The result of the final round sees Si Ping High School defeated by way of cheating. Han Jie must make true of his promise to Su Ying Jun to resign. Fang Xiao Rou investigates and uncovers the one responsible. The students do not wish to see their teacher leave and devises a plan that brings about a confession from Han Jie to Fang Xiao Rou.

Episode 8 Recap

For the final round of the Universiade Jiang Pei Ying takes over from Fang Xiao Rou. She consults her notes and immediately goes executing the help, the care and the questions she’s required to offer to her students. However, the students find the bombardment of her care, questions and help a hindrance. Liu Xuan smartly and politely requests Jiang Pei Ying keep an eye on Cindy Yao so that she doesn’t do anything sneaky.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

This has Jiang Pei Ying out of their way for the rest of the competition as she takes the request to the extreme and assumes her post at Shi Wen’s workstation. But Jiang Pei Ying’s presence should have been back at her own team which could have seen Wang Mai Zhi’s suspicious actions.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Wang Mai Zhi, leaving for a moment the pot of fish soup he’s tending, heads over to the bench behind him to grab a bundle of ingredients wrapped in cloth he’s hidden amongst a basket of mushrooms. Wang Mai Zhi hides it behind his back when Han Jie comes in telling him to keep watch on the soup and not wander around. Wang Mai Zhi wishes to win the competition and this bundle of ingredients must be snuck into the soup. He tells Han Jie to do what he needs to do and he will do his part. Wang Mai Zhi is in luck as Han Jie is called away by Liu Xuan for help on the Lemon Konnyaku (a gelatinous wonder health food item) she’s having trouble setting. With no one to stop him, he successfully sneaks in the bundle of ingredients into the fish soup.

Wang Mai Zhi’s decision to sneak in the bundle of ingredients seems to not have been detrimental to the fish soup. Come judgement time, the fish soup gains great praises from the judges and sees Si Ping High School declared the winner of the third round and winner of the Universiade. Celebratory cheers are all around the Si Ping High School camp. However, their celebrations may be too soon. One of the judges have noticed a strange taste in the fish soup and requests an inspection of Si Ping High School’s ingredients.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

The inspection takes place at the private room designated to the Si Ping High School team for the competition. All the ingredients are placed onto a table including the pot of soup Wang Mai Zhi tended. Wang Mai Zhi attempts to stop the check from initiating, feigning a stomachache—a means to push the pot of soup off the table and spill it over.

Han Jie watches Wang Mai Zhi gain the concern of Fang Xiao Rou who helped him away from the inspection table to a seat behind. Han Jie is aware of the situation and knows Wang Mai Zhi’s attempt to prevent an inspection on the pot of fish soup from happening. He’d already tasted the prohibited item in the soup even with Wang Mai Zhi attempting to stop him from doing so with knocking into him just before presenting the dish to the judges. Han Jie had not only managed to taste it from the soup spilt over on his hand, but he’d also smelt it out prior—it was the reason why he was alerted to taste it in the first place.

Fang Xiao Rou asks Wang Mai Zhi if he needed medicine for his stomachache. "I’m fine now," Wang Mai Zhi responds to his teacher’s concern. He doesn’t have a stomachache at all. His guilty conscience is faltering under Fang Xiao Rou’s concern and care. At the moment he might have the courage to own up, the judges’ exclamation of surprise stops him. “What’s this?!”

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

The offending bundle of ingredients is found and scooped up from the pot of soup. Everyone is shocked. They look on curiously as they wait for the bundle to be cut open and reveal its contents. Shark fin, fish maw, Jinhua ham and abalone are found. Such ingredients are not local ingredients and goes against rules of the competition. The judges inform Si Ping High School of their disqualification for the third round.

Whilst Han Jie’s colleagues and his students reject the notion of having cheated, Han Jie has his eyes on Wang Mai Zhi. His eyes has a look that appears to be waiting to see if his cheating student will step forward and own up or continue to stay silent now that his bundle of ingredients has been found and resulted in their disqualification. It’s silence even when Liu Xuan gives him the opportunity to own up when she turns to him to have him help explain to the judges.

