Pictures from the secret captures of Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou’s encounter last night have circulated and are the latest hot topic of conversation amongst Si Ping High School students. This begins Han Jie’s search for the culprit which leads to a trip out to the mountains to gather ingredients to prepare for the international inter-school cooking competitions.

Recap and Thoughts

We see students heading to Si Ping High School and students already at the school. All of them are viewing and gossiping about the scandalous photos of Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou on their phones. Fang Xiao Rou is seen making her way into the school. She is unaware that she has become the subject of gossip at school, cheerfully returning all the greetings she receives from the students and completely unaware of the slurry of gossipy looks going her way. Jiang Pei Ying is seen running up a flight of stairs below, calling to Fang Xiao Rou on an upper level. Jiang Pei Ying has come to clue her in. "Do you know you’re in trouble?"

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We move to the principal’s office where Fang Xiao Rou is seen trying desperately to explain the scandalous pictures to the principal standing before her as her colleagues stand behind listening. Han Jie, he’s standing some distance outside of the main group, facing away, relaxed and scrolling through the scandalous photos on a tablet, looking rather amused by them.

"Principal, you have to believe me. There’s nothing going on between Teacher Han and me," Fang Xiao Rou says. "I did have a bit to drink yesterday. When I got up this morning, I woke up in my room."

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Han Jie—who had graced his presence with joining the group only several moments ago—is unimpressed with Fang Xiao Rou’s efforts in explaining: "What you have just said is the same as not having explained at all." Fang Xiao Rou looks at him confused. He makes a gesture pressing her on to explain further. But still, she’s not catching onto his meaning. It takes her a bit longer before finally clicking onto the reason why Han Jie was pressing her on to continue: leaving her explanation where she had left it was leaving room for her colleagues to believe they could have possibly spent the night together in her room. "I swear I was the only one in the room!" Fang Xiao Rou then winds up her explanation with saying that she hasn’t got any idea to what is displayed in the pictures. All she knows is that the framing in the pictures misconstrues the events that truly took place.

Watching this scene of Fang Xiao Rou trying desperately to convince the principal and her colleagues, we did think how funny it was to find Fang Xiao Rou being the only one the principal looked to for an explanation. Han Jie, he’s the other person in these scandalous pictures; he should be standing right next to Fang Xiao Rou getting the exact same treatment as she has been getting so far. But, Han Jie, he was left alone and even looked to be part of the group of teachers looking onto the troublemaker.

Not for long, though. It’s now time for Han Jie to be under the spotlight. He won’t be able to escape punishment, especially where Su Ying Jun is concerned. Su Ying Jun steps forward and highlights that though the photo has misconstrued the situation, it has already circulated around the Internet. Though he believes Fang Xiao Rou is innocent, someone will need to take responsibility in order to maintain the school’s reputation. This fact has the principal and the teachers in agreement. He walks to stand before Han Jie: "I’m sorry, Teacher Han. We’re going to have to sacrifice you." Han Jie, he’s… not shocked or concerned. He’s only got a hollow expression of surprise that looked more amused than anything.

Throughout this entire time, Han Jie has actually been looking awfully blasé and looking to be relaxed about a matter that everyone is being so serious and concerned about. Maybe it’s because he knows his father—the principal—won’t take disciplinary actions on him knowing that his father needs his help with the international inter-school cooking competition—because sure enough, his father comes to Han Jie’s rescue: "But I trust Teacher Han," his father immediately responds to Su Ying Jun’s decision. Su Ying Jun is surprised to the level of trust his superior has in a new teacher such as Han Jie. But, trusting fully in his superior, Su Ying Jun stands down on his decision without much objection.

