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The Untamed (2019) Series Recap, Episodes 1 – 10

The Untamed (2019) Series Recap, Episodes 1 - 10

The story of The Untamed follows Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan), a carefree, talented young Immortal Cultivator who has quite a daring, shameless and unrestrained personality. Brought into the Yunmeng Jiang Clan (one of the five great cultivating clans) when he was a little boy, Wei Wuxian’s sword and archery skills are matched by very few. He has a great ability to invent all kinds of incantations and talismans to ward off evil spirits and beasts, some are regarded as quite silly but they always serve their purpose when needed.

Wei Wuxian is, in the eyes of Yunmeng Jiang Clan Leader and foster father Jiang Fengmian (Lu Jian Min), the embodiment of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan’s teachings. Wei Wuxian was looking to be a powerful Immortal Cultivator until his vow to eliminate evil, protect the weak and maintain a good conscience while following the Jiang Family teachings sees him become a target for the ruling, oppressive Qishan Wen Clan. Wei Wuxian’s daring stand against Wen Chao (He Peng), son of Qishan Wen Clan Leader and Chief Cultivator Wen Ruohan (Xiu Qing) to help Gusu Lan Clan’s Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo), ends in the death of his foster parents, the annihilation of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan, and Wei Wuxian going off the correct path towards Demonic Cultivation and practicing Gui Dao Shu Fa (Crafty sorcery).

Behind Wei Wuxian’s decision to take up this threatening and dangerous path is also the act of self-sacrifice to save his non-blood-related brother Jiang Cheng (Wang Zhou Cheng) who faced a future where he no longer is able to cultivate because of what initially looked to be a reckless act of his. But without anyone knowing this, and with Wei Wuxian being known to entertain unorthodox methods in dealing with evil, Wei Wuxian’s decision is taken as abandoning the righteous, correct path in favour of an unorthodox, incorrect one.

Ultimately, Wei Wuxian finds himself facing the condemnation of every clan in the Cultivation world despite having never abandoned any part of his vow to eliminate evil, protect the weak and maintain a good conscience. The only difference is he was using an unaccepted method to do it; the weak he wanted to protect also happened to be a separate branch of the oppressive Qishan Wen Clan who took no part in the Qishan Wen Clan’s oppression which every clan wanted dead.

Wei Wuxian’s insistence on protecting this group of people together with his notoriety for “choosing” Demonic Cultivation and practicing Gui Dao Shu Fa makes Wei Wuxian a great scapegoat for a hidden force looking to place all blame on Wei Wuxian for all the evil deeds and killings committed in a long scheme for power—a scheme which only starts to unravel 16 years after Wei Wuxian’s supposed death during a battle known as Battle of Buyetian.

The Battle of Buyetian where Wei Wuxian hangs off the cliff’s edge after giving up fighting the incessant judgements of clans is how The Untamed opens. After losing the one person dearest to him, his beloved non-blood-related sister, Jiang Yanli (Xuan Lu), and after losing the group of people he tried so hard to protect only to have them end up dying, it sees Wei Wuxian choose to end everything with his death. The drama then moves forward to 16 years later where Wei Wuxian appear to return from the dead accompanied by a group of Lanling Jin Clan and Gusu Lan Clan disciples where the unraveling of the hidden force’s schemes and their downfall eventually takes place. Before all is exposed and cleared up, though, the drama moves back again to 16 years prior to the lead-up to the Battle of Buyetian to tell a story of Wei Wuxian’s story as a Yunmeng Jiang Clan disciple who’s not afraid to entertain unorthodox methods, stand up against greater powers, flaunt his swordsmanship and archery skills, and attempt the impossible, leading to being used as a scapegoat for the hidden force’s ambitions.

If anyone out there has yet to watch The Untamed, we highly recommend you go watch this drama. It’s a drama which we started when it was mid-way through airing before we stopped, unable to take the horror aspect of the drama. It can get a bit bloody and a bit freaky with those ghost puppets with their black-filled or completely white corneas and bodiless heads. We sometimes have to fight to not look away, but going back to give this drama another try, we discovered that this drama is one of those dramas which hooks you in hook-line-and-sinker once you get into it, and takes quite a long time to get over.

Months after finishing this drama, we’re still clicking away on anything and everything The Untamed related, spending way too much time looping animated GIFs; oogling at character and actor pics; watching YouTube videos of behind the scenes, interviews, special features; and listening to the OST over and over, especially lead actor Xiao Zhan and his version of The Untamed theme, Unrestrained/Wuji. And now, we’re writing a recap on The Untamed despite it being 50 episodes long because we just love the drama that much and must share our love of the drama with a full series recap!

Main / Notable Character Names

Before going into the recap, we thought we’ll just put a small note about the character names. Many of the characters have two names—birth name and courtesy name—plus a title which refer to the same character. It got a bit confusing when we first watched the drama hearing one character being called a name but called a different name depending on who was calling them. For the recap, we’ll use courtesy names for most of the characters; but, we thought we’ll do a short list of the main/notable characters which are referred to by multiple names beforehand just to lessen the confusion if anyone plans to go watch the drama who hasn’t.

Birth Name Courtesy Name Title Other Names
Wei Ying Wei Wuxian Yiling Patriarch Ah Xian, Xian Xian
Lan Zhan Lan Wangji Hanguang-zun  
Jiang Cheng Jiang Wanyin Sandu Shengshou  
Lan Huan Lan Xichen Zewu-zun  
Wen Ning Wen Qionglin Ghost General  
Meng Yao Jin Guangyao Lianfang-zun  
Nie Mingjue   Chifeng-zun  
Lan Yuan Lan Sizhui   Ah Yuan
Jin Ling Jin Rulan    
Wen Zhuliu   Hua Dan Shou Zhao Zhuliu
Song Lan Song Zichen    
Su She Su Minshan    
Luo Qing Yang     Mian Mian

The Untamed Episodes 1 – 10 Synopsis

Episode 1

Sixteen years ago Immortal Cultivator Clans, the Yunmeng Jiang Clan united with the Gusu Lan Clan, Lanling Jin Clan and Qinghe Nie Clan to wipe Yiling Patriarch Wei Wuxian out from the face of the earth. According to popular stories surrounding the Yiling Patriarch, Wei Wuxian had the power to turn the world upside down and destroy it. He was a beggar the Jiang Clan took into their care and in turn brought upon calamity on them all. When the clans finally rids Wei Wuxian over a hanging cliff during the Battle of Buyetian, everyone apart from Lan Wangji of Gusu Lan Clan all cheered.

It begs the question of whether Wei Wuxian really died because his death over the cliff doesn’t see a corpse at the bottom. Sixteen years later, the answer is still not known—at least not to the characters in the world. To us viewers, the Yiling Patriarch is seen alive at the Mo Family Manor, rescued by Mo Xuanyu, a member of the Mo Family who is known to be a lunatic and holds a few grudges he wants Wei Wuxian to seek revenge for. Refuse to do it and the Sacrificing Curse which the four wounds on his left arm represent won’t dispel.

The first three grudges start with Mo Xuanyu’s cousin, Mo Ziyuan (Sun Cheng Xuan); Madam Mo and Old Master Mo. All are possessed by an evil spirit who attacks with its left hand and leaves dark vein markings characteristic of people controlled by the Yin Tiger Seal—which has Wei Wuxian curious as the Yin Tiger Seal should have been destroyed. Wei Wuxian would know since he was the one who destroyed it when the drama goes back to tell the story of the Battle of Buyetian, but here it was controlling the Mo Family.

It doesn’t give Wei Wuxian trouble as he is able to control the spirit on command, and seems to be able to clear the first three of grudges of Mo Xuanyu’s by getting Mo Ziyuan, Old Master Mo and Madam Mo to fight each other.

Despite Wei Wuxian’s control of the situation, it appears to worry the Gusu Lan Clan disciples who were originally brought in to handle the exorcise of the evil spirits from the Mo Family. A flare is sent up towards the sky requesting help from someone in Wei Wuxian’s past who he apparently doesn’t want to face yet. That person is Gusu Lan Clan’s Hanguang-jun, Lan Wangji.