Fang Xiao Rou leaves Wang Mai Zhi’s side and go prove their innocence further by being more cooperative with suggesting for the judges to search their bags. The judges show unwillingness with shakes of their heads, seemingly finding no benefit in wasting the extra effort on searching bags when the evidence is so clearly in front of them. Han Jie sees no point in the check, either. The evidence is there and he knows that one of his students is the cheater. He doesn’t reveal this fact, however. He only accepts the loss: "Since the judges have come to such a decision, regardless of whether it’s a win or a loss, I will accept it. It’s fact that we went against the rules. It is I, the supervising teacher, who is inadequate. It has nothing to do with my students."

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

The judges with regret make the official announcement of Si Ping High School’s loss of the third round and the competition before leaving the room of disappointed students who turn to Han Jie, asking why he simply accepted the defeat and removed them of the opportunity to prove their innocence. The disappointment from his classmates finally has Wang Mai Zhi feeling unable to hold his silence anymore and he goes up to Fang Xiao Rou to sincerely apologise. But the vague words doesn’t raise suspicion. Fang Xiao Rou isn’t able to understand the reason for the apology. She asks why he’s apologising when he’s not at fault for the loss. It’s another chance to own up, but Wang Mai Zhi cannot bring himself to get it out. He cowers again and turns away to his left.

The turn has Wang Mai Zhi meet up with Han Jie’s gaze on him. Something like defeat from disappointment in Wang Mai Zhi and empathy towards the predicament Wang Mai Zhi has gotten himself into from his lapse of poor judgement is the expression on Han Jie’s face. Han Jie breaks the eye contact, smiles then looks up. He’s defeated in the competition and by Wang Mai Zhi. Han Jie walks past his students and colleagues and out of the room.

Su Ying Jun scoffs. "And he says he’s taking what-and-what responsibility. With the appearance of a problem, he runs out faster than anyone."

However, Han Jie isn’t running. He is going to take responsibility. He makes his way back into the room the competition was held in. The judges and Cindy Yao are seen present and in discussion with one another. He informs them that they will accept the loss and requests for them to not continue looking into the student responsible. He will bear full responsibility.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Cindy Yao is surprised by Han Jie admitting defeat. It’s not the Oscar that she knows. Han Jie’s reply to this is suggesting that maybe she never knew him at all. Cindy Yao passionately rejects this notion that she doesn’t know him at all— "That’s not at all possible. I understand you very well. This amateur trick is definitely the doing of a student. Why are you not letting people catch the cheating student?" Han Jie explains: "A teacher who is influential in my life once told me that a student going astray is the fault and responsibility of the teacher. Since I was not able to teach my student well, I should take responsibility. A loss is a loss. There’s nothing I can say against that." Cindy Yao is unable to counter his valid argument, but she is yet again surprised: she can’t believe how he isn’t the self-centred person of before and wonders what or who changed him to become like this.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Han Jie returns back into the room at a time that enables him to gather that whilst he’s been away, a debate has been going on between his colleagues and the topic was him. He doesn’t personally hear that it’s only Su Ying Jun who sees him as the cheater and has an absolute desire to see him take full responsibility, but he is able to hear Fang Xiao Rou defending him: "Han Jie is not the kind of person who would cheat," Fang Xiao Rou exclaims as he enters the room.

Han Jie simply continues walking into the room and quietly takes a position near the door and stands with the rest of them. Wen Zhen Yu steps forward and asks Han Jie whether there is an opportunity to reverse the situation. Fang Xiao Rou is also wishing to know the judge’s words. Han Jie apologises. They’ve lost, he informs. He apologises once more for being unable to lead their school to a win before he goes to announce his promise to leave: "I will comply with the promise to leave Si Ping."