Or, maybe the reason why Han Jie isn’t at all concerned about the scandalous pictures negatively impacting on the school’s reputation is because he’s got a way to resolve all of this without needing to do a thing. After Jiang Pei Ying discusses the need to find the culprit and suggests Fang Xiao Rou be willing to stand before the teachers and students to clarify the matter, and Fang Xiao Rou turns to Han Jie to make a start in doing so, Han Jie stops things in mid-track. "What is there to explain?" he asks Fang Xiao Rou. "Are there any school regulations that forbid teachers dating?" Han Jie turns to the principal. "Are there?" The principal delightfully answers—"Actually, there isn’t."

Han Jie: you’ve studied the school’s regulations well! This way, the scandal is resolved without needing to sacrifice anyone and Si Ping’s reputation remains in tact! Gold stars!

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But not clarifying the situation with everyone, Han Jie’s single status is sacrificed. However, Han Jie doesn’t seem to be at all concerned about his single status disappearing. After Han Jie shoves away Fang Xiao Rou’s nerdy admirer, Teacher Li Zhi Chao (Calvin Lee), acting macho and slapping his suspenders against his raised chest, Han Jie takes Fang Xiao Rou around her neck with an arm and drags her towards the exit. He stands before the people in the room with Fang Xiao Rou at his side. "We’ll be leaving now…" He turns to Fang Xiao Rou, "Darling."

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We now see that Han Jie is not only blasé, but he’s also rather playful. We see more of his playfulness in the coming scene where Fang Xiao Rou and Wen Zhen Yu is at an exterior walkway of the school talking to each other and Han Jie invites himself into their two-person conversation: Fang Xiao Rou had asked Wen Zhen Yu if he really believed her about what she had told about the scandal. Wen Zhen Yu responds affirmatively to it, telling her that she is a person who has everything in her heart written on her face. Han Jie, an outsider to the conversation, finds amusement in Wen Zhen Yu’s view of Fang Xiao Rou. From his position outside the two-person circle, he asks—"Is it?" When they hear him, he enters into the group and faces Wen Zhen Yu. "With women, you seem to think too simply, Teacher Wen. Women are those who are most skilled in saying one thing, but mean another." He turns to Fang Xiao Rou. "Right, Darling?"

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Either it’s really just Han Jie being someone who absolutely needs to input his opinions into conversations about things that he feels needs correcting or it’s really that he loves to tease Fang Xiao Rou—because, after Fang Xiao Rou pulls him to one side asking what he was doing, he continues with his teases: "He said that your secrets are written all over your face. Is that true? Are they written all over your face? Let me have a look. Are they there?" Han Jie continues playing even when Fang Xiao Rou shushes him and gestures him to zip it up—"You haven’t told him yet?!"

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

Han Jie’s teasing only stops when, supporting a well-mannered smile after displaying concern upon seeing a defenseless Fang Xiao Rou being teased by a persistent Han Jie, Wen Zhen Yu enters between the two. "Xiao Rou, I’m heading back to the office now. Shall we head back together?" Fang Xiao Rou happily agrees to it.

Of course Fang Xiao Rou would want to: it’s more alone time with Senior (Fang Xiao Rou addresses Wen Zhen Yu with Senior), but more importantly, she can get away from a frustrating Han Jie who doesn’t know how to zip it. Han Jie’s expression towards this was rather confusing for us. The amused smile that was still present straightened a little and thoughts appeared to be running through his mind: is that disappointment that his game ended too early?—or, is it that he was sad that Fang Xiao Rou had chosen to leave him and was no longer playing with him?

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

We’d like to believe it’s the latter because, with Fang Xiao Rou having not walked even a metre away from him, Han Jie runs to catch up. He then places Fang Xiao Rou in a light headlock. He excuses himself from Wen Zhen Yu and tells him that he needs to discuss something with Fang Xiao Rou. This ‘something’ was to discuss a way to catch the culprit who took the scandalous pictures of them, but this wasn’t told to Wen Zhen Yu. Rather, Han Jie whispers this into Fang Xiao Rou’s ear and it was said as a rhetorical question. When Fang Xiao Rou became indecisive, Han Jie releases her and heads to Wen Zhen Yu where he begins to hint Fang Xiao Rou’s secret feelings towards him as a means to force Fang Xiao Rou to choose to leave with him. Han Jie wins this one as Fang Xiao Rou stops Han Jie from fully revealing her feelings to Wen Zhen Yu. She then says a quick goodbye to Wen Zhen Yu before leaving with Han Jie.

