The K2 Episode 13 Recap

We’re back watching and recapping The K2 after putting it in the back burner for so long! Having left the recap at such a great point we always intended to finish the recap, but never got around to it till now. Episode 12 closed with Choi Yoo Jin deciding to reveal Ko Anna as not her biological daughter but Jang Se Joon’s. Episode 13 continues with public sympathy, support and understanding for Choi Yoo Jin after Jang Se Joon does some damage control at the expense of the late Ume Hye Rin and his relationship with his daughter.

The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot
The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot

At a press conference, Jang Se Joon tries to save his public image and political career by telling a story which portrays Ume Hye Rin as a heartbreaker, a blackmailer who disturbed the happy life he had with Choi Yoo Jin.

Ume Hye Rin and he met in 1993, Jang Se Joon tells to a room of journalists. They’d fallen in love and planned to marry, but separated after he was arrested for secret crimes he was suspected of committing with the KFSC in 1994, and she had gone off to America to film a movie which ended up with her marrying Director Ko Joon Ho. This all happened when he was also running for Office and lost. It broke his heart.

It was Choi Yoo Jin and her touching support that brought him back on his feet. He became an Assemblyman because of her. This statement is a twist on reality. Choi Yoo Jin indeed brought him back on his feet and got him where he is now, but not in a loving, supportive wife to a politician aspiring to be a president kind of way which they try so hard to maintain in public. Park Kwan Soo’s commentary on the television broadcast of the press conference tells us exactly what this touching support means: Choi Yoo Jin helped buy Jang Se Joon a seat in Office.

Jang Se Joon carries on to say how he and Choi Yoo Jin married and how they were happy. That is, until a few years after their marriage when Ume Hye Rin showed up with a young Ko Anna. She came with demands and threats she’d go to the press if he didn’t leave his wife and go with her and their daughter to live in America.

He makes Choi Yoo Jin as an innocent party in his mess. He tells that Choi Yoo Jin had tried her best to accept his past and even tried negotiating with Ume Hye Rin, but multiple threats to commit suicide followed. In the end, to his shock, Ume Hye Rin really took her life.

All that work Choi Sung Won did to try vilify and accuse Choi Yoo Jin of being behind Ume Hye Rin’s death didn’t work.

Ko Anna, who had been watching her dad on TV is seething at what looks to be lies.

Lie he may, there’s still that witness who claimed to have seen Choi Yoo Jin kill her mother. He can set things straight. Or so she thought. It turns out that even the witness she and Choi Sung Won had gone to see in prison and thought would catch Choi Yoo Jin was a part of Choi Yoo Jin’s plan.

The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot
The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot

When Choi Yoo Jin enters the interrogation room with the witness and he’s asked to confirm whether she was the person he saw at Ume Hye Rin’s room that night, the witness denies testifying she was the killer: “That girl (Ko Anna) asked me if this woman, who’d appeared on TV with her, killed her mother so I just said, “Maybe.” That’s all I said.”

Chief Kim had been behind the actioning of this plan. The prisoner was purposefully approached to set up Choi Sung Won and Ko Anna.

All that work Choi Sung Won had done to try corner Choi Yoo Jin amounted to nothing, but an apology from Choi Sung Won for what he had tried to do to his half-sister. It’s an apology which Choi Yoo Jin responds with telling Choi Sung Won to have Jang Mi Ran, J1 and the housekeeper “taken care of without leaving a trace” (i.e. killed) after Ko Anna is sent abroad.

The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot
The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot

Could Choi Yoo Jin really be the one behind Ume Hye Rin’s death? Episode 12 saw the witness recount an encounter which saw Choi Yoo Jin inject some kind of substance into Ume Hye Rin, making Choi Yoo Jin look so guilty of Ume Hye Rin’s death. But with this episode revealing the witness to be part of Choi Yoo Jin’s plan, it makes us wonder how much of it is true, whether it really happened or whether it was told just to get Choi Sung Won and Ko Anna believing they caught Choi Yoo Jin.

One thing seems to be certain, though, Choi Yoo Jin was at Ume Hye Rin’s place that night. After Choi Sung Won’s visit, Choi Yoo Jin is seen thinking back on that night which saw Ume Hye Rin pleading Choi Yoo Jin spare Ko Anna. Love is not meant to be a group activity, Choi Yoo Jin had told her. As Choi Yoo Jin said this, her back was turned and tear were also seen in Choi Yoo Jin’s eyes. It looked like she was unwilling to grant the request, but judging by how Ko Anna is still alive and how the worst thing Choi Yoo Jin’s done to Ko Anna is hide her away in a foreign country, it looks like Choi Yoo Jin did at least grant Ume Hye Rin’s request.