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

After returning from the competition, Han Jie’s first task is to visit his old cooking teacher at his workplace—but not without difficulty as all of his students except Wang Mai Zhi—who is seen standing at a distance watching on with a guilty conscience—block Han Jie from leaving school grounds and attempt to have him reconsider resigning. Their efforts don’t bear fruit. You all will forever be my students, Han Jie says to his students from inside his car. Continue getting stronger. Han Jie then drives off, leaving his students to chase his car until he drives off school grounds.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Han Jie has come to visit his old cooking teacher to inform of his failure to fulfill his promise of leading Si Ping to a win. Han Jie begins simply with an apology. This has his old cooking teacher wondering why he was apologising to him. "I’ve lost the Universiade competition."

Han Jie’s old cooking teacher gives Han Jie a smile. He has been informed of the result of the competition and the events that occurred in the last round of the competition already by his daughter who retreated behind a screen divider in the restaurant upon his sudden arrival. Han Jie’s old cooking teacher pats him on the back and asks him to take a seat. He is not disappointed in his failure: "If you’ve done your best, you don’t have to be sorry to anyone," he explains. Han Jie believes there is still a reason to apologise. "But I must leave Si Ping. And so, I’m sorry. I won’t be able to keep my promise to you."

Han Jie’s old cooking teacher thinks for a moment before he asks Han Jie if his decision to leave Si Ping is due to his bet with Su Ying Jun. If so, he is disappointed. It isn’t. "A student cheated in the competition. As a teacher, this is my responsibility," Han Jie reveals to his old cooking teacher, shocking both his old cooking teacher and Fang Xiao Rou who’s listening to his conversation with her dad from her position behind the screen divider.

The surprising information stirs Fang Xiao Rou to move a few step out from hiding, but stops and goes back into hiding when more interesting words comes from Han Jie when Han Jie responds to her father’s query about whether he admitted defeat due to knowing a student had done a dishonorable thing. "I taught the student. For the sake of winning, this student did it at any cost. It’s I who failed at teaching."

Who’s this student? Han Jie’s old cooking teacher asks. Han Jie doesn’t reveal the identity, however. He only tells him how much he now understands the great responsibility a teacher has and hopes that his leaving will allow the student to realise his mistake and truly understand experience is more important than winning or losing. No disagreement comes from Han Jie’s old cooking teacher; however, he is concerned he may regret the decision to leave.

"I will never forget the promise I made to you no matter where I go," Han Jie replies to his old cooking teacher’s concerns. "When I am able to become a better and more capable person, I will definitely return."

His old cooking teacher doesn’t see his old student to be inadequate. You’re already doing very well, he says to Han Jie. Han Jie disagrees. He has a temperament that would’ve seen him at odds with his students that may have seen him having trouble leading his students into the third round and Fang Xiao Rou is the reason that allowed him to do so. The talk of Fang Xiao Rou has Han Jie express sadness for not being able to have the opportunity to thank her before expressing his need to find out the kind of teacher he can be because through the experience of leading the students into the competition, he realises how much he doesn’t take time to listen to his students and then know them through listening—something that he sees both Fang Xiao Rou and his old cooking teacher do very well.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

These words from Han Jie has Fang Xiao Rou thinking over even after he’s left. Her harsh view of Han Jie seems to have softened by the things Han Jie has said to her father. However, she remains reluctant and uncomfortable to be put into a situation outside of school where she’s alone in a room with him.

Not long after Han Jie’s departure, Fang Xiao Rou’s father discovers Han Jie’s phone left behind on his seat. He suggests for Fang Xiao Rou to catch up to Han Jie to give his phone to him. But she is reluctant, suggesting that they can just call him to come get it back. But there’s the problem of his phone being here and not there with him. He can’t be reached, her father explains. Fang Xiao Rou is unwilling to catch up to him and simply tells her father that she will take it to the student’s lost and found and make a move for the door—only that Han Jie comes in and appears before her.