It’s still hard to tell whether Han Jie is simply finding it fun to tease Fang Xiao Rou or whether it’s Han Jie already showing signs of unconsciously liking her at this early stage. Saying that though, in the scene following, we see them end up at a place like the gymnasium foyer. Han Jie had led her there. The gymnasium foyer is a very unusual place to have a discussion about finding a way to catch the culprit, we have to say. So, we have to lean towards Han Jie showing signs of liking Fang Xiao Rou. If not—then at the very least he’s affected by Fang Xiao Rou.

Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou heading into the gymnasium foyer actually has Han Jie chancing upon an opportunity to catch the culprit, though. Whilst Fang Xiao Rou beats Han Jie at his arm for the game he played on her, Han Jie suddenly spots someone in the room in the corner of his eyes. Han Jie quickly takes hold of Fang Xiao Rou in his arms, lifting her entire body off the ground and carries her into the gym equipment room.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

"What are you doing? Why did you bring me here?" Fang Xiao Rou exclaims after Han Jie releases his hold on her. He’s not answering. His full attention is elsewhere, listening. He notices something. Without much warning, Han Jie drives Fang Xiao Rou further into the gym equipment room, slamming her against a storage frame of stacked boxes, gaining him a streak from Fang Xiao Rou for the sudden action and a wince from her for the sudden contact with the objects that he drove her into. "The culprit has appeared," Han Jie explains. Fang Xiao Rou comes back from her shock and asks if the culprit is really here and if they’re here to take more photos. The culprit may wish to do so since the last attempt hadn’t delivered satisfactory results, Han Jie explains. Han Jie suggests for them to continue pretending to date. She was not going with that idea! She makes a move to get out from Han Jie’s entrapment. However, Han Jie has no desires to let this opportunity go to waste: he slams Fang Xiao Rou back into position. "You don’t have a choice." Indicating to her with one last look that he was going to proceed with his plan, he sacrifices his thumb and puts on a good show for the culprit with a session of (pretend) kissing.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

Han Jie does a good job pretending to kiss. Fang Xiao Rou, however, is (understandably) having trouble looking real as she’s shocked and lost in how to act. Han Jie grabs her hand and slaps it against his lower back. With Fang Xiao Rou now looking the part, Han Jie peers up and into the mirror that’s (conveniently placed) in the room. He tries to see who this culprit is; however, a phone recording them is all he sees. Han Jie waits a moment more before he stops the act to ask the culprit for his identity before immediately leaping off to chase the culprit. It takes Fang Xiao Rou a bit of time to come back from the pretend kiss: she’s a little dazed and has her finger touching her lips. No! She’s dwelled on a useless thought for much too long! She violently shakes the thought off and speeds off to join in on the chase.

To the disappointment of Han Jie, the chase ends in no more than only seeing the back of the culprit. He’s got an idea of who it is, though. And he’s come up with a way to catch the culprit in the act: the computer room. Not only is it possible to trace the IP of the phone of the culprit by matching it up with the upload information of the photo at the computer room, it is also a place where students have easy access to and would be a place the culprit would go to and commit the act, Han Jie explains to Fang Xiao Rou. Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou stand ready outside the computer room, ready to storm into the room. Enter! Disappointment. There was no culprit in sight. They only find Wen Zhen Yu.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

