Have you seen any ice-cream-on-a-stick get its own individual box as packaging? Not only is it housed in a box, it has a matting! A matting, for an ice block! If you’re wondering if the ice block tastes as good as the packaging looks, we can report that it does! It’s made of creamy chocolate ice cream, gooey chocolate sauce, brownie bits, and Belgium White Chocolate pieces, all encased in a Belgium Dark Chocolate shell. It’s smooth and it’s not overly sweet. This is just luxury.

You’re paying for luxury, too. This ice cream which is roughly 4 cm wide, 10 cm long, and 3 cm deep (so probably not much bigger than the old Sony Ericsson T610 cellphone) costs roughly NZ$2 each (and that’s because it was on sale! And we bought it as a packet of three. We’d imagine once the sale expires, you’d add a good 50c – 70c each to the price of each ice cream). We’re not sure if all this luxury is worth the hefty price, but we sure love its packaging. It’s just so beautiful!




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