Fang Xiao Rou turns back into the restaurant and tries to escape; however, she’s blocked by her dad who urges her to have a talk to Han Jie. Fang Xiao Rou’s father explains to Fang Xiao Rou he needs to go out to buy some things and begins moving towards the door. But, fearful, Fang Xiao Rou maintains a hold onto her father’s hands. "Dad, don’t leave me here alone. I don’t want to—" Fang Xiao Rou’s father doesn’t wish to help his daughter. He wishes to help Han Jie: he removes his daughter’s hold on him and gives Han Jie the nod before he leaves Fang Xiao Rou alone to deal with Han Jie being in her presence.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Han Jie gives her a small smile—a smile that slowly straightens when he sees Fang Xiao Rou maintaining a scowl. With Han Jie blocking the entrance door with no way out, Fang Xiao Rou turns into the restaurant and walks away. But Han Jie follows. He grabs her by the wrist and blocks her path.

"Let go. Let go of me!" Fang Xiao Rou exclaims as she twists and pulls her arm to get her wrist released from Han Jie’s grasp. No luck, she uses her other hand and pushes at the arm to the hand restraining her. This only gets her restrained further: Han Jie takes hold of this free hand of Fang Xiao Rou’s. Fang Xiao Rou now only has her body to break her free from Han Jie’s hold on her two wrists. She twists her upper body twice, but Han Jie’s strength is too strong. Fang Xiao Rou is indignant. "You really have the nerve to bully me."

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Han Jie is unimpressed with her desire to escape from him. "Right now, you are simply not the Fang Xiao Rou I know. If you’re angry, vent it out. You want to hit me and shout at me—do as you please. Just don’t hide like a coward." This stirs Fang Xiao Rou up. "I’m a coward?—alright. If you have the guts, release me right now and let me give you a good beating!" Han Jie releases her. She snaps the hand holding his cellphone into the air. It hangs there for a second. Then many more. She slaps his cellphone into his chest. "I don’t like using violence to solve problems," she explains.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Fang Xiao Rou’s hostility doesn’t stop Han Jie from getting across to her what he wants to say: "Don’t avoid me anymore, okay? I just want to tell you that I’m about to leave the school. No matter how I’m annoying you, the time left to annoy you isn’t going to be much longer. When I leave, I don’t want to have anything left unsaid. I don’t want the things that I should have done not done."

This gains Han Jie a typical reflexive response from Fang Xiao Rou: what does the things he needs to do and say have anything to do with her? "How can it not have anything to do with you? What I want to do and say, all is about…" Han Jie stops. He changes his words. "What I mean is you are the person I feel most guilty towards, the most regretful towards… and also the person I’m most worried about before my leaving."

This tension-filled atmosphere between Han Jie and Fang Xiao Rou becomes turbulent when Fang Xiao Rou asks Han Jie to show his sincerity towards what he had just said with letting her know about the cheating business in the competition. But Han Jie avoids answering it: there isn’t much good in talking about it when the competition has finished. Fang Xiao Rou becomes exasperated with being a person who he seems to never feel the need to explain anything to and she asks what she means to him—colleagues, friends or the daughter who he’s trying to make things up to?—or maybe simply a stranger who he has no obligation to explain anything to. "Fang Xiao Rou, I will give you the explanation you deserve. But can you let me take care of things myself?" Fang Xiao Rou again is unsatisfied with his answer. She gives up. "Fine. Do as you please. In the future, you can take care of everything yourself."

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Fang Xiao Rou, continues to look into the cheating incident in the competition herself. She seeks Jiang Pei Ying’s help on the matter, asking Jiang Pei Ying if she remembers anything strange during the competition. Jiang Pei Ying isn’t of much help at first. She recalls unrelated and silly things: the students ran away from her hugs and Cindy Yao’s mascara didn’t run when the room was hot and when she stood in front of the hot pot of soup. But Jiang Pei Ying eventually gets to telling Fang Xiao Rou about how Wang Mai Zhi nearly bumped into Han Jie and couldn’t taste the fish soup. When Fang Xiao Rou goes to query it further, Jiang Pei Ying loses interest in talking about an event that’s already in the past. Jiang Pei Ying finds talking about finding a way to make Han Jie stay much more important. Fang Xiao Rou, however, tells her friend that it’s not possible between them anymore. Jiang Pei Ying doesn’t see why not until Fang Xiao Rou informs her of the fact that Han Jie is the one who injured her dad’s hand. "This is tragedy!" Jiang Pei Ying exclaims.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