It seems Wen Zhen Yu is too good for Han Jie. Han Jie is simply no match for Wen Zhen Yu. The reason for Wen Zhen Yu being in the computer room is that he is already actioning the idea of tracing the information on the uploaded photos to a phone’s IP. He had moved onto this task after checking the security cameras and having no luck in identifying the culprit that way. With this, Han Jie gets subjected to Fang Xiao Rou’s praises towards Wen Zhen Yu on how logical and reliable he is whilst insinuating the opposite for Han Jie because he had subjected her to becoming part of another scandalous photo with him before coming up with this idea.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

Han Jie isn’t down and out, yet, though. Whilst Fang Xiao Rou parts from Han Jie to join the more logical and reliable Wen Zhen Yu in matching IPs of phones to the upload information of the photos, Han Jie’s nose suddenly gathers a scent in the room. We see him track down this scent to a mouse to a computer couple rows down from where Wen Zhen Yu and Fang Xiao Rou is located. He’s smelling something like basil as we see a basil leaf-like hologram hovering above the computer mouse. A flashback of a scene that featured in Episode 1 shows Han Jie has come across this scent previously: it’s the same one his nose had gathered on a small kitchen knife used by one of his students in a cooking class. Han Jie smirks victoriously. He truly knows the identity of the culprit now.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

We see an active computer screen with the latest scandalous photos still up on display. "Just as I had suspected," Han Jie says aloud. Wen Zhen Yu stands up from his computer, astonished from Han Jie’s sudden and quick find. Fang Xiao Rou immediately runs over to Han Jie’s computer and wonders how he knew it was that specific computer that he was hovering over now that the culprit used. The scent, he says. Wen Zhen Yu doesn’t understand. "I have a way of having the culprit reveal himself," he simply replies.

It’s strange that Han Jie is saying he will have the culprit reveal himself. With the computer being still active and logged on, it makes us wonder if Han Jie couldn’t just simply find the culprit through the login information on the computer. We would think that students would need to log in first before they are able to gain access to the computer. With the computer still active, the identity of the culprit should be right on that computer, right? Hmm…

This culprit, though the identity isn’t revealed to us at this point, from the developments seen in Episode 1, it’s not hard to guess that the culprit is Wang Mai Zhi (Ben Wu). Wang Mai Zhi is a student of Han Jie’s. He’s told to be the son of the parents association chairman, so he’s got a lot of power to challenge people and things without worrying about the consequences. In Episode 1, we saw a scene where Wang Mai Zhi and Han Jie gets into a near car collision. Both were strangers at the time and they confronted each other. Han Jie demanded an apology from Wang Mai Zhi for ordering his driver to do a U-turn on a no U-turn intersection, resulting in the near car collision. Wang Mai Zhi did not back down and was furious Han Jie had the audacity to demand him for an apology. Wang Mai Zhi is the most likely person to want to do something to disgrace Han Jie.

We come to a scene in the classroom. Han Jie speaks to his students about taste and smell being the fundamental requirements for bringing together a successful dish. Wang Mai Zhi, the higher ground that he sees himself to stand on, makes a sound of dislike. If this is the beginnings of the method that Han Jie was speaking of to have the culprit reveal himself, the culprit has just taken the bait.

"Wang Mai Zhi, do you not agree?" Han Jie asks him. It’s a given a chef needs to have a sense of taste and smell, Wang Mai Zhi replies. Wang Mai Zhi then rhetorically asks if it is also necessary to have a keen sense of hearing and touch. Wang Mai Zhi continuing his superior attitude brings Han Jie to challenging Wang Mai Zhi to a smelling contest to see who had the better sense of smell.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