Soon after the flare is released, Lan Wangji flies in to play a tune on his zither and subdues all the spirits. Quickly he picks up that it wasn’t an evil spirit that has been attacking but the Yin Tiger Seal which he refers to as the spiritual consciousness of a spiritual weapon which hid in the sword. The discovery leads Lan Wangji to suspect the return of Yiling Patriarch Wei Wuxian.

Yes, Wei Wuxian is back. However, Wei Wuxian doesn’t make his presence known to Lan Wangji. He flies out of the Mo Family manor, off to clear the one scar left on his wrist. This last grudge is one which, unknown to Wei Wuxian at this point, is the same person who’s behind Wei Wuxian’s demise 16 years ago.

Episode 2

The cultivation disciples of Gusu Lan, Lanling Jin, Yunmeng Jiang and various other clans are on the hunt to catch the soul-eating beast on Dafan Mountain. According to some talk from cultivators, Wei Wuxian learns that immortals used to reside there, but the soul-eating beast now lurks around.

Wei Wuxian also learns about the bad reputation he has. He has one fan amongst the many, with one even calling him an idol, but on the whole, anything bad, evil—defective even—is blamed on Wei Wuxian. (This is all because of Wei Wuxian’s notorious reputation gained 16 years ago). One of the cultivators’ discovery that his Compass of Evil isn’t pointing to the soul-eating beast they all want so much to find in order to get top merits sees that cultivator blame the compass’ defectiveness on Wei Wuxian because it’s a creation of his.

A reason why their compass isn’t showing them the way has to do with the authenticity of the compass. Further down the drama shows Wei Wuxian working on such a compass 16 years ago (Episode 29), but not actually end up completing the invention.

However, Wei Wuxian is seen with one that works 16 years later (Episode 34). Perhaps, the only one that works is the one in Wei Wuxian’s hands. The compass which this cultivator holds could possibly be the fake one which Wei Wuxian had manage to take from one of the guys claiming to be a Yiling Patriarch disciple (Wei Wuxian never had disciples) (Episode 29). Wei Wuxian looked to want to interject to possibly clarify and reject the compass as an authentic creation of his, but decided not to bother.

What seems to be the reason why they’re failing to find the soul-eating beast also is because they’re looking for a living creature when the beast isn’t a living but a stone statue in the mountain’s Goddess Temple, and possibly an illusion (as mentioned in Episode 33). The Dancing Goddess—as the statue is known—absorbs the spiritual consciousness of those who haven’t departed from the dead (not the living) and has the power to actually answer people’s prayers.

Wei Wuxian’s sighting of the glistening Spirit Gathering Grass had led him to realise this, and what had him think to rescue the disciples who had found themselves before the moving statue. Lanling Jin Clan’s Jin Ling (Qi Pei Xin) had challenged the “thing on the mountains that’s been eating people’s soul to appear before him”. That thing was the Dancing Goddess statue, and it took up Jin Ling’s challenge with coming alive.

Wei Wuxian attempted to place a seal on the moving statue with his talisman and manages to stop her, but only for a short while. To stop her completely from overpowering the young disciples, Wei Wuxian is made to construct his weapon out of bamboo—a flute—after which he plays a distinctive tune to control the situation. To Wei Wuxian’s shock, a familiar but meant-to-be dead, right-hand man, Ghost General Wen Ning (Yu Bin) responds to Wei Wuxian’s flute and shows up to smash the Dancing Goddess to pieces with amazing super strength.

Wei Wuxian gets his second shock when he runs into Lan Wangji, and not long after, his foster brother Yunmeng Jiang Clan’s Jiang Cheng. Whilst busy trying to subdue and control Wen Ning’s attacks on the new targets—the disciples—Wei Wuxian backs into the Hanguang-jun without sensing his presence. Lan Wangji might just have figured out Wei Wuxian’s identity despite him wearing a mask.

Jiang Cheng attempts to verify Wei Wuxian’s identity using his Zi Dian Whip, a purple whip which zaps like lightning when one is hit, and can seemingly recognise souls that possesses other bodies. However, when Jiang Cheng unleashes the whip on Wei Wuxian, nothing happens.

It has a Gusu Lan Clan disciple remind him of the attempt to look for Wei Wuxian’s body and finding nothing. They had tried calling back his soul, but failed too. He was dead. But Jiang Cheng isn’t assured. Maybe it was Wen Ning coming the instant Wei Wuxian played that distinctive tune on his flute, but Jiang Cheng seems to suspect this Mo Xuanyu is Wei Wuxian after Wen Ning’s appearance.

This has a Gusu Lan Clan disciple, Lan Jingyi (Guo Cheng), remind Jiang Cheng of what has been said about the way Wei Wuxian died, that it was Jiang Cheng who had killed him. It leaves Jiang Cheng unable to respond for a brief moment. A flashback to the Battle of Buyetian suggest Jiang Cheng did. Jiang Cheng is seen to have used a sword on Wei Wuxian whilst the Yiling Patriarch hung over the edge of the precipice, sending him to his supposed death. However, we never actually see the strike, which puts question marks on how Wei Wuxian fell (because he did fall based on the opening of Episode 1) as well as how Wei Wuxian returned from the dead.

Episode 3

Going back 16 years to tell the story of the way things were sees Wei Wuxian a part of the Jiang Family and the Yunmeng Jiang Clan, existing happily with Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng. It’s a contrast to the severed relationship Wei Wuxian was shown to have (with Jiang Cheng at least) 16 years later.

There’s a lecture at Yunshen Buzhichu, a place in the mountains where the Gusu Lan Clan is located. In the town of Caiyizhen, they planned to rest for the night at an inn, but is forced to continue on in their way when a rather obstinate young master of the Lanling Jin Clan (and Jiang Yanli’s betrothed), Jin Zixuan (Cao Yu Chen), reserves the whole inn despite the Yunmeng Jiang Clan having requested the rooms first. The refusal to share the inn despite there being more than enough rooms for both clans reveals the loveless marriage-to-be (at this stage) between Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli.

The Yunmeng Jiang Clan faces another denied entry when they arrive at Yunshen Buzhichu in Gusu without their invitation. They had lost it back at the inn. Wei Wuxian had hoped to talk his way in getting the guard to speak to the Gusu Clan Leader to verify their identity. However, the guard refused. Jiang Cheng had tried to speak to Lan Wangji, who happened to appear after returning to Yunshen Buzhichu, but he, too, refused. Being the brother of the Gusu Lan Clan Leader, Lan Wangji could have very likely been able to verify their identity and let them in, but Lan Wangji is someone who is strict on rules being followed. No invitation, no entry.

The Yunmeng Jiang Clan—rather, Wei Wuxian—is made to retrieve the invitation while the rest of the clan waited for Wei Wuxian’s return. It wasn’t a long wait it seems, as in the end, even before Wei Wuxian returned, Lan Wangji had let the clan in. Lan Wangji doesn’t let Wei Wuxian know this, though, and they end up sparring on the rooftops when Wei Wuxian tries to enter through the rooftop upon not seeing his clan at the entrance gate. Wei Wuxian tries bribing the Hanguang-jun with Wei Wuxian’s favourite bottles of wine and is met with another round of sparring.

The round of sparring reveals Wei Wuxian’s great ability to block and avoid every attack Lan Wangji throws at him. Wei Wuxian’s great martial arts skills might just be as good or better than Lan Wangji’s. Till the end Lan Wangji fails to get even close to cornering Wei Wuxian. The fight only ends when Lan Wangji attacks Wei Wuxian’s beloved wine bottles (Wei Wuxian loves wine and liquor), allowing Lan Wangji to finally take Wei Wuxian in to see Lan Wangji’s uncle, Lan Qiren (Huang Zi Teng), and Lan Wangji’s older brother and Gusu Lan Clan Leader, Lan Xichen (Liu Hai Kuan), to receive the punishment of writing the Gusu Lan Clan House Rules 300 times.

Moving onto the main story of the drama, a body which came in to Yunshen Buzhichu whilst Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng was trying to negotiate entry is spotted by Wei Wuxian. A visual inspection of the body has Lan Qiren and Lan Xichen regard it as dead. To Wei Wuxian, though, the body can at most be considered as having lost its soul and is more a ghost puppet which can be controlled than a person who is dead.

