“Are you going to let this go on?” Dean says to Qi Yi. We didn’t realise a plan was in action or that it was the one they had been secretly talking about; but one appears to be taking place. And seemingly, Ding Jia Yu springing her selfless past act on them had temporarily thrown that plan into disarray, causing all the events and conflicted feelings to happen in this episode.

The plan seems to be to find out Ding Jia Yu‘s intentions and reasons for appearing again. We are curious about a lot of things concerning Ding Jia Yu: why does she want Qi Yi so badly? Who is Jerry to Ding Jia Yu? What is the real reason to why Ding Jia Yu left Qi Yi three years ago? What about Qi Yi‘s mother and Ding Jia Yu‘s relationship?—where does this fits in, if it does?

Qi Yi was particularly affectionate towards Chen Liang Liang in this episode, but Chen Liang Liang always held herself back whenever Qi Yi wanted to be close to her. She pulled herself out when Qi Yi hugged her and she turned away or went to do something else when he tried to kiss her on two occasions because Ding Jia Yu‘s words would go around in her head every time he tried to.

It feels like Qi Yi is two-timing. He doesn’t say he is going back to Ding Jia Yu, but he doesn’t say he isn’t either. And Chen Liang Liang, he won’t say he likes her. It’s not right! Qi Yi! SAY IT!

We are truly loving Chen Liang Liang‘s character! She is strong and selfless. After Qi Yi had a disappointing meeting with his mother, Chen Liang Liang wanted to provide another opportunity for him to have the mother-son relationship he desperately wants, so she wakes up early, takes leave and comes home late; she runs around trying to find someone who would have Qi Yi‘s mother’s number. Even when Qi Yi has hurt her, she still supports him emotionally and wants to help him so that he would smile. She doesn’t sulk, isn’t unresponsive, play the victim or makes sure the one who hurt her knows she’s hurt; she just carries on and continues to help Qi Yi. It’s no wonder she has two cool guys going after her! : oP : oP.



  1. Ugh. I am still trying to work my way through this show, but I absolutely do not believe that Ding Jia Yu left just to help Qi Yi…I think she is a manipulative, self-serving b. Honestly I hate when the female lead is this useless, worthless and just nasty. I cannot even muster up an ounce of sympathy for her based on the nasty tricks and manipulations she has pulled already. It irks me how Liang Liang refuses to stand up to her too. A few episodes ago I was watching and had this horrible feeling that Liang Liang would end up yielding to Ding Jia Yu and give up on her love with Qi Yi and that seems like where this is headed. I get that she is super nice and what not, but there is such a thing as being too nice especially in the face of a person who has been so blatently nasty to her.

    1. @Moriaelini Yeah totally felt the same as you when watching this drama! Ding Jia Yu is annoying! It didn’t help with Qi Yi’s wishy-washiness, either. It’s understandable he was not able to choose either one, but Qi Yi added to the frustrations!

      With Chen Liang Liang, we actually waiting for her to just give up on Qi Yi cause he was being a meanie for standing still in between, not choosing. So, we didn’t mind if Chen Liang Liang gave up. We wanted Chen Liang Liang to give up so we could see Qi Yi’s next move.

  2. Oops, I meant female second lead is useless, worthless and just nasty…

    1. @Moriaelini Yeah, Ding Jia Yu was a lot nasty!

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