There are six bowls covered with a white cloth with ingredients inside. Each person has three to smell and identify. Before they begin the smelling contest, Han Jie gives the rules of the match: only use the nose; any contact is forbidden. It is this rule of forbidding any contact with the bowls that allows Han Jie to begin having Wang Mai Zhi reveal himself. After the results of the match sees both Han Jie and Wang Mai Zhi successfully guessing correctly the ingredients in each of their three bowls, Han Jie takes hold of Wang Mai Zhi’s hand and smells it. “He’s cheated,” Han Jie tells the class as he smells one of the ingredients on his hand—this ingredient being sweet basil—accusing Wang Mai Zhi of having snuck a look under the cloth and into the bowl to find the ingredient. "What do you mean cheat? This level of yours simply doesn’t require the need to cheat in order to beat you," Wang Mai Zhi responds. Of course Han Jie knows he didn’t cheat because the basil he used in the test is not the same variety of basil on Wang Mai Zhi’s hand. Wang Mai Zhi’s hand has the smell of lemon basil. It’s just his way of coaxing Wang Mai Zhi to reveal himself. Han Jie keeps going, asking questions that would have Wang Mai Zhi reveal himself of having handled lemon basil the previous day and today as well: did you make lemon tart? When did you make lemon tart? Did you also make lemon tart, yesterday? When Wang Mai Zhi gave all the answers Han Jie wanted to hear, he chuckles to himself before he forms a gun-like gesture with his forefinger and thumb and pulls the trigger on him: got him.

Han Jie now just needs to see his reaction when he mentions the computer room to catch him. “I’ve been smelling lemon basil all day. Besides the classroom, where else have you been? The computer room?” The reaction is as expected: Wang Mai Zhi flees from Han Jie when he tries to hold him back from leaving after the class ends. This begins another chase around the school that sees Fang Xiao Rou joining midway and sees her injured and needing medical attention for her bleeding palm.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

The accident occurred in the school training kitchen. Wang Mai Zhi, not giving in and wishing to keep Han Jie from advancing, he threw vegetables at him. Fang Xiao Rou is not the target, but some of the vegetables Han Jie deflects manages to hit her. These are harmless. What causes Fang Xiao Rou’s bleeding palm is the container of knives that Wang Mai Zhi throws at them in a fit of rage. Both Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou manage to avoid the flying weapons, but unfortunately for Fang Xiao Rou, in trying to avoid the flying knives, she stands on an onion on the ground which sees her falling to the ground where a knife on the ground cuts her palm.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

A panicked Han Jie immediately goes to her side. Seeing the bleeding palm, he quickly helps her up and takes her to the nurse’s office. However, Fang Xiao Rou can’t walk. Her ankle is sprained. Not wasting any time, Han Jie throws her arm over his shoulders and carries her to the nurse’s office.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

This scene of Han Jie carrying Fang Xiao Rou in his arms to the nurse’s office was so cool and sweet. It saw Han Jie walking through the classroom corridors with Fang Xiao Rou in his arms. The reactions from the students in the vicinity were shock and surprise as they watch these two people who they had only seen in such display of affection in photos on their phones now displaying it right in front of their eyes. While Fang Xiao Rou is a little self-conscious, Han Jie isn’t noticing the looks coming their way at all. All he cares about is getting Fang Xiao Rou’s bleeding palm treated.

During these sequence of scenes, we realise that Han Jie has extreme sensitivity to injury to the hands and arms. This seems to have risen from the trauma of the cooking accident that was told in Episode 1. During this scene where Han Jie looks upon Fang Xiao Rou’s bleeding palm motionless and unable to react, we again see Han Jie recall his old cooking teacher shielding him from an out-of-control flame at his cooking station whilst he stood terrified.

There were many more scenes prior to this that showed how sensitive Han Jie was towards injury to the hand and arms. Since Episode 1, we have been noticing that even the slightest pressure or knock into Han Jie’s hands, wrist or arms, Han Jie would always go examine or relieve the area that had pressure applied to it or was knocked into. We’re still seeing Han Jie checking the scrape on his elbow that was caused in the previous episode in this episode. Also, if the knock is harsh enough, his expression becomes a degree more serious and he tells the person he’s not appreciating it. This makes us wonder: if we’re seeing how protective and sensitive Han Jie is of his hands and arms, is it foreseeing something that would have Han Jie really injure his hands and arms and cause him to be unable to cook? We don’t wish for this to happen to Han Jie. Cooking is his passion. However, it would definitely take the drama to a more serious direction if this happens. It could bring in some interesting character developments as well as relationship developments, too.