Wei Wuxian is spot on. At Buyetian, in a dark, fiery lair known as Huodian, Qishan Wen Clan Leader and Chief Cultivator Wen Ruohan and Xue Yang (Wang Hao Xuan) are seen discussing the ghost puppets created by one of four shattered pieces of the Yin Metal in Wen Ruohan’s possession. For greater power, and thus the ability to subdue other clans, Wen Ruohan have brought in Xue Yang (someone who knows a lot about the Yin Metal pieces and their whereabouts) to help retrieve the remaining three pieces.

West of Dafan, East of Gusu, North of Yueyang are the three of the four locations Wen Ruohan appears to have been told. The last location has been deliberately left out by Xue Yang as it appears to act as leverage to ensure Wen Ruohan keeps his promises. Only after Wen Ruohan sends him to Yueyang where the Chang Clan is based will Xue Yang tell Wen Ruohan the last location.

For now, Wen Ruohan will settle with retrieving the second piece of the Yin Metal which is revealed to be at Yunshen Buzhichu in Gusu. For its retrieval, Wen Ruohan has sent clan member Wen Qing (Zoey Meng), her brother Wen Ning, and Wen Chao.

Episode 4

Gusu Lan Clan’s lecture consists of 3000 wide-ranging rules—from dress code to respectful conduct to moral conduct—clan history and clan general knowledge. It all bores Wei Wuxian to the point of sleep at times. Though he may appear unfocused and not very studious, Wei Wuxian knows more than he lets on. When Lan Qiren tests him on the differences between elementals, demons, ghosts and monsters, he distinguishes them perfectly with an example provided as well.

Quizzed on the clan ancestors, he answers them 100% correctly, too. However, quizzed on how he would handle a soul who executed 100 people and had pent up resentment, Wei Wuxian struggles to answer. It’s a question which all disciples struggle to answer.

Unsurprisingly, Lan Wangji provides the correct answer when asked. All cultivators must follow and act without fail according to the three methods in the following order: begin with enlightenment. Have family sense the soul’s lingering thoughts and help resolve their unfulfilled wishes and resolve obsession. Next, suppression if the first method doesn’t work. The last method is elimination. For unforgivable heinous deeds committed with difficult to dissipate resentments, they must be eliminated from the roots and not be allowed to exist.

It’s an answer which has Wei Wuxian questioning. Wei Wuxian doubts the achievability of the first method especially when concerning murderous acts such as annihilating a whole sect for revenge. Lan Wangji still believes in applying the Gusu Lan approach which Wei Wuxian seem to push aside as he comes up with a fourth, rather unorthodox approach. He suggests raising the dead victims, evoking resentment in what would be their skulls and have them go up against the dead executioner. It skips all teachings and accepted practice, and goes straight to this rather unorthodox approach.

It sees Wei Wuxian kicked out of the lecture and told to head to the library and copy down the house rules 1000 times. Wei Wuxian doesn’t go straight to the library, though. Instead, he escapes to the back of the mountain where he runs into Qishan Wen Clan members, Wen Ning and Wen Qing.

Through force via the more fiery and violent Wen Chao, the two gained entry without an invitation, and managed to stay at Yunshen Buzhichu under the excuse of wanting to attend the lecture which Qishan Wen Clan members have never in the past was interested in. Since spotting Wen Qing the first time the previous day, Wei Wuxian’s been a bit curious about what Wen Qing has been doing at the forbidden area that is the back of the mountain. This second sighting has him wonder what secrets hide within Yunshen Buzhichu— secrets which we know is the yet-to-be-discovered location of the Yin Metal at Yunshen Buzhichu (as Wen Ruohan’s mention in Episode 3).

Episode 5

Evil water spirits are reported to be consuming Caiyizhen villagers on Lake Biling. It comes off as strange to Wei Wuxian because it’s not characteristic of water spirits to eat people. They are known to play tricks. It has Wei Wuxian suspect this latest strange incident might be linked to the disappearing cultivators and the absorption of their souls.

Lan Xichen and Lan Qiren is considering the possibility the Qishan Wen Clan might be behind the spirit absorption matter, but denies the connection Wei Wuxian makes. Whether the denial is deliberate hiding of his thoughts or because Lan Xichen and Lan Qiren truly believes there is no connection is yet to be revealed.

Called by the Caiyizhen villagers to help with ridding the water spirit, Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji are joined by Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng, Wen Qing and Wen Ning—all who requested to be allowed to join to gain experience. But not only would they gain experience, each of their strengths (as Wei Wuxian had mentioned to convince Lan Xichen to agree) would be of help. Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng would offer their experience with water )being from Yunmeng which has lots of lakes and water). Wen Qing can offer her great medical skills and Wen Ning has amazing archery skills.

The mission is a success as Lan Xichen manages to seal the seaweed-like water spirits under the lake after experiencing exactly what the villagers have claimed. The water spirits indeed tried to devour everyone through transforming into a waterborne abyss, but everyone except Su Minshan (Nyle Feng) who’s a Gusu Lan Clan member in the outer branch, had listened to Lan Wangji’s suggestion to ride their swords and managed to stay out of danger.

Su Minshan curiously chose to attack the water spirits by sending his sword into the water only to discover the inability to retrieve his sword and required rescuing from Lan Xichen (who looked to control the water abyss with his flute), Wen Ning (who jumped onto Su Minshan’s boat to what looked like stabilise Su Minshan) and Wei Wuxian (who jumped onto the boat to rescue Wen Ning).

All three on the boat—Wei Wuxian, Wen Ning and Su Minshan—then had to be rescued by Lan Wangji, who winched them off the boat as they were in danger of being pulled into the abyss by Wen Ning who had suddenly fainted from being controlled by a force very much like the ghost puppet in Episode 3.

There’s no confirmation to what is behind the strange behaviour of the evil water spirit, but the hints is it’s as Wei Wuxian suspects. After the mission at Lake Biling, Lan Wangji is wondering about the possibility of Wei Wuxian’s suspicions and raises it with Lan Xichen. Lan Xichen isn’t sure about the connection, but hopes it isn’t what he thinks it is (what Lan Xichen is referring to is the work of the Yin Metal). If he’s right with his thinking, then they may not be able to stop it.

Episode 6

Wei Wuxian gets Lan Wangji into trouble with the elders as the two plus Jiang Cheng and Qinghe Nie Clan’s Nie Huaisang (Ji Li) are found to have broken the house rule prohibiting drinking alcohol. Initially, Lan Wangji was not part of the drinks night, but found himself under Wei Wuxian’s control after he sneakily placed an incantation on him which gets Lan Wangji to listen to his requests which included drinking with him and calling him “Elder Brother Wei”.

Lan Wangji seems to break out of his drunken stupor when Wei Wuxian tries to touch the band across Lan Wangji’s forehead which all members of the Inner Gusu Lan Clan members wear. It’s a forehead band Wei Wuxian is prohibited from touching as it can only be touched by parents, one’s wife or child Lan Wangji tells. It’s a fact which leads the two to reveal having lost one or both parents when they were young, a commonality the two very different people share.

Wei Wuxian’s remark about not being able to see Lan Wangji married (because he’s so dull and boring) and how Lan Wangji’s mother must be so bored with a son like him and a husband apparently as boring gets Lan Wangji revealing how he had no mother. Wei Wuxian didn’t quite understand Lan Wangji’s meaning at first, but quickly realises Lan Wangji was talking about his mother having passed away. It gets Wei Wuxian to share how he, too, lost not just his mother but his father as well at the age of four. His memories with his parents are mostly gone. What he remembers very well is being chased by dogs and one scene where his mother held him as he rode a donkey.

The morning after, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are made to take 300 canings for drinking alcohol and breaking house rules. The canning leads both Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian to head down to the Cold Spring to nurse their canning and the discovery of the Yin Metal and the story of its spirit-absorbing powers, its destructive powers, sealing and its unsealing.

Sucked through the Cold Spring and into a cave known as Cold Pool Cave, they encounter former Gusu Clan Leader Lan Yi (Lee Ruo Tong) who they learn is behind the unsealing of the once sealed broken pieces of the Yin Metal.

