We missed Rock N’ Road a lot last week when it had to make way for a music show, but we’re ecstatic Rock N’ Road is back and we are able to catch up with this episode that was held back a week!

There has never been a lot of nail biting, edge-of-your-seat type drama happening in Rock N’ Road. The obstacles, situations and events in the series have always been quite regular and ordinary; but, this is what is so strong about Rock N’ Road. Even with such regular obstacles, situations and events, the story still moves along and progresses in a way that feels like a lot is happening and the hour-or-so episode ends much too quickly.

Episode 12 was full of development in character and relationships with hints to what is to come for Lin Wei Zhen and Zhou Shu Yu‘s relationship. Lin Wei Zhen continues to struggle in gaining respect from those around Zhou Shu Yu and the media: Zhou Shu Yu‘s extended circle of friends see Lin Wei Zhen as a device that Zhou Shu Yu used to gather media attention; and the media pursues Lin Wei Zhen for the scandal articles they can obtain from her to produce stories about Zhou Shu Yu. Meanwhile, Xu Li Da, though he acknowledges and understands Zhou Shu Yu‘s reasons for his actions, Xu Li Da‘s fight for respect from the industry and the desire to protect Yang Jia Xin‘s heart and career is still strong. And Yang Jia Xin, she is not a major problem to Lin Wei Zhen‘s relationship with Zhou Shu Yu, but she is unable rid Zhou Shu Yu from her heart.

There were many sweet Lin Wei Zhen and Zhou Shu Yu moments in this episode. These come from the scenes where Zhou Shu Yu creatively fulfills all of the desires that Lin Wei Zhen wrote in her secret notebook titled, How to Catch a Relationship Quickly in one day. These scenes, to which progresses to the end scene of the episode where Lin Wei Zhen initiates a kiss with Zhou Shu Yu—to whom responds intensely after being momentarily surprised by it and unsure about it—have a bittersweet feel to it: Zhou Shu Yu fulfilling all of Lin Wei Zhen‘s desires in one day looks to be with the plan of having Zhou Shu Yu break up with Lin Wei Zhen. The hint of this happening comes from an earlier scene with Lai Qian Rui‘s father prompting Zhou Shu Yu to think about how this sort of media attention will affect Lin Wei Zhen‘s chances in succeeding in the industry. (It gets revealed in this episode that the CEO of the competing company to BS Entertainment is in actual fact Lai Qian Rui‘s father. Lai Qian Rui is played by Mami Gu, Lai Qian Rui’s father is played by Chin Shih Chieh.)

Kimi Hsia and Wu Kang Ren, their character’s interactions, they are particularly natural-feeling to us. We’ll be looking forward to Episode 13 to see more this natural interaction between their characters. We’ll also be looking forward to hear what the final note that we didn’t get to hear Lin Wei Zhen read says: one of the wants written in that secret notebook of Lin Wei Zhen‘s was to have Zhou Shu Yu compliment her more. Zhou Shu Yu had written all of his compliments on small papers and they were placed inside balloons to which Zhou Shu Yu ends up popping himself and hands each of the papers to Lin Wei Zhen to read. We can’t begin to guess what Zhou Shu Yu wrote in the paper housed inside the last balloon that Lin Wei Zhen stopped Zhou Shu Yu from popping, but we imagine he wrote something very sweet, so we can’t wait to hear what it reads!




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