The day after the competition, the students are still upset about the results of the competition and, of course, Han Jie leaving. Everyone is active in the discussion except Wang Mai Zhi. His strange quietness gets noticed by one of his classmates. This begins Ma Chong Sheng’s verbal attack on Wang Mai Zhi for being too nonchalant about Han Jie leaving before it leads to him accusing Wang Mai Zhi being the one who made them lose on purpose and breaking the promise he made to Liu Xuan to win the competition. This brings Liu Xuan to say that she admits to being defeated but never will they cheat. She then turns to Wang Mai Zhi to confirm this. Wang Mai Zhi only nod before he walks out of the room.

Wang Mai Zhi retreats to the sky garden. Liu Xuan has gone after him. She finds him at the perimeter surrounded by pot plants and foliage. Liu Xuan calls out to him and goes to stand before him. "You’re acting really strange," she says. Wang Mai Zhi makes a joke about how he’s as good-looking as always. However, Liu Xuan takes none of it. She’s here to find out why he did nothing when they were accused of cheating, especially when he’s the type to challenge accusations as soon as he’s accused of something he didn’t do. "Don’t tell me you have something to do with the cheating?" Liu Xuan asks. Truthful words come from Wang Mai Zhi but ones that don’t reveal the real truth: he didn’t lie about promising to do his best. He didn’t want Han Jie to leave. Liu Xuan’s investigation stop here. She believes him. "I can tell that you really wanted to win," Liu Xuan replies to him. "Thank goodness you had nothing to do with the cheating. Otherwise, I would definitely hate you."

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Cindy Yao comes visiting Han Jie outside Si Ping High School grounds to cash in on her win—a request that’s really ordinary: a shout to lunch at what looks to be a classy restaurant. This scene brings about some interesting information regarding Han Jie’s thoughts on dating, his view of Cindy Yao and Fang Xiao Rou.

When Cindy Yao suggests for Han Jie to head back to Europe so she is able to have a chance to be his girlfriend after she hears him confirm leaving Si Ping, Han Jie informs Cindy Yao that he’s not ready to be in a relationship. When Cindy Yao asks Han Jie why he doesn’t like her even when she hears him praising her on her outstanding cooking skills after proving her seriousness of wanting him and only him with having gone all the way to Europe to learn to cook and then back to Taiwan to be a teacher, Han Jie tells Cindy Yao that he does like her, but as a sister. And when Cindy Yao asks if Han Jie is rejecting her because of Fang Xiao Rou and Han Jie doesn’t respond, she asks Han Jie if he really does like Fang Xiao Rou. "I don’t have the right to like her," he says. With Cindy Yao convinced that Han Jie does like Fang Xiao Rou, she goes to express how if she knew this earlier, she would’ve come back earlier and stop Fang Xiao Rou from becoming so strong. But Han Jie reveals how little chance Cindy Yao had and has: "I may have been the one to have started liking her first. So that’s not so certain, either."

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Han Jie’s leave from Si Ping High School is slowly becoming final with Su Ying Jun already approaching the principal and suggesting Wen Zhen Yu as the person to take Han Jie’s place and lead the class. Han Jie also takes a visit to the principal’s office after his lunch with Cindy Yao. He confirms to his father of his decision to leave. This conversation between father and son provides insight into Han Jie’s future plan of furthering his studies with the hope of bringing back more things to impart to his students upon his return—a time which Han Jie says is not certain. He is only certain that he will return.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