Hundreds of years ago, the Yin Metal (which was originally whole and absorbing nature’s natural energy), was used by state preceptor, Xue Zhonghai (Yu Zi Kuan) to absorb resentment using human beings as sacrifices for reasons no one knows still. Together with the control of an ancient mythical monster named the Black Tortoise of Slaughter, he launched a mass slaughtering of various Immortal clans. The situation got so impossible to control, the decision to suppress the demonic power was made. The five great clans, Qishan Wen Clan, Gusu Lan Clan, Yunmeng Jiang Clan, Lanling Jin Clan and Qinghe Nie Clan, joined together to kill Xue Zhonghai, suppress the Black Tortoise of Slaughter, break the Yin Metal into pieces and scatter them in places where vital energy was in abundance for it to absorb. The Cold Pool Cave is one such place.

After the successful elimination of Xue Zhonghai and the suppression of the Black Tortoise of Slaughter and the Yin Metal, corpses lay everywhere at the mountain which Xue Zhonghai inflicted his sorcery from. The mountain which was once known as Yiling Immortal Mountain becomes what is now known as the Yiling Burial Mounds (which is to become Wei Wuxian’s base later after taking the same yet quite different path motive-wise).

In order to prevent the same mistakes of the past from happening again—that is, to have someone attempt to control and use the Yin Metal—the five great clans agreed to never mention the Yin Metal to any descendants. However, through Lan Yi’s good friend, Baoshan Sanren, Lan Yi learned of the Yin Metal during her time as Gusu Lan Clan Leader. In her search for ways to hold her ground as Gusu Lan Clan Leader, revitalise the Gusu Lan Clan and make headway (she seems to suggest that being the first female Gusu Lan Clan Leader, she faced many obstacles), she sought to locate the Yin Metal piece to make it all happen.

As someone who created what seems to be a powerful attack known as the Xian Sha Shu (Chord Kill Technique), she was confident; and believed that despite predecessors’ failure to cleanse and control the Yin Metal, she could do it and use it to carry her forward and flourish the Gusu Lan Clan’s unique martial arts. Despite her good friend’s dissuasions and warnings about the impossibility in purifying the Yin Metal and control it, Lan Yi still sought after the Yin Metal. She spent sleepless nights going through ancient records and located a piece of the Yin Metal at the Cold Pool Cave. She broke the seal on the Yin Metal which, once broken, could never to sealed again.

In her own admission, she expresses everyone was right about the impossibility of purifying and controlling the Yin Metal. She had tried many times, but failed. So far, she’s only been able to forbid access to the Yin Metal by using her spiritual energy to guard over the Yin Metal in the Cold Pool Cave, but it’s weakening.

Episode 7

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji leave Cold Pool Cave with the promise to Lan Yi, who lets go and moves on into the Heavens, that they will find the other Yin Metal pieces and freeze them all in the Cold Pool. It is the only way they can avoid the Yin Metal falling into unfavourable hands.

With Wen Qing scouting around the back of the mountain (where the Cold Pool Cave is located) and Qishan Wen Clan’s owl spotted flying in Yunshen Buzhichu’s skies spying, the threat is real. There’s also Wen Ning who appear to react to the broken forbidden seal around the mountain and the Yin Metal after Lan Yi’s energy barrier dispersed along with Lan Yi. But fortunately no Qishan Wen Clan members appear to sense the Yin Metal, yet.

Wei Wuxian was also smart to leave out details about their their time in the cave when he and Lan Wangji exited the cave and ran into Wen Qing as well as Jiang Cheng (who has been searching for Wei Wuxian). Jiang Cheng’s question about his disappearance saw Wei Wuxian leave out the most important parts to only mention being sucked in by a draft and having swam a long time to exit the cave, seeing nothing but lots of ice and water whilst in the cave.

With the discovery of the Yin Metal’s existence, Wei Wuxian’s suspicions over a connection between the spirit absorption of cultivators and the trouble caused by the Waterborne Abyss at Lake Biling in Episode 6 is shown to be correct. What’s more, it’s possible Lan Xichen might have thought about there being a connection but wasn’t ready to accept the connection until Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji returned to report their discovery of the Yin Metal’s existence in the Cold Pool Cave. Their report sees Lan Xichen and Lan Qiren admit to suspecting the cause of the strange spirit absorption and the Lake Biling incidents to be linked to the Yin Metal.

To add to this, Lan Xichen reveals his and Lan Qiren’s knowledge of Wen Ruohan being in possession of one of the Yin Metal pieces, too. Whether Wen Ruohan is behind the strange incidents, they have no solid evidence. What they do have is a lead to suggest Wen Ruohan might be after a visit from Yunmeng Jiang Clan Leader Jiang Fengmian informs them of a Qishan Wen Clan retainer who goes by the name of Xue (he’s referring to Xue Yang) having killed a group of young cultivation disciples when he passed by Yueyang.

To avoid the Yin Metal found in the Cold Pool Cave from getting into the wrong hands and start a reign of terror, Lan Qiren suggested it be returned to the Cold Pool Cave, be re-sealed and an energy barrier be put back up the way Lan Yi had done so before. However, the issue with Lan Qiren’s suggestion is the Yin Metal piece’s ability to sense and communicate with other pieces. The resurfacing of one piece (this appears to refer to the one in Wen Ruohan’s hands) has caused the other pieces to move. The increase in the frequency of abnormal incidents like the ghost puppet in Episode 3 and Waterborne Abyss at Lake Biling was the result of someone (Wen Ruohan) following in the footsteps of Xue Zhonghai.

So hiding the piece in the Cold Pool Cave wasn’t going to stop someone with wild ambitions like Wen Ruohan from going after it. Because of this, Lan Wangji is seen at the end the episode with plans to locate the Yin Metal pieces on his own. Lan Qiren wanted to hear none of it; however, Lan Xichen, it appears, had given his support for this mission of Lan Wangji’s.

Episode 8

It’s a race to locate the Yin Metal pieces before Wen Chao gets his hands on them. As things stands Xue Yang has one Yin Metal piece and Lan Wangji has one piece gained from Lan Yi. A third piece lie at a flower garden known as the Seasonal Flower Garden in a place called Tanzhou.

Using the Yin Metal in his possession, Lan Wangji begins his journey towards Tanzhou as the Yin Metal shows him the way through vibrations and glowing brightly through the pouch its stored.

Wei Wuxian is with him, too. He had managed to catch up with the Hanguang-jun to join in the search as he had promised after figuring out Lan Wangji’s intention to carry out this mission to locate the Yin Metal pieces. It’s a promise which Lan Wangji probably didn’t care Wei Wuxian keep as Wei Wuxian’s presence is pretty much ignored. In order to keep Lan Wangji from walking too far ahead without him, Wei Wuxian was forced to use an incantation called Wu Yi / Tongpao (literally translated “no clothes” / “close friends”) to prevent Lan Wangji from being more than 6 metres from him for a short time.

Arriving at Tanzhou, they are joined by Nie Huaisang who unexpectedly shows up before Wei Wuxian with a scary looking mask, frightening him with the same trick Wei Wuxian tried to use on Lan Wangji whilst they browsed the street stalls.

Together, their attention is soon drawn to a crowd in the distance seemingly excited over the fact that the Seasonal Flower Lady (who has so far lived an obscure life) has suddenly called upon all cultivators to attend a poetry meeting at the Elegant Home. The excitement seems to lie with a story about the Seasonal Flower Lady attending to any cultivator who is elegant and talented. Nie Huaisang confirms this story upon recalling there being a garden bed in Tanzhou where those who recite poems under the moon and is positively regarded by the Seasonal Flower Lady will be gifted a flower of the season which won’t wither for three years and fragrance which lasts forever.

The true story regarding the sudden invitation appears to be related to the Yin Metal and her having been trapped in a peony flower which it mutated. After the town is treated to a petal shower which reveals Nie Huaisang’s man-crush on Lan Wangji, Lan Wangji’s Yin Metal glows, indicating the piece located at the Seasonal Flower Garden is nearby. All three make their way there to locate and retrieve the Yin Metal, only to discover Wen Chao had gone there, burned and turned the whole flower bed to black in his search and beaten them to finding the Yin Metal piece.

