face down, flat on the ground (which is another meaning for “Fu”)—which Wei Wuxian ends up (perhaps after exhausting himself and/or falling asleep). The name is not at all what outsiders think it means, and what happens in his cave is not what rumours has it.

Time to see Lan Wangji off down the mountain, Wei Wuxian finally lets up and answers the question about Wei Wuxian’s insistence on the difficult path which Lan Wangji had tried to get Wei Wuxian to answer before leaving the cave but failed to get a response until this point. In order to protect the people Wei Wuxian wished to protect (which happens to be the hated remnants of the Wen Clan who everyone thinks deserves death) he must insist on it. He can’t see any other path he could take. To save the remnants of the Wen Clan who had nothing to do with the crimes the Qishan Wen Clan committed against everyone, to save Wen Ning who Wei Wuxian believes was the result of him not standing up against Jin Zixun’s use of people as live bait when he had the opportunity, this path of demonic cultivation and using the power of the Yin Tiger Seal is the only way to do it.

And there’s been great progress made with Wen Ning, too. Wei Wuxian’s finally succeeded in returning Wen Ning’s spiritual consciousness and it was achieved through the use of the Yin Tiger Seal and his talismans (and no doubt persistence to achieve what appeared to be the impossible). It goes to show that when Wei Wuxian says he will do something, he will do it to the end and so far achieve what he sets out to do as well—whether it be saving Wen Ning or controlling his powers, mind and actions.

Wei Wuxian’s success seems to have Lan Wangji come off a little less strong in his concerns over Wei Wuxian’s ability to maintain control. Although concerns remain, Lan Wangji’s since changed from citing the fact that no one in ancient times have ever managed to control the Yin Metal (in Wei Wuxian’s case, the Yin Tiger Seal) to asking Wei Wuxian whether he can truly control himself. Wei Wuxian is confident and assures him he can. Further thought has Lan Wangji come up with wondering what would happen if something were to happen to Wei Wuxian or the Yin Tiger Seal. It’s a thought with Wei Wuxian won’t entertain as he tells Lan Wangji it won’t happen. It can’t happen. It leaves some cause for concern as this thought of Lan Wangji’s appear to be talking about things happening out of Wei Wuxian’s control, which is suggestion of things to come.

For the time being, it’s “let himself judge what’s wrong and what’s right, do what he thinks he should and not worry about condemnation nor worry about the gains and losses” are Wei Wuxian’s final words to Lan Wangji before they part. In Wei Wuxian’s heart, he knows what he needs to do, and will insist on walking the difficult path against everyone’s criticisms and scrutiny because he can’t just abandon demonic cultivation, hand over the Yin Tiger Seal and give up on the innocent people he rescued from everyone who wants them dead.

Wei Wuxian’s reputation isn’t all bad by the end of the episode. He’s gained some followers with one cultivator wanting to visit the Burial Mounds because of him, while others claim to be disciples of his. It looks like these two particular cultivators are looking to make some money off of the Yiling Patriarch by selling talismans they claim are his newest creations, but the claims still gather people wanting to buy despite the knock offs.

Meanwhile, back in his cave, Wei Wuxian is making the real deal—at least he’s attempting to. His attempt to invent the Compass of Evil sees him get into a bit of an accident with a lab-style explosion. This marks the beginning of Wei Wuxian’s creation of magical evil-finding-spirit-locating-and-repelling items.

Episode 30

Wei Wuxian gets a surprise visit from Jiang Cheng, and with him, Jiang Yanli in her wedding dress all so Wei Wuxian doesn’t miss out on at least seeing his Shijie in her bridal gown. Jiang Cheng goes a step further to include Wei Wuxian: he has Wei Wuxian choose a name for Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan’s future baby. So, contrary to what they’ve led the world to believe, Jiang Cheng, Jiang Yanli and Wei Wuxian are still as close as ever and still a part of, at least, the Jiang Family.

The duel which took place between Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng (Episode 28) was just for show. The stab to the side which Jiang Cheng inflicted on Wei Wuxian was indeed so their claim they had decided to cut all ties was to make it believable to outsiders, but it was definitely not a preplanned attack. Jiang Cheng reveals he only attacked after Wei Wuxian attacked first by breaking Jiang Cheng’s left arm. The more serious injury between the two turns out to be Jiang Cheng’s broken arm. Jiang Cheng, who had been worried enough about Wei Wuxian’s injury to ask about it, reveals his broken arm took a month to heal while Wei Wuxian only took seven days.