The final section of the episode brings in a field trip to gather ingredients to make dishes for the international inter-school cooking competition. We were told earlier in the episode that the international inter-school cooking competition has been announced and Si Ping High School is one of the schools that has qualified. And presently, one other has qualified: Shi Wen High School—last year’s winner. They are to have a single round to determine the candidate to go through to catering service.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

But this field trip to gather ingredients for the competition becomes a trip of gathering ingredients to make a dish to impress a mushroom farmer that Wang Mai Zhi’s superior attitude offends with his insensitive comment about the farmer’s mushrooms not at all comparable to truffles and not near as expensive. This sees the group go in search of ingredients for this dish to impress the mushroom farmer.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

We move to a white radish farm where yet another problem arises. This time, it isn’t the doing of Wang Mai Zhi’s superior attitude. It’s the owners not looking to sell their white radishes that has them at the stop. However, it is much easier to win over the hearts of these farmers and they are successful in obtaining some white radishes with performing a nice game of ‘Radish Squat’.

Full of joyous spirits after the fun atmosphere of the ‘Radish Squat’ game, Han Jie brings the group to understand the seafood market as well as gather ingredients for his dish. Here, we see a lesson on scaling fish before moving onto seeing Ma Chong Sheng and Wang Mai Zhi demonstrate turning fillets into fish paste and we see the competitiveness that these two have been displaying since the characters were introduced in Episode 1 during these scenes.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

These two are from different social classes. While Wang Mai Zhi is of an affluent background, Ma Chong Sheng is of a poor background. Ma Chong Sheng has been said to be someone who can turn up to school with a uniform that hasn’t been washed for a week. However, where Ma Chong Sheng is inferior in social class, he makes up in cooking skills. Ma Chong Sheng has shown he has decent cooking skills while Wang Mai Zhi is lacking in this area.

They are rivals through in through. But the main area of competition between Ma Chong Sheng and Wang Mai Zhi is love, competing for Liu Xuan’s (Xiao Xuan Su) attention. Liu Xuan has so far been introduced as popular and beautiful. She comes across as sweet, delicate and graceful. It is once again a fight for Liu Xuan when Han Jie assigns assistants to help Wang Mai Zhi and Ma Chong Sheng with their demonstrations. When Han Jie assigns Liu Xuan as Ma Chong Sheng’s assistant, Wang Mai Zhi complains why Amy Fan (Chen Jing Xuan) is his assistant and not Liu Xuan. Another fight for Liu Xuan occurs when each wish Liu Xuan to accept their fish paste.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

Liu Xuan is saved from accepting either dish of fish paste when Fang Xiao Rou takes both their plates of fish paste to mince them more as she tells them they are not minced finely enough. This becomes a scene of Fang Xiao Rou admiring Han Jie: concerned about Fang Xiao Rou’s injured hand, Han Jie stops Fang Xiao Rou from chopping, placing his hand on top of hers. This sees her enter into a dream sequence. In Fang Xiao Rou’s dream sequence, we see her entranced by Han Jie in his white chef’s uniform masterfully slicing fish fillets on a stage where only the two of them are present.

It seems Fang Xiao Rou is a sucker for talented chefs! Well, we do have to say, Han Jie/Lego Li does look really good in that chef’s uniform of his! We love the red-white-blue striped collar that the uniform is decorated with!

The episode ends with a scene at the wharf. It is a relaxed atmosphere. The students can be seen at the wharf’s edge chatting and looking at the sea beyond amongst themselves. Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou are resting on some steps with a can of soda each on their hands. A casual conversation about the success of the day and the challenge given by the mushroom farmer takes place before they are interrupted by a group of female students approaching Han Jie wishing to take pictures with him. Fang Xiao Rou pushes a reluctant Han Jie to go grant their request. With Han Jie busy taking photos with the group of female students, Fang Xiao Rou takes a walk and enjoys the scenery of the sea beyond the wharf.

