Central Christchurch has really cleaned up during our latest visit (which is about a month ago in November)! It is full of people—well, this is the case at the Re-Start Mall anyway. The Re-Start Mall is the first part of Central Christchurch to get back up and running after the February 2011 Christchurch Quake. Nearing three years on, activity levels in this part of Central Christchurch is looking like pre-earthquake times. Crafts stalls have moved in. Before the earthquakes, they used to be situated a block down at the Cathedral Square (where the iconic Christchurch Cathedral is).

The Christchurch Cathedral is accessible now. Two years we’ve not been able to get into this part of the city. A lot of the buildings that surround the Cathedral Square are still vacant and broken, but it is nice to be able to finally stroll through and seat ourselves in this part of Central Christchurch without obstruction from tall net fencing. The immediate surrounding of Christchurch Cathedral is still fenced off, but it is surrounded by a lovely mural of colourful tessellations. They’ve put up some blocks covered in grass (it’s a shame it was artificial grass) for visitors to have a nice rest after a day of perusing and some facilities, too. Trams are back up and running. It was a very bright, peaceful, relatively lively view.

There are still some road closures where cars aren’t able to get in, but pretty much foot traffic can get through the entire central Christchurch. There is progress. Next year, three years since the earthquake, there will be some new developments happening we hear. Wonder what we’ll see next year. It should be an even nicer view, more bustling this time next year! How exciting to think that there might be new buildings developing here and new businesses opening.




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