With Wei Wuxian before him, Jiang Cheng takes the opportunity to ask Wei Wuxian whether he plans to stay as he is. His answer is still a yes. His apparently strong will to protect the weak, guard against an injustice and pay back a debt of gratitude sees him stick to his decision. It’s not an easy “yes” this time. He is seen fighting back a desire to turn back.

Returning to the Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian is really feeling the ache in his heart, to the point of questioning whether he’d make the same decision if he had to do it all over again. Lying in his cave, he thinks about all his promises and decisions leading up to this point: the time he promised to Jiang Cheng to be his right-hand man; the time he vowed to eliminate evil, protect the weak and maintain a clear conscience at the Gusu Lan Clan lectures; the time he made his decision to save the hated the Wen Clan group at Qiongqi Path; and most recently, the day’s events which saw him meet with Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli. They appear to be promises which seem to conflict with each other: keeping one promise is breaking the promise of another. By choosing to stay true to the promise he made at the Gusu Lan Clan lectures, he’s created a future which sees him not able to see his Shijie, Jiang Cheng or enjoy such important moments such as the birth of his future nephew or niece; and it seems to really eat at his resolve.

Fast-forward one year, Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli’s given birth to a baby boy and is given the birth name of Jin Ling and the courtesy name of Jin Rulan (Jin Rulan being the name Wei Wuxian had picked for the baby). With plans to celebrate Jin Ling’s one month since arriving into the world, it sees the Lanling Jin Clan send out invitations to cultivators all over the country to join them in a seven-day celebration.

News and invitations spread to cultivators far and wide, to places even as small as Yiling, but for Wei Wuxian, it’s only through an invited cultivator does Wei Wuxian learn of his nephew’s arrival and celebration. It has him excited and down as he’s not received an invitation.

Back at Jinlin Tai, discussion over Wei Wuxian’s attendance is being argued between Lan Wangji and Jin Zixun. Lan Wangji thinks Wei Wuxian should be invited because he’s an elder to Jin Ling while Jin Zixun thinks Wei Wuxian shouldn’t be invited citing everything he cited a year ago: Wei Wuxian is treasonous, kills indiscriminately, and an enemy of the four great families.

Lan Xichen supports Lan Wangji, pointing out a year since Wei Wuxian had set up at Yiling Burial Mounds, there hasn’t been any evil deeds committed or instances where he’s gone against the path of chivalry.

Jin Zixuan agrees. He doesn’t reject Jin Zixun’s view of Wei Wuxian being treasonous or that many of their disciples were killed, but he can’t disagree with Lan Xichen’s point of Wei Wuxian having done nothing wrong over the past year. This plus the fact Jiang Yanli misses Wei Wuxian a lot, Jin Zixuan suggests to use this opportunity to bring him back on the correct path, a suggestion which Lan Xichen sees as a good thing if they manage it.

Jin Guangshan, who has been listening to all the sides, seems willingness to set aside the grudge he has with Wei Wuxian and even set aside the deeper grudge with the Wen Clan and let the remnants of the Wen Clan go. But the concern over the Wei Wuxian and his sole control over the Yin Tiger Seal which can kill and control people as well as Ghost General Wen Ning seem to have him hesitate allowing Wei Wuxian to be invited.

Jin Guangyao tries to be the bridge in settling this argument. He suggests inviting Wei Wuxian to Jin Ling’s One-Month Celebration. Once here, they can then use this opportunity to once again persuade Wei Wuxian in handing over the Yin Tiger Seal.

Jin Guangyao’s suggestion seem acceptable to everyone. Lan Wangji did have concerns that this may turn into a trap for Wei Wuxian, but he seemed satisfied with the lack of objection to Lan Xichen’s view about seeing no issues with Wei Wuxian returning to the Burial Mounds if Wei Wuxian didn’t agree with their requests.

It’s all too good to be true, though, as Jin Zixun’s appears to have other ideas after it’s settled, and Jin Guangyao’s right there provoking him, inciting more hate towards Wei Wuxian as Jin Zixun is seen on the courtyard glaring daggers and curiously gripping at his chest.

Favourite / Notable Moments in Pictures

The Untamed Episode 21

EPISODE 21: Wei Wuxian in his room refining a creation of his, what is called the Yin Tiger Seal. It’s an item which he is confident will rid all of the concerns Nie Mingjue and the clans have with the fact Wen Ruohan has three Yin Metal pieces (and rightfully so).

