Lin Wei Zhen‘s underdog status continues to drive the story. Seeing Lin Wei Zhen transforming and surpassing someone like Yang Jia Xin—an established pop artist who’s beautiful and has the heart and respect of the two lead male characters (Zhou Shu Yu and Xu Li Da) is one part of the story that’s exciting. The other is Zhou Shu Yu and how he views Lin Wei Zhen.

Though Zhou Shu Yu has expressed he will help Lin Wei Zhen with her dream of becoming an A-lister after being moved by Lin Wei Zhen‘s care and kindness towards him during the vulnerable time he was experiencing after his fallout with Xu Li Da and Yang Jia Xin, Zhou Shu Yu is like those at the top of the industry: he sees Lin Wei Zhen as not up to standard and finds she is needing a lot of work before being anywhere near ready to take on any big or small opportunities that come her way—now that she has been made known to the media and the public because of her association with him. He continues to treat her as an assistant and discourages her from taking opportunities that comes her way.

There’s also Zhou Shu Yu‘s lack of romantic interest in Lin Wei Zhen. When Lin Wei Zhen asks Zhou Shu Yu if he likes her, Zhou Shu Yu tells her she isn’t a person he could fall for and it would take lightning strikes to hit him for him to fall for her. Zhou Shu Yu is very blunt and truthful like that *shakes head*.

(This conversation about whether Zhou Shu Yu likes Lin Wei Zhen comes after Zhou Shu Yu overhears Lin Wei Zhen shout out the answer that she liked Zhou Shu Yu very surely to her mum’s question regarding the subject earlier in the day. However, the way she likes Zhou Shu Yu is in the way one likes an idol Lin Wei Zhen assures later on. At the dinner table, Lin Wei Zhen‘s mother continues the topic which leads to Zhou Shu Yu being asked whether he liked Lin Wei Zhen.)

So, apparently, it’s highly unlikely and it’ll take lightning to hit Zhou Shu Yu before he’ll fall for Lin Wei Zhen. Okay. So, the odds of lightning striking and having Zhou Shu Yu fall for Lin Wei Zhen looks to have increased when she appeared before him dressed up in a beautiful white overlay sheath dress, hair elegantly swept into a chignon bun-like style and wearing simple yet classy make-up, looking like an A-list star! Zhou Shu Yu was visibly taken by her appearance as he watched her walk down the stairs from the makeover her friend Lai Qian Nei (Gu Xin Yu) gave her. (Oo-ooh, it’s starting!)

At Episode 8, we’re still extremely excited and wishing for episodes to come faster. We’re rooting very hard for Lin Wei Zhen!




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