This week’s episodes builds more on Cindy’s loneliness and tough life in the entertainment industry as well as her growing like for Baek Seung Chan. However, the main focus of the episodes was the relationship between Tak Ye Jin and Ra Joon Mo which brings in some great moments between Tak Ye Jin and Baek Seung Chan.

The close friendship that Tak Ye Jin and Ra Joon Mo has become strained after Tak Ye Jin reveals her hidden feelings for Ra Joon Mo. Ra Joon Mo shuts it out of his memory and deceives Tak Ye Jin and Baek Seung Chan with acting as if he had no recollection of it. Baek Seung Chan finds out he does, but keeps it a secret. Tak Ye Jin ultimately figures things out herself when Ra Joon Mo lies about going on a date that he didn’t go to. It gets worse between them when Ra Joon Mo accuses Tak Ye Jin of being typically problematic and causing harm to Cindy, dismissing Tak Ye Jin’s own injuries that were sustained from trying to get Cindy out of harm’s way—which, unfortunately, ended up causing Cindy to sustain injuries.

Tak Ye Jin, Baek Seung Chan and Cindy are all getting more and more awesome and interesting; however, Ra Joon Mo is becoming unlikable. Pretending he was drunk when he was actually sober on the night he went out with Tak Ye Jin and Baek Seung Chan for some after work drinks and saw Tak Ye Jin leak out her feelings for him in her drunken state made him come across as cowardly. Scolding Tak Ye Jin for inflicting injuries on Cindy when she, herself, was injured from trying to get Cindy out of harm’s way made him come across as insensitive. He is currently quite a frustrating character for us.

But as frustrating as Ra Joon Mo is, Ra Joon Mo’s frustrating ways are bringing in some good scenes between Tak Ye Jin and Baek Seung Chan, so we thank him for that! On Tak Ye Jin’s side, she has changed her phone entry for Baek Seung Chan to his name from a nickname. And on Baek Seung Chan’s side, he immediately ran to the hospital when he heard Tak Ye Jin was in an accident; he had a silly smile on his face when Tak Ye Jin took him by the hand to lead him away from Cindy’s fans; and he comforted and consoled Tak Ye Jin when Ra Joon Mo was insensitive. It’s Baek Seung Chan who’s showing care for Tak Ye Jin. This will (hopefully it will) get Ra Joon Mo to see what Baek Seung Chan sees in Tak Ye Jin. Baek Seung Chan was put forth as having a good sense of judgment; he was shown to have an impressive ability to guess, with precision, the ratings for the first episode of Ra Joon Mo’s variety show. This then makes us think that Baek Seung Chan is someone who can see what and who is worthy and what and who isn’t worthy. So, if Baek Seung Chan—someone who has uncannily good judgement as to be able to guess precisely an episode’s ratings—is finding Tak Ye Jin worthy of his attention, Ra Joon Mo should also give Tak Ye Jin a chance and see that she is worthy of his attention as well! :oD :oD

We hope for more Tak Ye Jin and Baek Seung Chan scenes in the coming episodes. They are cool together as well as sweet. We’re not set on the final pairing being Tak Ye Jin and Baek Seung Chan, though, since we also love what is developing between Baek Seung Chan and Cindy. We have been enjoying watching Baek Seung Chan, Tak Ye Jin and Cindy together, individually and as pairs, so we’ll just go with the flow and enjoy the developments that we have been enjoying so far and will look forward to whatever developments come in the future. Regarding Ra Joon Mo, we do hope this character gets a little more perceptive and a bit better in how he treats Tak Ye Jin.

We’ll be waiting for next week’s episodes with excitement because the three lead characters, Baek Seung Chan, Tak Ye Jin and Cindy, are all so interesting and lovable. Ra Joon Mo, you’re the only lead character that we aren’t enjoying or loving as much. We’re crossing our fingers that you’ll get better!




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