There are some who still seek to find ways to give reason for Han Jie to stay. Fang Xiao Rou may be unknowingly one when she chances upon catching Wang Mai Zhi eavesdropping into the principal’s office. Remembering Han Jie saying a student cheated, Jiang Pei Ying telling her that Wang Mai Zhi had nearly bumped into Han Jie and caused him to not be able to taste the fish soup, and Wang Mai Zhi suddenly having a stomachache, she smartly draws the truth out from Wang Mai Zhi and drags him to Han Jie to own up. They stop just outside the entrance door when Han Jie appears before them. Fang Xiao Rou explains to Han Jie that she found the cheating student. Han Jie’s reaction is not what she expected, however: she hears him dismiss Wang Mai Zhi’s wrongdoing and requests for her to not interfere in his matters. She then hears Han Jie tell Wang Mai Zhi to return back to class. This dismissal of her good intentions has her feeling foolish. "Fine. If you want to be a hero, up to you," Fang Xiao Rou says to Han Jie. "However, if I ever interfere in your matters again in the future, I will really be the biggest idiot in the universe."

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Han Jie shutting her out and asking her to not interfere in his matters has put Fang Xiao Rou in a miserable mood. In the next scene where Jiang Pei Ying is seen shopping in the beauty section of a department store with Fang Xiao Rou in tow indignant in how Han Jie could shut her out and draw a line as he had done so when she tried helping him catch the cheating student, we see Fang Xiao Rou show signs of her resentment towards Han Jie letting up. When Fang Xiao Rou asks Jiang Pei Ying why she was inattentive towards her complaints, and Jiang Pei Ying tells her that her inattention and lack of a response is because she’s first watching her be eaten up by Han Jie before thinking up of a way to help her with this matter concerning Han Jie, Fang Xiao Rou becomes excited and goes fully on board when Jiang Pei Ying tells her that she, indeed, has a way to help her.

Jiang Pei Ying’s method of helping Fang Xiao Rou with this matter concerning Han Jie comes to be appearance-oriented—a styling of Fang Xiao Rou’s hair. She feels her hair is too flat from what she believes is caused by Han Jie’s frequent patting on her friend’s head. It is a means to make her look less like someone who’s kind and easy to bully and more feminine with the ability to zap and charm.

Fang Xiao Rou is pleased with how electrifying her hairdo is when she sees Jiang Pei Ying’s handiwork for herself in a mirror in the department store. It doesn’t take long for Fang Xiao Rou to realise her current action seem to be trying to zap and charm Han Jie and she immediately stops admiring her new hairdo. With defiance, she expresses that she’s not trying to zap and charm Han Jie.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

The topic of Han Jie brings Jiang Pei Ying to ask Fang Xiao Rou whether she’s ready to forgive Han Jie after a talk about the cheating incident and how Fang Xiao Rou regrets giving up so easily on revealing the truth. To Jiang Pei Ying’s question of whether she’s ready to forgive Han Jie, Fang Xiao Rou replies— "How can I? I won’t ever forget my dad’s grief and regret for a lifetime." Fang Xiao Rou goes on to provide a new reason why she can’t forgive him: Han Jie not only affected her father’s career, but also hers. "At that time, for the sake of comforting my dad, I made the decision to give up the opportunity to go overseas to study bartending and chose to stay behind to become a teacher. His one person affected the lives of two people."

Within Fang Xiao Rou’s words, her attitude towards Han Jie appears to not have changed, but her tone hint uncertainty. Furthermore, after Jiang Pei Ying hears Fang Xiao Rou’s answer to her question, she expresses how Fang Xiao Rou’s story is very much like a prime-time soap opera. There’s a huge difference by way of a happy ending, Fang Xiao Rou explains. She then sadly expresses how she’s doomed to step down from her position as the female lead in Han Jie’s life.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Fang Xiao Rou isn’t at all doomed to stepped down as Han Jie’s female lead, though. His confession is coming her way. After a talk with Wang Mai Zhi to learn from the experience in the competition and giving one last lesson to him—a dessert to give to Liu XuanHan Jie heads to his car and finds a pink envelope addressed to him, slipped in between the windscreen wipers of his car. He looks around to see who had left it, but there’s not one fleeting figure in sight. They are indeed in the vicinity, though. Hiding behind the car parked behind his car, Ma Chong Sheng, Liu Xuan and Tang Xiao Niu are watching on. The confession letter is written by Ma Chong Sheng with the help of Liu Xuan’s handwriting who apparently has handwriting that matches Fang Xiao Rou’s. This envelope contains a confession letter written in Fang Xiao Rou’s name and is an attempt to give incentive to Han Jie to stay. Their three heads pop out to the side with curiosity when Han Jie opens their confession letter and begins reading it:

"Han Jie, I like you. Are you really and truly leaving? I will never forgive you. I’m waiting for you at home. You must come."