With Wen Chao in possession of one Yin Metal pieces, Wen Chao now aims to get his hands on Lan Wangji’s piece. From the looks of things, he’s set a trap to achieve this on Dafan Mountain, which would see Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji and Nie Huaisang face the Dancing Goddess and a sea of ghost puppets.

Before that happens, Wen Chao is made to deal with Wen Qing who appears to have been passive-aggressively trying to hinder Wen Chao from bothering Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. His awareness of her apparent defection sees him insinuate harming her tribe which reside on Dafan Mountain if she doesn’t sit still and behave.

Wen Qing’s reasons for why she is apparently helping Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji aren’t clear at this point, but after her encounter with Wen Chao, she continues to oppose him in the background. Her chance encounter with Jiang Cheng at a restaurant sees her pretend to incite a fight between her and Jiang Cheng so she can secretly pass on the message that Wei Wuxian is in trouble when they are face to face after a block.

At Dafan Mountain, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji manage to rein in and place seals on the Dancing Goddess after a bout of attacking which see both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji flung around by the giant moving stone. As for the ghost puppets threatening to break through the temple’s doors, Wei Wuxian manages to create a hold on them, but the brute force of the sea of puppets end up breaking through the incantation.

Episode 9

Wen Qing saves Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji when Wei Wuxian’s Golden Thread Formation incantation—a golden netting which he summoned to create a barrier between the ghost puppets and his group—was looking like it won’t hold off the ghost puppets from coming after them.

Wei Wuxian had thought about attacking his way out, but Lan Wangji stopped him, reminding Wei Wuxian about what he had said about these ghost puppets back at Yunshen Buzhichu: they’re not dead.

These ghost puppets indeed weren’t dead. They are still very much alive and controlled by Wen Chao’s owl which had the Yin Metal’s powers sealed into it by Wen Ruohan. For these ghost puppets to return to human beings, Wen Qing advises Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji that they must kill the owl which has been sealed with the Yin Metal powers.

With this information, Wen Qing has yet again gone and helped Wei Wuxian and his group. Though the other times were unclear, this time she has a good reason. These ghost puppets are Wen Qing’s clansmen. She had once resided on Dafan Mountain with Wen Ning as a separate branch of the Wen Clan which focused on medicine. She had once lived on the mountain with these people until an incident which saw the Dancing Goddess come alive separated them. The Dancing Goddess had absorbed the spiritual consciousnesses of everyone in this separate branch of the Wen Clan and took everyone’s lives including the leader of this Wen Clan who was also her father. Only Wen Qing and Wen Ning escaped the incident and was later adopted by Wen Ruohan and was brought to Qishan.

Holding and protecting Wen Qing, Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang in Wei Wuxian’s Golden Thread Formation, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji chase after Wen Chao’s owl in the forest. For a while, the pair is overcome by the thick fog which obscured vision even at short distances and affected Wei Wuxian’s focus to cast an incantation to break up the fog. Many times they were struck with chains, with Wei Wuxian appearing to have been caught by a chain around his neck which made him unconscious. It turns out to be just an act to lure the owl out for Wei Wuxian to catch, kill and return the souls back to Wen Qing’s clansmen.

The story behind the Dancing Goddess’ turning human form and her recent change to absorbing the spiritual consciousness of people is told after Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s return. Wen Qing had been asked for the reason for the sudden change initially, but with her being linked to the person who caused it—that person being Wen Ruohan—she claimed not knowing as she was unwilling to betray Wen Ruohan.

Wei Wuxian’s observant, though. Without Wen Qing divulging, he was still able to figure things out based on the fact that their fight to seal the Dancing Goddess in Episode 8 saw the statue only go after Lan Wangji. This observation had Wei Wuxian conclude that it was because Lan Wangji had the Yin Metal on him. The second thing which had Wei Wuxian figure the situation out was how, for hundreds of years, the Dancing Goddess never had the appetite to absorb the spiritual consciousness of people nor take human form, but began to do so in a manner similar to the evil water spirits on Lake Biling in recent years. The reason, as both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji suspects, is because of the Yin Metal that was in her heart. However, the Yin Metal had gone missing since 10 years ago which they suspect was taken by Wen Ruohan and was behind Wen Qing’s clan’s loss of life.

Being part of Wen Ruohan’s Qishan Wen Clan, Lan Wangji moves to suspect Wen Qing of knowing information about where the last Yin Metal piece is. She, again, claims not knowing. There’s no evidence she has that information since Wen Ruohan himself seems to not know either. However, Wen Qing’s insistence on Wen Ruohan being her saviour (as opposed to being the cause of the incident which killed everyone in her clan) has her come off as unwilling to betray Wen Ruohan.

Though Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji don’t manage to get information on where the last piece is, he, Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang travel to Yueyang where it was suggested in Episode 3 to be where the fourth piece of the Yin Metal is. Stopping by a wine house, the group learn about the strange happenings at the Yueyang Chang Clan Manor located in the southeast. Through information from the waiter, they learn about the banging, crying and screaming sounds coming from the manor at nights during the last 10 days. To the waiter it sounded like were trapped and couldn’t get out.

After the waiter leaves the group, Lan Wangji suddenly feels pain in the chest as the Yin Metal light up and appear to bring on a few images of dying people. Lan Wangji’s possession of the Yin Metal seems to have him see the events that have taken place at their next heading: Chang Manor.

With Wei Wuxian casting one of his incantations to force open the door to the Chang Manor, the group (minus Nie Huaisang) are greeted with a massacre of the people within the Chang Manor after having been turned into ghost puppets.

Episode 10

Xue Yang, the Qishan Wen Clan retainer Wen Ruohan sent to Yueyang, reveals himself as the one behind the vicious killings at the Chang Manor. Xiao Xingchen (Song Ji Yang), a disciple of Baoshan Sanren, have been chasing Xue Yang for more than half a month for Xue Yang’s killing of countless cultivators. However, the Qishan Wen Clan retainer has so far slipped through Xiao Xingchen’s grasp. With the help of Wei Wuxian and friend, Song Lan (Bowen Li) from Baixue Pavillion (Song Lan’s place of training), Xiao Xingchen finally captures the Qishan Wen Clan retainer.

Wei Wuxian’s Wu Yi / Tongpao incantation, the previously thought to be a silly incantation Wei Wuxian had used on Lan Wangji (Episode 8), was proving to be a useful and powerful leash as it kept quite a strong grip on Xue Yang, forcing him to stay and face Xiao Xingchen’s sword. Between Xue Yang and Xiao Xingchen, though, Xue Yang looks to have the higher skills. Wei Wuxian had sensed it before the sparring. He just he didn’t know how many times higher.

The whole time, Xue Yang appeared to let Xiao Xingchen attack and advance on him as well as let Wei Wuxian cast his incantation to drag him back without much of a fightback. However, after Wei Wuxian’s third cast of his Wu Yi / Tongpao incantation, Xue Yang finally changed from the defensive to the offensive. Casting his Qiankun Xiu incantation to blind everyone with a plume of fog, he charged towards Xiao Xingchen with his sword. Fortunately for Xiao Xingchen, Song Lan appears suddenly to stop Xue Yang with a sword to his neck, enabling Xue Yang’s capture.

Taken inside a room and bounded, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian question Xue Yang over the location of the last Yin Metal piece. They get nothing. The frisk-search Wei Wuxian performs returns nothing, and Lan Wangji’s Yin Metal communicated nothing as it show no signs of movement or glow. The search around the Chang Manor showed up nothing as well.

Wei Wuxian’s one-on-one interrogations of Xue Yang’s affiliations with the Qishan Wen Clan is denied. He does find out a bit of Xue Yang’s background, though: Xue Yang describes himself as “just a hooligan from Kuizhou” and that the reason he’s been slaughtering small cultivator families is because of a personal grudge. This bit of information has Wei Wuxian later wonder whether Xue Yang could be related to Xue Zhonghai.

