Zhou Shu Yu is falling from his A-list status; and more and more his situation looks like Lin Wei Zhen‘s. He’s not able to realise his dream of opening up his own music studio when he goes looking for financial partners (actually Lin Wei Zhen is the one looking, calling and door-knocking them) and gets turned away. And Yang Jia Xin, she seems to have gone cold on him as she dismisses his calls and requests to meet up. She makes excuses of being too busy or too tired to call back or meet up when he wants to meet up with her so he can move their relationship from boyfriend and girlfriend to the next level.

It’s Zhou Shu Yu and Lin Wei Zhen—two talented people who was once at the top now at the bottom—versus those who has enough influencing power to be currently successful and at the top. The series is pairing them up now! Zhou Shu Yu and Yang Jia Xin aren’t over, yet; but more and more their wants in life are looking more and more different, whilst Zhou Shu Yu and Lin Wei Zhen‘s expectations and values in life are starting to look more and more in common.

Episode 7 was another great episode that went by too fast. We’re really loving the developments and the way the story is progressing. We’re so disappointed we have to wait for another week to see another episode!




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