The Untamed Episode 21
The Untamed Episode 21

EPISODE 21: Wen Qing to try block out the chaotic music from Wei Wuxian’s flute whilst the characteristic black veins appear on her face as the resentment energy made its way into her, her clansman and her captors.

The Untamed Episode 21
The Untamed Episode 21
The Untamed Episode 21
The Untamed Episode 21

EPISODE 21: Wei Wuxian’s skills are no longer as good as Lan Wangji’s. A sudden sword attack forces Wei Wuxian to defend himself only to end up with a sword pointed at his throat. Lan Wangji provides a reason Wei Wuxian hasn’t improved, with the suggestion he’s stopped practicing swordsmanship, but the reason is a lot more serious than that.

The Untamed Episode 22
The Untamed Episode 22

EPISODE 22: Wei Wuxian’s emotions get the best of him when he learns Jin Zixuan had told Jiang Yanli to conduct herself with dignity because of a misunderstanding which saw Jin Zixuan thinking Jiang Yanli had a romantic interest in a person called Ah Yuan all because she had asked him to help send a bowl of soup to Jin Zixuan. Jin Zixuan, though, still not admitting his feelings, is jealous.

The Untamed Episode 22
The Untamed Episode 22

EPISODE 22: Jin Guangyao, who was last seen kicked out of Qinghe Nie Clan, has shown up at Buyetian, working for Wen Ruohan.

The Untamed Episode 22
The Untamed Episode 22
The Untamed Episode 22
The Untamed Episode 22

EPISODE 22: Misty black resentment energy surround Wei Wuxian as he draws the power from the Yin Metal from (possibly) the three in triangular formation at Buyetian. Slowly the attacks on Lan Wangji, Lan Xichen, Jiang Cheng turn toward fighting the ghost puppets as the resentment energy drawn and controlled by Wei Wuxian is infused into the reptile-like puppets.

The Untamed Episode 22

EPISODE 22: Wen Ruohan loses his ability to command his reptile-looking puppets using the Yin Metal.

The Untamed Episode 23

EPISODE 23: Wei Wuxian reveals the Yin Tiger Seal he created and cultivated as the magical weapon he’s using to control Wen Ruohan’s three Yin Metal pieces.

The Untamed Episode 23
The Untamed Episode 23
The Untamed Episode 23
The Untamed Episode 23

EPISODE 23: Wen Ruohan has Wei Wuxian by the neck. Wei Wuxian’s response, kill his large army of puppets with one command without even needing to move.

The Untamed Episode 23
The Untamed Episode 23

EPISODE 23: Wen Ruohan is dead, but it’s not Wei Wuxian who kills him. It’s Jin Guangyao.

The Untamed Episode 23

EPISODE 23: Lan Wangji rushes from the battlefield to catch Wei Wuxian who collapses after taking down all of Wen Ruohan’s puppets.

The Untamed Episode 24

EPISODE 24: Wei Wuxian knocked to the ground from an angry shrug of Jiang Cheng’s shoulders. When not prepared or expecting the attack, Wei Wuxian seems unable to defend the force from a cultivator.

The Untamed Episode 25
The Untamed Episode 25

EPISODE 25: The opening archery event which is meant to show off the skills of the Lanling Jin Clan’s skills through Jin Zixuan is upstaged by Wei Wuxian’s even more impressive archery skills. Jin Zixuan’s skills are good. He skillfully hits bullseye and avoids hitting any of the human obstructions made up of the captured Wen Clan members by leaping high into the air and shooting from this position. Wei Wuxian’s skills are even better. He remains on the ground and shoots five arrows, blindfolded. All five arrows avoids hitting any of the captured Wen Clan members despite not seeing and all five hit all five bullseyes the arrows were shot at.

The Untamed Episode 25
The Untamed Episode 25

EPISODE 25: Lan Wangji finally reveals how he sees Wei Wuxian: he’s a lifelong bosom friend correcting Wei Wuxian’s response to how he sees Lan Wangji (which saw Wei Wuxian tell Lan Wangji he “used to see” Lan Wangji as such, seemingly seeing how their paths have diverged in opposite directions).

The Untamed Episode 25
The Untamed Episode 25

EPISODE 25: Jiang Yanli demands Jiang Zixun give Wei Wuxian an apology for his personal attacks and calling Wei Wuxian a son of a servant.