With Lan Wangji being passed a message to head to Bujingshi in Qinghe (via Jin Guangyao (Zhu Zan Jin) who showed up at the Chang Manor with Nie Huaisang), the handling of Xue Yang and his punishment is passed onto Nie Huaisang’s older brother and Qinghe Nie Clan Leader Nie Mingjue (Wang Yi Zhou). Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan had no interest in getting involved in fighting between the great immortal clans; and since Lan Wangji had requested Xue Yang accompany the group to Qinghe for the decision, they were more than happy to let the great immortal clans handle Xue Yang’s punishment.

Just before group part ways with Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan, though, Wei Wuxian is surprised to learn just how closely related he is to Xiao Xingchen. Lan Wangji’s enquiry over where Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan’s martial arts originates sees Wei Wuxian discover his rather close connection to Xiao Xingchen and Xiao Xingchen’s indirect connection to Wei Wuxian’s mother, Cangse Sanren (Cici Liu).

Xiao Xingchen reveals himself as a disciple of Baoshan Sanren who Wei Wuxian’s mother was also a disciple. This makes Cangse Sanren Xiao Xingchen’s Shijie (Xiao Xingchen’s older sister in the martial arts circle), and Xiao Xingchen Wei Wuxian’s Shishu (Wei Wuxian’s uncle in the martial arts circle). Despite being related so familiarly in this way, Xiao Xingchen reveals he’s never seen Wei Wuxian’s mother, dashing Wei Wuxian’s hope of learning more about his mother.

Wei Wuxian is also disappointed to learn that he would never be able to see his grandmaster Baoshan Sanren again. For one, his grandmaster lives secluded from the rest of world and never remains in the same spot. Second, anyone who’s left the mountain (where they presumably trained) are not allowed to return. As a consolation, Xiao Xingchen offers that if his grandmaster saw him, she would definitely be very pleased with him.

At Qinghe, the decision over what to do with Xue Yang is initially decided by Nie Mingjue to kill him on the spot, but his life is preserved just a bit longer with Wei Wuxian stepping in and suggesting the case be investigated more as there is plenty of time to kill him later.

Jin Guangyao, a well-spoken and intelligent Qinghe Nie Clan member, supports Wei Wuxian’s view with the addition of a suggestion to keep Xue Yue alive to learn the location of the last Yin Metal whilst keeping Xue Yang’s capture a secret from Wen Ruohan. He quotes the matter as concerning the safety of several great Immortal clans. In short, they could use this opportunity to ensure the Yin Metal doesn’t get into the wrong hands and cause the reign of terror Lan Xichen and Lan Qiren were speaking of. Jin Guangyao also adds that their success would be like breaking an arm off Wen Ruohan.

The arguments sways Nie Mingjue. Jin Guangyao is ordered to take Xue Yang down to the dungeon and to keep watch with extra guards to the prison hold. As an illegitimate son of a concubine, complying with the order is harder for him to obey than others. Jin Guangyao’s request for the Qinghe Nie Clan Commander to come with him and escort Xue Yang to the dungeon is met with animosity and distaste. According to the commander, Jin Guangyao’s duties is settling in guests and managing chores relating to cleanliness and sanitation in the Nie Manor. Moving and ordering army around isn’t something Jin Guangyao has the right to interfere with.

This confrontation ends with the commander indirectly reminding Jin Guangyao he’s just a mere concubine’s soon and should know his status. It’s the last straw it seems as a fight which erupts between the Qishan Wen Clan and the Qinghe Nie Clan over the Yin Metal pieces sees Jin Guangyao stab the commander with a sword during the attacks. Jin Guangyao claims innocence, that it was Xue Yang, but later explains he did it because commander always stole his achievements. He personally saw the commander let Xue Yang go like he was trying to undermine Jin Guangyao’s work.

Jin Guangyao accepts death as his punishment, which Nie Mingjue was ready to deal, but just before the fight ended, Jin Guangyao had stood in front of the sword of Wen Chao’s retainer Wen Zhuliu’s (Feng Ming Jing) sword and saved Nie Mingjue’s life. For that, the Nie clan leader spares Jin Guangyao. However, Jin Guangyao must leave the Qinghe Nie Clan, never to return.

Side note: Jin Guangyao is the illegitimate son of Lanling Jin Clan’s Clan Leader, Jin Guangshan. Before Jin Guangyao is taken in by the Lanling Jin Clan in Episode 23, Jin Guangyao lives with the Qinghe Nie Clan and is known as Meng Yao. We will use Jin Guangyao throughout the recap just to avoid confusion. And for now, we will simply describe Jin Guangyao as a well-spoken, intelligent character. The character is actually a lot more complicated than that as the story develops.

Favourite / Notable Moments in Pictures

The Untamed Episode 2

EPISODE 2: Lan Wangji seems to recognise Wei Wuxian despite being behind a mask and assuming the identity of Mo Xuanyu.

The Untamed Episode 3
The Untamed Episode 3

EPISODE 3: Lan Wangji is highly regarded as a skilled swordsmanship, but he’s unable to land an attack on Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji has met his match, to the point of showing caution and creating distance when Wei Wuxian approaches him later. This distance doesn’t look like it’s solely related to Wei Wuxian being his match in swordsmanship.

The Untamed Episode 4
The Untamed Episode 4

EPISODE 4: While everyone just gossips about Jin Guangyao and pass him by without showing any respect, Lan Xichen stops and gives him the respect he desires so much.

The Untamed Episode 4
The Untamed Episode 4

EPISODE 4: Wen Chao from the powerful Qishan Wen Clan is your typical bad guy. He shows up at the gates of Yunshen Buzhichu without an invitation and forces his way through. Behind him is Wen Qing and Wen Ning are from the same clan but their temperament is complete opposite as Wen Chao’s use of his powers has Wen Qing shocked with worry.

The Untamed Episode 4
The Untamed Episode 4
The Untamed Episode 4
The Untamed Episode 4

EPISODE 4: Wei Wuxian makes friends easily at the Gusu Lan Clan lectures, first with Qinghe Nie Clan’s Nie Huaisang then Qishan Wen Clan’s Wen Ning. Not with Lan Wangji, though. At this point, Wei Wuxian just annoys Lan Wangji.

The Untamed Episode 5
The Untamed Episode 5

EPISODE 5: Wei Wuxian naughtily changes Lan Wangji’s Classic Changes book to an unwholesome book called Genuine Beauties causing Lan Wangji to go wide eyed before tearing the book into shreds and kicking Wei Wuxian out. Only Wei Wuxian would be so bold and daring with such a respected cultivator such as Lan Wangji!

The Untamed Episode 5

EPISODE 5: On Lake Biling on a hunt for the evil water spirits, Wei Wuxian discovers the water spirit before everyone else does simply by looking at the displacement of water around the boat which appeared to carry two people when only one person was on the boat, leading him to realise the water spirit was right under them.

The Untamed Episode 6

EPISODE 6: Lan Wangji’s alcohol tolerance is low. One small cup and he’s out like a light (to Wei Wuxian’s shock).

The Untamed Episode 6
The Untamed Episode 6
The Untamed Episode 6
The Untamed Episode 6

EPISODE 6: Lan Wangji takes off his forehead band to wrap around Wei Wuxian’s wrist and his own to stop the Chord Assassination attack from attacking Wei Wuxian.

The Untamed Episode 6
The Untamed Episode 6

EPISODE 6: A bit of a moment between Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan when Jiang Yanli slips off rock and Jin Zixuan happens to be there to catch her. Jiang Yanli seem to like Jin Zixuan. Jin Zixuan, it’s a bit of a mixed at the moment with how he won’t yield to letting her clan stay at the inn back in Episode 3, but here, he’s saving her and even tells her a nice soft “be careful” before heading off.

The Untamed Episode 6

EPISODE 6: Lan Yi, Gusu Lan Clan’s first female clan leader and the person responsible for unsealing the spirit-absorbing Yin Metal. She is hinted to be very much a counterpart of Wei Wuxian’s as someone who is smart and talented. She is the creator of the Xian Sha Technique. They both consider paths which most never think to attempt, e.g. attempting to control and make use of resentment energy / the Yin Metal as a solution. They appear confident in their abilities and their powers.