Han Jie looks around after finishing reading it. The words are too unbelievable. He takes a second read before he gets into his car and drives off. We next see Han Jie outside the gate to Fang Xiao Rou and Jiang Pei Ying’s residence. He presses the doorbell many times. "Fang Xiao Rou! Fang Xiao Rou!" he calls to her. No answer. He slaps his thigh with his hand, disappointed. He then chuckles at something that seems to have gone through his mind.

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Fang Xiao Rou is coming, though. She’s with Jiang Pei Ying and is just around the corner. Fang Xiao Rou and Jiang Pei Ying sees Han Jie first. Fang Xiao Rou tries to turn away and escape back down the footpath. However, Jiang Pei Ying calls out to Han Jie and holds Fang Xiao Rou back for him. Han Jie turns around and sees them. Fang Xiao Rou continues to try escaping. However, Jiang Pei Ying isn’t letting her friend get away. She continues to hold onto her and brings her towards Han Jie. Jiang Pei Ying wishes Han Jie good luck then hands Fang Xiao Rou over to him as she goes to open the gate to head into their place.

Fang Xiao Rou is still too rogue. As soon as Jiang Pei Ying opens the gate and she sees the opportunity to escape inside, she dashes past Jiang Pei Ying. But speedy and sneaky as Fang Xiao Rou is, Jiang Pei Ying manages to catch her. Fang Xiao Rou is told off by Jiang Pei Ying and tells her that she wants an explanation on this matter with Han Jie today. With this, Fang Xiao Rou is left alone with Han Jie and forced to face him.

The three curious students that had brought Han Jie to Fang Xiao Rou’s place have arrived and they inconspicuously watch from behind a wall at the moment when Han Jie speaks Fang Xiao Rou’s name.

Fang Xiao Rou stops Han Jie from speaking any further: she presses her hands against her ears, tells him to wait then turns and faces away— "Say it another time. I’m not in the mood to listen, today."

Love Cuisine Ep 8 Screenshot

Han Jie isn’t willing to comply. He goes around to the front of Fang Xiao Rou and pries her hands away from her ears with his own. He continues: "What I, Han Jie, want to say and do, must be done."

Han Jie allows a moment for his words to hang and sink in. He then goes to envelop Fang Xiao Rou in his arms. Fang Xiao Rou’s reaction is not much more than shock and confusion. She stands there frozen from Han Jie’s unexpected hug. Han Jie begins speaking again. Fang Xiao Rou listens.

"You have the courage to say you like me. How can I not be even more courageous than you?—Fang Xiao Rou, I like you."


Han Jie’s confession, we loved it so much! We finally get to hear Han Jie say something sweet and lovey dovey for once! LOVED it heaps!

We’re worried for Han Jie. He did confess thinking that Fang Xiao Rou had confessed to him through that confession letter that Ma Chong Sheng wrote in Fang Xiao Rou’s name and she knows nothing of it! We’re hoping we won’t see Han Jie show Fang Xiao Rou that confession letter and have Fang Xiao Rou say to Han Jie— "What do you mean ‘confess’? What’s that? I didn’t write that." Let this little fact slide, we say, and just have Fang Xiao Rou believe it’s the confession she made at the nightclub that she can’t seem to remember in Episode 4 which she made a huge fuss about in Episode 5. Fang Xiao Rou also did sort of confess again in the previous episode when she told Han Jie that she now knew how it is to like someone that you hate. Don’t show the card! What’s the likely chance that it won’t be shown, we wonder…

But how can Han Jie not find how weird it is to have Fang Xiao Rou suddenly send him a confession letter when she is currently super angry with him? Han Jie not noticing how weird it is—is it because he just really, really likes Fang Xiao Rou that much and it doesn’t cross his mind?

