O.o O.o … What a dilemma for Baek Seung Chan!

This week’s episodes were very good! Cindy is the focus this time. She escapes from her daily life as a busy popstar and goes into hiding, hanging out with the three variety show producers, Tak Ye Jin, Baek Seung Chan and Ra Joon Mo at Ra Joon Mo and Tak Ye Jin’s apartment for a couple of days. During her stay, Cindy is seen as quite good at homey tasks—cleaning sinks, folding linen, recycling items. We get to see Ra Joon Mo’s apartment neat, tidy, organised and clean because of Cindy! It was fun seeing Cindy ‘relaxing’!

The development from this is we see a different side of Cindy and we get to hear more of how she entered the entertainment industry as well as her opinions of herself; we get to see how much kindness Tak Ye Jin actually has underneath her overpowering exterior; and of course it has an effect on the relationships.

Though Cindy and Tak Ye Jin are still opposing each other, their opposition is friendlier. We see Tak Ye Jin showing to Cindy that she’s quite hospitable; and in return, Cindy helps Tak Ye Jin out to dispel negativity from her fans directed towards Tak Ye Jin and the injury she inflicted onto Cindy in last week’s episode: she posted a picture of herself and Tak Ye Jin onto her fan page which stopped it all and her fans send their love to Tak Ye Jin! We feel these two can really become quite good friends in the future!

There was the major event of Cindy showing Baek Seung Chan she likes him with a kiss! Unfortunately for Cindy though, Baek Seung Chan doesn’t respond well to it and we see Cindy desperately waiting for him to call her but he never calls. She also finds out that Baek Seung Chan makes time for Tak Ye Jin, but not for her. In the end, Cindy accepts his reaction towards her as a rejection.

We feel for Cindy. She was shown to have lost both her parents at a very young age, at a time when she was very busy with her training. She didn’t get to see her parents a lot which makes it that much sadder. And before her parents passed away, her parents had divorced—something that Cindy believes she was the cause of it. She has no friends, the guy she likes doesn’t return her feelings and she doesn’t like a lot about herself—so much that she joins in on the bashing of herself on her anti-fan page! We like the pairing of Baek Seung Chan and Tak Ye Jin, but we hope Cindy will get some happiness very soon. Cindy’s lonely and unhappy, so we do want Baek Seung Chan to accept Cindy. It feels like it could go in this direction despite the events that has taken place between the two. Baek Seung Chan hasn’t accepted Cindy, but he hasn’t actually rejected her with his own words, either.

Not to mention, in the final scene in Episode 8, where Baek Seung Chan is having to decide whether to go to Cindy who’s standing in the pouring rain waiting for him outside his apartment or go meet up with Tak Ye Jin to go see a movie, this might be the beginning of Baek Seung Chan and Cindy and a slow separation of Baek Seung Chan from Tak Ye Jin. Even with situations and scenes showing Baek Seung Chan and Tak Ye Jin becoming friendlier and closer, e.g. this meeting at the movies, the photo that Tak Ye Jin asks to take with Baek Seung Chan and Tak Ye Jin admiring and being amused at this photo that she took with Baek Seung Chan, we feel it could be just the beginning of a missed chance for Baek Seung Chan and Tak Ye Jin. If we guess right for what’s coming, the love triangle might turn into a quad in the next episode. We’re thinking Baek Seung Chan will have to go to Cindy since she is standing in the rain. In order to spare Tak Ye Jin from being stood up by him because he has to go to Cindy, he’ll have to call Ra Joon Mo to take his place since (coincidentally) Tak Ye Jin’s phone is out of battery and he isn’t able to tell her what’s happening. Baek Seung Chan might lose his chance to get closer to Tak Ye Jin and push her closer to Ra Joon Mo.

Of course, this show doesn’t seem to be afraid to make characters look bad, so we might see Cindy drenched in the rain or Tak Ye Jin getting angry as Baek Seung Chan tries to quickly make it back, but never does. Maybe we’ll get to see all four of them ending up going to the movies. That wouldn’t be too bad of a situation! We actually don’t know what we want to happen since we are torn between wanting some happiness to go to Cindy and wanting to see Baek Seung Chan go to the movies with Tak Ye Jin. Dilemma!

We’re finding the supporting characters quite entertaining. We think that’s what’s making The Producers so enjoyable to watch. It’s not only the main characters that are enjoyable, but the characters around them as well. We do like the office supplies administrator, Go Yang Mi (Ye Ji Won). She’s a hardball and is entertaining when she goes up against Program Director, Kim Hong Soon (Kim Jong Kook). They provide some very nice comedy. And there are minor characters that are quite good to watch as well: the subordinate working for Tak Ye Jin, Kim Da Jung (Sun A), the one who always has a poker face, quite blunt and has the affinity to becoming friends with celebrities, she was annoyingly nonchalant at first, but she was quite good to watch in Episode 8. She appears like she is mean and icy, but we find out that she does have some sense of loyalty when we see her voting for Tak Ye Jin on a Cindy fan poll asking whether Tak Ye Jin deliberately hurt Cindy or not and she chose the option of Tak Ye Jin having not done it on purpose. She was quite entertaining in the dodge ball scene, too: the combination of the serious expression on her face, her unforgiving throws, the wild chants and enjoyment from the men in the crowd watching her revving up her throws (to which were in quite a suggestive manner at times) and the scared targets that were her colleagues as well as superiors, created a very entertaining scene.

We’ll be looking forward to next week’s episodes to see who Baek Seung Chan chooses to go to and see what comes from his choice!




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