Another thing that’s for sure is that Ume Hye Rin didn’t commit suicide. After Jang Se Joon says all those things in front of the press, he admits to a very hurt Ko Anna that everything he said were all lies. This can only mean she was killed. (If not that then we can only think an accident caused her death.) Ume Hye Rin also didn’t blackmail him. She only pleaded. Jang Se Joon doesn’t reveal who killed Ume Hye Rin, but the suggestion is he knows what happened and who killed her.

The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot
The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot

Jang Se Joon’s lies causes a breakdown in his relationship with his daughter. No longer were the explanations of being a coward and needing to become president so that they can truly escape Choi Yoo Jin’s clutch on them going to cut it with Ko Anna. For his lies and dragging her mother’s name through the mud for no other reason than his political aspirations, she tells him he’s lost her as his daughter.

Seeing how this has turned out so badly for Ko Anna, Kim Je Ha uses his access to Mirror to try find out some things that might get, not only what Ko Anna wants, but what he wants and what Jang Se Joon wants. All can seemingly be achieved with bringing down the same man. That man is Park Kwan Soo. Bring the rival Assemblyman down and Jang Se Joon will be able to become president, and as he says, he will be able to escape the clutches of Choi Yoo Jin and protect Ko Anna. Ko Anna would presumably then be able to restore her mother’s reputation. Kim Je Ha would finally bring Park Kwan Soo to justice and avenge Raniya’s death. He’d also be able to protect Ko Anna and save her from being forced into hiding again.

Kim Je Ha also mentions bringing Choi Yoo Jin and JB Group (so that means Choi Sung Won, too) to face justice when proposing to help Jang Se Joon get what he wants so he can be a better father to Ko Anna.

This is a bit worrying. It sounds like Kim Je Ha might be going up against Choi Yoo Jin in the end. But then again, it looks like Choi Yoo Jin’s goal is to have Jang Se Joon win the election. After that, she’s happy for Ko Anna to do whatever she wants.

The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot
The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot

A meeting at Ume Hye Rin’s gravestone sees Choi Yoo Jin almost plead Ko Anna stop her fight in taking revenge on her, at least until after her dad gets presidency. Choi Yoo Jin tells Ko Anna that if she could just stay still till then, she could become the president’s daughter, be JB Group’s owner even and take revenge on her when Ko Anna has inherited everything if that’s what she wants.

It seems, all Choi Yoo Jin wants is for Jang Se Joon to become president (and maybe reclaim JB Group under her control, too, instead of having it fall into Choi Sung Won’s family conglomerate, Jin Han Group.) Choi Yoo Jin even offers to do whatever she can to help Ko Anna become a model, be Jean-Paul Lafelt’s muse if that’s what she wants.

Ko Anna shows no interest in becoming a president’s daughter or owning JB Group. She’s not given a chance to say much about being a model, but when Choi Yoo Jin states the facts about the current situation—that her mother is dead, how her father isn’t too trustworthy, and how surely she doesn’t want to keep living with a stepmother like Choi Yoo Jin herself—Ko Anna tries Choi Yoo Jin with what would happen if she continued in her way: what if she says she won’t stop until she reveals who killed her mother?

Choi Yoo Jin’s answer, Ko Anna will be forced to watch everyone she loves die. Jang Mi Ran, J1, the housekeeper and even Kim Je Ha will die trying to fight for her and protect her.

Ko Anna doesn’t believe such thing would happen because she believes Kim Je Ha would kill Choi Yoo Jin first. Of course, Ko Anna says this not knowing the fact Kim Je Ha can’t kill and relies on Choi Yoo Jin to kill for him. Choi Yoo Jin uses Kim Je Ha’s goal of avenging his past love, Raniya, to convince Ko Anna. Her mention of how Kim Je Ha will eventually leave Ko Anna has the latter call the former a liar. Kim Je Ha had asked her to leave with him once everything is done and dealt with in Episode 11, so there’s no way Choi Yoo Jin knows what she’s talking about.