The Untamed Episode 7
The Untamed Episode 7
The Untamed Episode 7
The Untamed Episode 7

EPISODE 7: The resurfacing of one of the Yin Metal has caused the other pieces to stir, including the one such as the one Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji happened to discover in the Cold Pool Cave located at Yunshen Buchizhu. It’s got Wen Clan’s owl spying. Even with an energy barrier up to keep the discovery of the Yin Metal piece from travelling back to the Qishan Wen Clan, Wen Ruohan already know about the Gusu Lan Clan being in possession of one of the four pieces.

The Untamed Episode 7

EPISODE 7: Xue Yang gets his wish of being sent to Yueyang to the Chang Manor to locate the last piece of the Yin Metal (to Wen Chao’s displeasure).

The Untamed Episode 7
The Untamed Episode 7

EPISODE 7: Jin Zixuan seem to be getting along well with Jiang Yanli as they work together to make lanterns to let off, but talk about their engagement ends up annoying Jin Zixuan, causing him to say some horrible words about Jiang Yanli and a fight to erupt between Wei Wuxian.

The Untamed Episode 7
The Untamed Episode 7

EPISODE 7: The disciples let off lanterns into the sky and make their wishes. Nie Huaisang wishes to successfully complete his education and not have to return next year. Wen Qing wishes Heaven to bless her little brother Wen Ning, for him to be safe and free of worries in his lifetime and be free from disasters. Wei Wuxian wishes to eliminate evil and protect the weak and to always maintaining a good conscience.

The Untamed Episode 7
The Untamed Episode 7

EPISODE 7: Wei Wuxian really loves his Shi Jie, Jiang Yanli. He’s particularly protective of her and worries over her a lot. He tries to cheer her up with his paper counterpart, afraid to see her face to face after being partly responsible for the broken engagement between Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli.

The Untamed Episode 8
The Untamed Episode 8

EPISODE 8: The Dancing Goddess seems only interested in Lan Wangji during her sudden awakening, needing Wei Wuxian to use his talismans to keep her at bay before both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji manage to return her to her statue form with their incantations.

The Untamed Episode 8
The Untamed Episode 8

EPISODE 8: Wei Wuxian is not impressed. Despite the success in sealing the Dancing Goddess being the efforts of both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s—in fact, Wei Wuxian actually looked to have done more with holding the Dancing Goddess back during the whole attack than Lan Wangji, but Nie Huaisang (who has a man-crush on the Hanguang-zun) turns only towards Lan Wangji to acknowledge his efforts.

The Untamed Episode 9
The Untamed Episode 9

EPISODE 9: Wei Wuxian outsmarts Wen Chao’s owl, luring it to him as he pretends to be defeated the chain that was chasing after him. Once near, Wei Wuxian grabs it by its neck to hold it tight till Lan Wangji comes just in time to release Wei Wuxian from the bound of the chain, allowing Wei Wuxian to kill the owl that had turned Wen Qing’s clansmen into ghost puppets.

The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10

EPISODE 10: Wei Wuxian uses his No Clothes/Bosom Friends incantation to help Xiao Xingchen rein in Xue Yang with Song Lan coming in to finally capture Xue Yang.

The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10

EPISODE 10: Wei Wuxian is second to none when it comes to not feeling any shame. It allows him to frisk search Xue Yang for the fourth Yin Tiger piece without worrying about his image.

The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10

EPISODE 10: Xue Yang is brought to Qinghe Nie Clan’s Bujingshi to be held in a dungeon and interrogated about the whereabouts of the last Yin Metal. Jin Guangyao seeks assistance from the Nie Clan Commander with request for some guards and is completely disrespected with a muttering of a label Jin Guangyao hates, “Concubine’s son”, instead of being addressed by his title of Vice Envoy.

The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10
The Untamed Episode 10

EPISODE 10: Jin Guangyao kills the Qinghe Nie Clan Commander during Wen Chao’s invasion of the Qinghe Nie Clan, but he claims Xue Yang’s the one who killed him and the others.

That’s it for The Untamed (2019) Series Recap, Episodes 1 – 10. Be sure to check back for The Untamed (2019) Series Recap, Episodes 11 – 20!



  1. Hmm i still confused, where did xue yang get the yin metal for wen in ep 3?

    1. @Meizhen Lu We don’t think The Untamed specifically mentioned how Xue Yang came into possession of the Yin Metal piece that was given to Wen Ruohan in Episode 3. Wei Wuxian had casually speculated maybe Xue Yang is related to Xue Zhonghai simply based on the fact that Xue Zhonghai and Xue Yang had the same surname. Not too sure if this was some kind of hint, but Xue Yang does seem to have quite a lot of knowledge about the pieces and their location. Not one of the clans knew about the existence of the fifth Yin Metal piece that was in the Yin Metal Sword Wei Wuxian happened to find inside the Black Tortoise of Slaughter. They only believed there were four pieces. Somehow, though, Xue Yang knew about the Yin Metal Sword and had hidden this fact from everyone. Maybe there’s a connection there?

    2. Hey thank you alot for replying my comment. I’m so glad to able find someone to discuss or talk about this drama. Haha!

      How about the 4th part of the yin metal? Did they found it at the end? Cos I actually completed the drama but for some reasons I am starting to confuse some parts because it wasn’t specifically explained.

      Also, do you recall there is a scene whereby Wei wuxian and Lan wanji make lantern and wish together. I saw wei wuxian speak out his wish verbally to carry justice without regret. But i don’t see Lan wanji say out his wish verbally before. Wanji only stare wuxian in shock. However, some youtube cut scene i found mentioned that Lan wanji actually make the same wish as wei wuxian. Do you remember seeing this part of Wanji says out his wish?

    3. @Meizhen Lu We love The Untamed! We could discuss it for ages, so we’re happy to talk and discuss : oD : oD! The Fourth Yin Metal was in Xue Yang’s possession. He had it since before the time he went to Buyetian to present Wen Ruohan with the First Yin Metal. Xue Yang revealed this fact to Wei Wuxian when they were in Yi City in Episode 37. Where Xue Yang hid it, Xue Yang doesn’t say. It’s how the second Yin Tiger Seal came about. Together with this Fourth Yin Metal and the destroyed pieces of the original Yin Tiger Seal created by Wei Wuxian, Xue Yang was able to create a second Yin Tiger Seal, but only half a piece, making it not as powerful as Wei Wuxian’s.

      With the scene where Lan Wangji speaks his wish during the lantern ceremony, we think you might be looking for the scene near the end of Episode 50, right after when Wei Wuxian learns Lan Wangji had taken the Chief Cultivator position and won’t be carrying on the journey with Wei Wuxian. We don’t see an actual flashback of Lan Wangji saying the wish, but we hear Lan Wangji tell Wei Wuxian the wish in a voiceover when Wei Wuxian admitted he was surprised to hear Lan Wangji was taking up the Chief Cultivator position. Hearing Wei Wuxian express his surprise, Lan Wangji goes on to explain and reveal that his wish he made back then was the same as Wei Wuxian’s. Is this what was in the YouTube cut scene?

  2. OMG you are so right on the ep 50. Yes yes that is the same voiceover of Lan Wanji wish i heard!

    Gosh you remember so clearly! How many times did you guys rewatch. I am going to re-watch that ep 37 again. This xue yang has v impressive badass acting especially when he said finger belonged to his and life belonged to others, so 50 ppl’s lives are nothing compared to his broken fingers. The expression quite priceless! But also cos of the voice actor behind scene did a very good job.

    I actually very impressed with the untamed because they used alot of “newbie” actors but somehow they blend in the characters very well. Although my main focus is Yibo and XiaoZhan which i think they are such pretty boy yet charming in historical outfit. Argh i even went to watch their behind the scenes on youtube. The soundtracks they sang so nice. Oh no i cannot seem to move on after the untamed.

  3. Weird my comment seems didnt post through. Yes yes! That is the voiceover that i heard on Lan Zhan’s wish.

    OMG, you girls are so detailed and good memory. How many times did you all rewatch? I like xue yang’s badass acting especially the part whereby he said 50 peoples lives are nothing compared to his broken pinky finger. His expression damn on the point. And the voice actor did a good job in bringing that effect.

