Virtual Piano Sheet Music: Meet – ISWAK OST

Virtual Piano Sheet Music: Meet by Fang Ya Xian

We were browsing around for a real piano and came across this site which had a virtual piano online where you can use your computer keyboard to play piano music! We found it so fascinating we spent a lot of time playing all the songs on it. It’s a shame they didn’t have the transcriptions for some of our favourite music from asian dramas. This got us thinking, we could transcribe our own using the piano sheet music we have collected for dramas!

This is Meet by Fang Ya Xian from the Taiwanese drama, It Started with a Kiss. This one uses the shift key a lot and can be a challenge to play because of it. But, it’s quite a pretty song! Give it a go!

If playing on a Mac system, best played on the Google Chrome browser. Sound seems to lag on the Safari browser.


g S O D T S – g T – – – T – Q – [JWT] H S g i O D H i – O – [si] – [SW] –
g D [SQ] – [IT] S O g T – – – T – – – [JWT] H g S O D – H i – – – – – – –
[Q$*] S S S [ST] P S P [ST] g g – T D – [SW] [DT*] D D D [DT] g D [O*]
T – W – T – * –
[T$] S S [SQ] [SET] P [S*] [PQ] [S$I] H – [HQ] –
[ET] g D [S$] [D!*] D D S [WDT] H – g [WT] – – – [WT] – % ^
[r7] D D D [DY] – – S [DY] D S g Q D g D
[ET^] P S P [SET] P S g [ET] – [S^] – [ET] – % ^
r D D D [DYI] D( D[DYI] g – [DQ] [YI] g D S
[D%] D D D [DQT] S [DE] [HQ] % [DW] – Q [DY] – W % !
S [S%] [S*] – [HT] [HY] [HW] [D$H] [DQ] [DW] [SQ] *
g [DQ] [SW] [D%O] [DQ] [DW] [DQ] [DW] g [G(] g i % [WTI] i – [QWY] – 8
[T^] S [SE] [ST] S [ST] [ST] g 5 [S(] w [PE] – g [S(] [*P]
[S$I] [SQ] [SW] [SQ] S [ST] [SE] [SQH] – g Q [tg] – [D(O] W % !
[S*] [S(] [S*] – [HT] [HY] [HW] [DH$] [DQ] [DW] [SQ] *
g [DQ] [SW] [D%O] [DQ] [DW] [DQ] [DW] g [G(] g i % [WIT] i – [QWY] ( [WT]
^ S [SE] [ST] S [SJ] T [ql] 5 [SJ] D [SE] –
[PE] [S(] [D*] g [SQ] W [SQ] – T W Q S – H % Q S D Y D [SO]
! * ( q W T Y i O – – – – – – –


How to Play
Have our blog on one side of the screen and load the piano on virtualpiano.net on the other side.
Below is how you read the transcription:

a s d fPlay each note after a short pause
asdfPlay notes one after the other
[a s d f]Play the sequence at fast speed
[asdf]Play notes together simultaneously
as | dfPlay notes after a long pause
[as] [df]Play notes together
1 beat pause

The ‘-‘ is a notation we’ve added and is not a standard notation which virtualpiano.net uses. We thought having the ‘-‘ is easier to read and tell how long the pause is than just the ‘|’ which they use for a long pause.




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