Only, Choi Yoo Jin does. The fact that he’s on the Interpol’s Wanted List makes it difficult for Kim Je Ha to go overseas. It’s a fact Ko Anna does know, but the crime he’s charged for is a bit bigger than being framed for Raniya’s death. Choi Yoo Jin tells her he’s wanted for slaughtering civilians and is considered a war criminal. How much of this is true has yet to be all revealed, but according to Choi Yoo Jin, one call from her and she can have him locked up forever. She also mentions how Kim Je Ha is just an alias, that it’s with the fake ID she gave him, he’s able to live.

First Kim Je Ha is looking like he might be working against Choi Yoo Jin, now Choi Yoo Jin’s appearing like she can send Kim Je Ha to prison if Ko Anna doesn’t stop. We’re hoping Choi Yoo Jin is just saying all this to convince Ko Anna to stop her ways, and Kim Je Ha isn’t really working with Jang Se Joon to bring Choi Yoo Jin down because of the way things turned out for Ko Anna! We thought Kim Je Ha considered Choi Yoo Jin a friend and Choi Yoo Jin regarded him as part of her inner, her “close line”? This writer is deliberately making us worried!

The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot
The K2 Episode 13 Screenshot

We shall soon see we suppose, as the last part of the episode sees Kim Je Ha tailing Kim Suk Han, a psychiatrist at a hospital and the son of the current President’s son. Through, Mirror, he’s learned of the memory card which Kim Suk Han has in his possession. Stored inside the memory card is some damning evidence which will help Jang Se Joon win the elections. This evidence relates to the fraud surrounding Kumar oil and gas development which a large group of people are involved in. This group includes Park Kwan Soo, Kim Suk Han and even the current president. So, get one’s hands on the evidence and the presidency is a certainty for the side this evidence is with.

Many have gone to great lengths to find this memory card according to Chief Joo. Park Kwan Soo’s men have tried and failed when they broke into the psychiatrist’s office. Chief Joo believes this evidence wouldn’t be found in any of Kim Suk Han’s personal places. It had to be in a place which not even a Search and Seizure order will locate it. So, it can’t be in Kim Suk Han’s office, home, safe or bank security box for example.

With the item being this difficult to find, Kim Je Ha thinks up of a way to help him and the JSS agents get their hands on it, and that is, to make it obvious he and the JSS agents are watching Kim Suk Han. His hope is that Kim Suk Han will start to feel uncomfortable enough to want to move it.

Sure enough, as Kim Je Ha had hoped, Kim Suk Han notices all their gazes and the tailing. Soon enough, Kim Je Ha is led right to the place the item is hidden: under a bench where people pray. Kim Je Ha doesn’t physically get his hands on it, though, as he is stopped by Kim Suk Han’s bodyguards from making any kind of approach close enough to get the item.


As much as we think it’d be interesting to see Choi Yoo Jin and Kim Je Ha go up against each other, we really hope they don’t! Kim Je Ha taking upon himself to see Park Kwan Soo about the evidence he’s come across and going off to the hospital in search of Kim Suk Han were actions Choi Yoo Jin didn’t know about a parent. Yet, when his actions of his got back to her, Choi Yoo Jin tells her people to let him be because apparently it’s all part of the plan. How is it still part of the plan when she didn’t know about his actions? We’re hoping it’s one of those times where Kim Je Ha may not have told Choi Yoo Jin what he’s up to, but figured out his plan and quickly understood it’s a plan they should take. It would explain Kim Je Ha’s lack of surprise when Chief Joo and the JSS team showed up at the hospital to help.

As for the whole Choi Yoo Jin being made to look like she killed Ume Hye Rin, it just feels so much like what we’ve seen so far is put in there to confuse and make Choi Yoo Jin appear like she’s responsible for Ume Hye Rin’s death, but someone unsuspecting is actually the one responsible. One story that was mentioned many, many episodes ago by Song Young Choon has yet to make an appearance. Ko Am Wook who was mentioned by the JSS instructor as having been the one who married Ume Hye Rin, which is inconsistent with the story told by Jang Se Joon. It feels like the real story is in there somewhere.

The best part about The K2 is revealing the possibility that Choi Yoo Jin could be the victim in this whole situation, but these last couple episodes is undoing that a little. Here’s hoping the last set of episodes somehow return Choi Yoo Jin to being the victim despite her past actions, and she and Kim Je Ha stays on the same side.




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