The Untamed Episode 25
The Untamed Episode 25

EPISODE 25: Jin Zixuan calls back Jiang Yanli, finally revealing he was the one who wanted her at the Baifengshan Hunt, stopping her from leaving. He’s short of admitting he likes her, though, as after expressing this, he runs off like a shy boy.

The Untamed Episode 26
The Untamed Episode 26

EPISODE 26: Wei Wuxian gives Jin Zixun and Jin Guangshan the count of three to give him the location Wen Ning and the remnant group of Wen Clan (which pose no threat to anyone) else suffer the force of his resentment energy.

The Untamed Episode 26
The Untamed Episode 26

EPISODE 26: Wei Wuxian thought Wen Ning was under his control when he had him take revenge on the guards who killed him, but Wen Ning isn’t under his control and he’s not actually dead!

The Untamed Episode 26

EPISODE 26: Wei Wuxian comes face to face with Lan Wangji as he leads the remnant group of weak and innocent Wen Clan members away.

The Untamed Episode 27
The Untamed Episode 27
The Untamed Episode 27
The Untamed Episode 27

EPISODE 27: Wei Wuxian must save Wen Ning and will use this powers against Lan Wangji. He lets Lan Wangji know that if he had to die, he won’t feel aggrieved dying by Lan Wangji’s hands. Lan Wangji lets Wei Wuxian pass. Lan Wangji had wanted so much to bring Wei Wuxian over to Gusu Lan at the end of Episode 25, but Wei Wuxian is resolute in saving them. It’s so sad to see them now going on opposite paths. The two look to have the same values, appreciate justice being served but differ only in their methods in achieving it.

The Untamed Episode 27
The Untamed Episode 27
The Untamed Episode 27
The Untamed Episode 27

EPISODE 27: Wei Wuxian, Wen Qing, Ah Yuan living in seclusion from the rest of the world and are almost like a happy family.

The Untamed Episode 28
The Untamed Episode 20
The Untamed Episode 28
The Untamed Episode 28

EPISODE 28: Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng duel each other following Wei Wuxian’s decision to continue protecting the remaining Wen Clan members. With what looks like an unnecessary, ruthless stab to Wei Wuxian’s side to show the world Wei Wuxian had rebelled and escaped his capturing, the tie to Jiang Cheng and Yunmeng Jiang Clan is cut.

The Untamed Episode 28
The Untamed Episode 28
The Untamed Episode 28
The Untamed Episode 28

EPISODE 28: Wei Wuxian can’t help but laugh to himself after coming across Lan Wangji with Ah Yuan attached to his leg and crying as a crowd criticises him for being so heartless to leave his child crying on the ground.

The Untamed Episode 29
The Untamed Episode 29
The Untamed Episode 29
The Untamed Episode 29

EPISODE 29: Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji work together to subdue Wen Ning before Wei Wuxian finally see his arduous effort to return Wen Ning’s spiritual consciousness come to fruition.

The Untamed Episode 29
The Untamed Episode 29
The Untamed Episode 29
The Untamed Episode 29

EPISODE 29: Lan Wangji’s heart appear to sink hearing Wei Wuxian insist on continuing the difficult path.

The Untamed Episode 29
The Untamed Episode 29

EPISODE 29: Wei Wuxian in his cave tinkering away at creating the Compass of Evil. It’s not working well so far as Wei Wuxian gets into a bit of a lab-style explosion.

The Untamed Episode 30
The Untamed Episode 30

EPISODE 30: Wei Wuxian gets to see Jiang Yanli in her wedding dress after thinking he was never going to have a chance to be a part of the wedding whatsoever.

The Untamed Episode 30
The Untamed Episode 30
The Untamed Episode 30
The Untamed Episode 30

EPISODE 30: The decision to save and help the weak, the feeling of being indebted to Wen Ning and Wen Qing seems to have him leave even his beloved Shijie.

The Untamed Episode 30
The Untamed Episode 30
The Untamed Episode 30
The Untamed Episode 30

EPISODE 30: Jin Guangyao sees to Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli’s wedding preparations with great care and detail. The more he is like this, the more Jin Guangshan worries about Jin Guangyao’s motives. Jin Guangyao is looking quite suspicious with the way he appears before Jin Zixun as he is clutching his chest appearing to be suffering some chest pains.

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