    I shall go rewatch the ep 37 again. Cos i think i cannot remember that part on xue yang forging the yin tiger seal. Btw, i am a little disappointed with the ending because i hoping to see Lan Zhan in person rather than his voice called Wei Ying. But still glad they are together in the end.

    1. @Meizhen Lu We watched The Untamed twice! First time right through. Second time when we decided to do a full series recap. : oD : oD. Xue Yang is pretty cool. We see Xue Yang as Wei Wuxian’s alternative self. He’s like the baddie version of Wei Wuxian : oD : oD. But yeah, because of one pinky finger, he goes on a killing spree! You definitely don’t want to cross Xue Yang! Haha!

      We were definitely sad we didn’t get to see the other side of the shot. There needs to be an epilogue or something to reveal if Lan Wangji is on the other side of the shot. It better be Lan Wangji! Haha.

      We were also quite sad that Wei Wuxian lost so much of his cultivating abilities in the end. He had his flute Chenqing with him, but he buried the Yin Tiger Seal with Nie Mingjue so Baxia (Nie Mingjue’s blade) could feed off it and the blade spirit doesn’t become so restless it starts causing havoc in the world (at least that what we believe the purpose was for burying the Yin Tiger Seal with Nie Mingjue).

      The Untamed’s really hard to get over, right?! We feel the same! There’s just so much to love—the story, the characters, the cast, the behind the scenes. We love the behind the scenes! Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are sooooo entertaining! Both Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are also very cool on their own: Xiao Zhan’s magnetic charm and his awesome singing voice, and the cool aura and sharp dance moves of Wang Yibo, they sometimes steal quite a bit of our spare time! : oD : oD.

      Oh, P.S. both of your comments did actually go through, but they appeared in the moderating queue for some reason. That’s why it looked like it didn’t go through. Not sure why. Possibly it caught onto a word or part of a word in the filters and sent it there. We had to manually publish the comments!

  4. Actually I got concerned with the golden core, even though Wei Wu Xian resurrect into Mo Xuan Yu body. Technically speaking, I don’t think he can still pull out his sword suibian though. Because i remember the show mention that the sword can identify owner based on the golden core. That’s why I feel a little weird that wu xian can open the sword in xuan yu body.

    The Yin metal also another concern. I remember from the start Lan Yi mentioned Yin metal cannot be destroyed but only able to suppress at the cold spring cave. So when in the show they mentioned Yin metal destroyed it make me doubtful again haha.

    Did you watch the animation version at WETV? Pretty good too though I still prefer live action.

    1. @Meizhen Lu About Wei Wuxian being in Mo Xuanyu’s body, at first we thought that this is what we’re meant to think, but if that was the case, Wei Wuxian wouldn’t need a mask to hide his face. There were also many instances where people instantly recognised Wei Wuxian when he was without a mask, like when Jiang Cheng had him remove it, when he was made to remove at Jinling Tai and when he was on his way to Yiling Burial Mounds and bumped into Miao Miao. Jin Guangyao also said something about the Sacrificing Curse/Incantation using one’s entire spiritual consciousness (as opposed to the body) to heal a very injured person. So, all this makes us believe Wei Wuxian is in his own body.

      It does seem like there’s a bit of a loophole in how Wei Wuxian can unsheathe Suibian without his jindan. But we suppose in a fantasy drama, you can always somehow reason it : o) : o). Like, maybe Wei Wuxian still has enough of his own spiritual consciousness for Suibian to recognise Wei Wuxian and allow him to unsheathe it, but not enough for Zidian to verify Wei Wuxian’s identity? Maybe?

      As for the ability to destroy the Yin Metal, for us, this is easier to reason. Lan Yi and all great cultivators in the past couldn’t control it. Xue Zhonghai became demonic and appeared to have been controlled by the Yin Metal. Lan Yi tried but could only suppress it with all her spiritual consciousness. Wei Wuxian, though, he actually had control of the Yin Metal to the point of even creating the Yin Tiger Seal. So, we can accept Wei Wuxian having the ability to destroy the Yin Metal/Yin Tiger Seal, too. Wei Wuxian is someone who can achieve the impossible after all! : oP : oP

      We’ve yet to watch the animated version of The Untamed. We watched maybe 15 minutes of the first episode when it was live-streamed on YouTube, but haven’t gone back to watch the animated version. Maybe one day we’ll give it a go!

  5. As a drama addict, I would like to recommend you a few nice dramas which I love a lot beside The Untamed.

    Love and Redemption 琉璃
    Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜
    Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花
    The Legends 招摇

    Hope you watched them before or give it a try! Do you girls have any nice other dramas to recommend?

    1. @Meizhen Lu We’ve actually watched all the ones you mentioned except Love and Redemption! We think we might have seen Love and Redemption pop up in our YouTube feed. We will search it up. As for our recommendation, we really like 锦衣之下 (Under the Power), 幻城 (Ice Fantasy) and 传闻中的陈芊芊 (The Romance of Tiger and Rose) as far as Chinese dramas goes. We’re currently watching Korean drama Penthouse Season 1 – not sure we can say we love it, but we’re still watching! Haha.

  6. Love and redemption is a must watch. The male lead so handsome oops. I watched 传闻中的陈芊芊 before and I like it. Zhao lu si and the male lead is such a cute CP. The 锦衣之下 and 幻城 I have not watched it but I will do so since is recommended by you girls! I trust your selection. I am currently watching 有翡 though just start EP 1 but I want to see Yibo. And probably will watch 斗罗大陆 next to see Xiao Zhan. Muahaha #Fangirl

    I recently finished 2 Korean dramas which I really really like and highly recommend is The Uncanny Counter and Mr Queen. I was told by my friend that the Start-up is good. So probably I will catch that after I finished the Chinese dramas.

    1. @Meizhen Lu We haven’t gotten to Douluo Continent yet. We intend to watch everything Xiao Zhan is in, though. So far, we’ve watched Joy of Life, Oh! My Emperor, The Wolf and of course The Untamed! We really love Xiao Zhan as Yan Bingyun. Even though Yan Bingyun only appears in the very, very late parts of Joy of Life, his character’s entrance made the drama a lot more interesting. That last scene between Yan Bingyun and Fan Xian (male lead character) had us wishing there was a second season. Xiao Zhan’s role in The Wolf—Ji Chong—is pretty awesome, too! If you haven’t watched The Wolf, this is a Xiao Zhan drama we recommend.

      We totally forgot about Mr Queen! Yes! We love Mr Queen! Such an awesome drama. Love the leads and the soundtrack Here I Am. And, yes, we definitely recommend giving 锦衣之下 (Under the Power) and 幻城 (Ice Fantasy) a watch! You might need to look past the CGI for Ice Fantasy – it’s not the best, but we don’t find it distracting.

  7. I started notice Xiao Zhan from Oh! My Emperor and I was secretly hoping he and Zhao Lu Si together instead of Jason Khoo in that drama. But comparing his look, somehow the untamed really make him look exceptionally handsome especially when he blow the flute with his slightly demonic red under eyeshadow. You girls are leaning toward Xiao Zhan as compared to Yibo! Now i watch legend of fei, i feel Yibo look much handsome in the untamed cos of the pure white clean gentleman look even though he real life quite hip hop cool cool style. Oh man, i still not yet moving on from the untamed! HELP~

    1. @Meizhen Lu Yeah, we like the Wei Wuxian character in The Untamed quite a lot. The character got us looking at Xiao Zhan’s other works. The more we saw, the more we liked! : o) : o) Discovering that Xiao Zhan sings super well, that he’s quite modest, down to earth and very courteous, too, we can’t help but follow all of Xiao Zhan’s projects : oP : oP. It’s really great to see this kind of star rise to the top. There should be more famous people like Xiao Zhan in the world!

      We intend to watch Legends of Fei – 有翡, too, though! We just haven’t gotten there, yet. Although, with Wang Yibo, we’ve been more interested in watching him in reality shows like Produce 101 China and clips of him dancing. Wang Yibo is too cool when he dances sometimes—no, all the time! Just so awesome! : oD : oD.

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