Although, thinking about it a bit more: maybe Han Jie did catch on and he just decided to run with it. When he buzzed Fang Xiao Rou’s door, he did look quite disappointed to find that she wasn’t there and chuckled to himself. But we can’t tell whether this was because he can’t believe he missed her at her home; or, it was that he had caught onto think how things were rather odd and he realised he got fooled by someone. Han Jie is usually very sharp with things like this so it can’t be possible that Han Jie didn’t catch on. He also must have noticed the strange behaviour of Fang Xiao Rou running away from him and the fact that Fang Xiao Rou was seen coming home with Jiang Pei Ying instead of being at home waiting for him like the letter told him she was. Maybe he thought it through whilst heading to Fang Xiao Rou’s place. Han Jie probably did just run with it and used the opportunity to jump into the deep end and confess. We really aren’t able to believe Han Jie to have not realised how odd the confession letter is when he’s always the first one to notice anything and everything that doesn’t add up!

We’re curious: does it get dark very quickly over in Taiwan? Han Jie sped off after receiving the confession letter. At that time, it was still light. But then come Han Jie buzzing Fang Xiao Rou and Jiang Pei Ying’s doorbell, it was night.

It was interesting to hear Han Jie tell Cindy Yao that he may have liked Fang Xiao Rou first. We did find that Han Jie was rather okay with being an item with Fang Xiao Rou and always suggested ideas of being an item with Fang Xiao Rou to resolve problems as well as being very playful with Fang Xiao Rou. We can’t help go back to the scene in Episode 2 where he just wouldn’t let Fang Xiao Rou head off with Wen Zhen Yu where he forced her to decide to leave with him. Also, unlike with Cindy Yao where he actually expressed hesitation in pretending to be an item with Cindy Yao so to stimulate sales at their charity sale that was seen in Episode 5, he never expressed hesitation with Fang Xiao Rou. If we took those as evidence, it seems like Han Jie may really have liked Fang Xiao Rou first.

Speaking of Episode 5 and that situation where Han Jie asks if Cindy Yao was worried about being misunderstood, we had wondered why he asked and came up with two possible reasons: the first one was thinking that Han Jie’s concern for her image in the culinary world; and the second one was because he didn’t want people to misunderstand him being in a relationship with Cindy Yao. We now see that it is most definitely because Han Jie really didn’t want others to misunderstand him being in a relationship with Cindy Yao!

It also seems that Cindy Yao’s public confession and Han Jie accepting with eating the macaron didn’t do anything to make anyone misunderstand. Both Wang Mai Zhi and Ma Chong Sheng in this episode expressed how they could tell that Han Jie liked Fang Xiao Rou. Very perceptive these two are!

Han Jie leaving, it seems very much set that he will leave Si Ping. There is still the tiniest possibility of the story doing a turn; and it all lies with Fang Xiao Rou. We’re not sure how much power Fang Xiao Rou has in changing his mind and whether she will actually ask him to stay. Fang Xiao Rou makes this a possibility.

Saying that though, seeing Han Jie decide to stay doesn’t feel right, though, with all that he said about wanting to be stronger and more capable. (Again, we didn’t see the preview. We never do because we don’t like spoilers, so we don’t know if the preview for the next episode answered this.)

We’re very curious about how far away Han Jie will be from Fang Xiao Rou and the others. He said he needed to study more. We’re assuming he will continue to be in Taiwan. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to head back overseas to Europe because when Cindy Yao suggested for him to head back to Europe, there wasn’t much to show that he will be. We wouldn’t mind seeing him working in his restaurant. What would be funny is if he enters Shi Wen High School. That would really be shocking, but interesting!

We’re most definitely excited to see the result of this awesome cliffhanger! :oD :oD.




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