A man is seen fishing some distance from Fang Xiao Rou. (He’s the same one seen in the opening scene of Episode 1). The man expresses it hasn’t been a good day for fishing then gets up to go for a walk. After the man leaves his fishing spot, the line starts to tug. The man has gone too far to notice his fishing rod slowly leaving the ground. Fang Xiao Rou, however, spots the moving fishing rod. She heads over and begins trying to reel in whatever is hooked. It’s too strong. She lurches forward, almost going overboard and into the water from the strong tugging force. Fang Xiao Rou should have taken this as a warning to let go of the fishing rod. With the sprained ankle that she has, it’s not a good idea to continue contesting with this thing that is obviously too strong for her. However, she doesn’t heed to the warning. Continuing in this attempt to reel it in, it sees her pulled into the water and struggling to keep herself afloat with the sprained ankle.

"Teacher Fang is in the water!" a student exclaims. Han Jie, who is still taking photos with the girls, immediately turns to the call; however, he is slow to process the words and he is seen standing there for some moments. When he finally catches up to the urgency of those words, he runs and takes a layer of his clothing off. He leaps off the wharf and flies into the water. He starts swimming to Fang Xiao Rou who is some metres away. It takes him some time to get to her. Fang Xiao Rou is going under more and more frequently. Han Jie finally reaches Fang Xiao Rou just as she loses strength. When Han Jie has her back on land, she is unconscious and not responding to his calls.

Love Cuisine Ep 2 Screenshot

"Young man, in a situation like this, CPR must be performed right away," advises the man to whom the fishing rod belonged to. "Who will perform it?" he asks around. The words seem to be slowly processing through Han Jie as he doesn’t react. When the man puts his hand up to do it and starts making a move towards Fang Xiao Rou, Han Jie begins heading in…

Oooh, Episode 2 ends here! So mean! But wow, what a great episode for the development of Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou! We’re seeing Fang Xiao Rou is starting to view Han Jie as someone she admires. Han Jie still has some way to go to match up to Wen Zhen Yu, but he’s fast catching up! Han Jie, though, he’s showing signs that he may like Fang Xiao Rou, but it could be just enjoying the game of teasing her. Han Jie seems to be getting into the hearts of his female students! After the heroic saving of Fang Xiao Rou, we’re sure they’ve become his fangirls! Haha. :oD :oD. He was a lot cool in that scene!

In Episode 1, we had said that Fang Xiao Rou was feisty towards Han Jie only, but it seems Fang Xiao Rou’s feistiness is only situational and not part of her core traits. The hate-hate relationship that we thought Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou had is not the type of relationship they have. After seeing Episode 2, Han Jie is a playful and blasé guy who knows how to wind up a rather tolerant and good-natured Fang Xiao Rou.

With the talk of the international inter-school cooking competition, we are starting to wonder what kind of situations will come from it. We hope for a lot of trials and tribulations leading up to the competition and during the competition so that there is a lot of exciting things to look forward to! We love a good cooking battle! :oP :oP.

Han Jie, he’s so awesome! Fang Xiao Rou, so lovable! Cooking theme, tasty! There’s so much we’re looking forward to in Love Cuisine, so we’re definitely excited to get to Episode 3.

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Oh, anyone loving the end credits theme for Love Cuisine (料理高校生)? The song is called, Why Have We Not Fallen in Love by Rosie and Xu Feng (怎么还不爱 by 杨凯琳 & 徐枫 ). We totally love it! It sounds a little between Jordin Sparks & Guy Sebastian’s The Art of Love and Jordin Spark’s Battlefield. It’s available on iTunes and it’s going to be on repeat on our playlist! Anyone else totally loving the end theme song for Love Cuisine?

Listen to the end theme song of Love Cuisine:




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