We’re extremely happy with Episode 13 and how it went by!

The episode begins with the final hours of the perfect date that Zhou Shu Yu prepared for Lin Wei Zhen in Episode 12; and after a day of fun Lin Wei Zhen is blissfully happy and isn’t aware of Zhou Shu Yu‘s plan to shatter her heart and any feelings she has for him so he can keep her away from the scandals that always comes when she is seen with him; because he’s convinced that Lin Wei Zhen will only become known for being in scandals which will guarantee a path away from the stage she wants to return to; and he sees himself to bring her down that undesirable path if he continues to allow her to be around him.

Zhou Shu Yu begins his plan with calling a press conference to announce the live-broadcast confession to be a method to gather media attention to promote Lin Wei Zhen‘s album. His words and actions become brutal when he meets Lin Wei Zhen; when he’s caught following Lin Wei Zhen in concern by Lin Wei Zhen herself, he hides. He does not want Lin Wei Zhen to fail so much that he is also in preparation to leave the country to take up work abroad.

There was an extremely sweet scene between Lin Wei Zhen and Zhou Shu Yu before the friction that happens between them. It really helped provide interesting contrast for the friction scenes that followed.

The feature image is where Zhou Shu Yu asks Lin Wei Zhen if she had anything to say to him if this day was the day the world ends. Lin Wei Zhen has Zhou Shu Yu get her phone for her to type up her words which scroll across the screen: ‘I LOVE U’. He laughs whilst he gets himself off of Lin Wei Zhen to sit upright on the side of the bed. (Since the previous episode showed the two talking about reading each other’s mind, we interpreted the laugh to be amusement and delight mixed with sadness towards Lin Wei Zhen‘s ability to read his mind one last time in these final moments he sees as before ‘the world ends’.) When Lin Wei Zhen returns the question to Zhou Shu Yu, he diverts with a playful command to go to sleep. It’s only after Lin Wei Zhen falls asleep that he says those same three words to her; and he does it by leaning over her sleeping body to articulate and enunciate each word in her ear clearly. Super nice final Zhou Shu YuLin Wei Zhen moment before the switch to friction and tension between them, we thought!

We don’t see Lin Wei Zhen wallow in the breakup for too long, though, when she quickly sees through Zhou Shu Yu‘s actions. Bringing Zhou Shu Yu back to her side—prove she can reach the top and show Zhou Shu Yu he doesn’t need to sacrifice Love becomes her motivator.

The preview is looking good and looking very exciting! It seems Zhou Shu Yu is definitely leaving the country to work in New York. We’re going to wildly predict the international drinks spokesperson job that Lin Wei Zhen is previewed to have won back will bring her to him. The possibility for great scenes and situations in a new environment following from the current situation setup is too good to not see!

Whatever is in store in the remaining episodes, we’re going to be happy with since we’ve not been disappointed with anything in this series so far. All the characters—main and supporting characters—they’ve all been fun to watch and all have helped move the plot along and make the story interesting and exciting; situations and arcs seamlessly flow from one into the next; and relationship scenes are just too sweet for words! We also love Wu Kang Ren and Kimi Hsia’s performances; and there’s the awesome OST!—we love the songs that feature in this series so much that we purchased them already: the two Mayday songs, You’re the One and Only and Onion; and Jia Jia’s Happiness Coming!

We can’t say enough how much we’re enjoying this series. Rock N’ Road is a simple story, but it’s an underrated series. The ratings for this episode show Rock N’ Road last in its timeslot again against Fall in Love With Me (Aaron Yan, Tia Li) and You Light Up My Star (Joe Cheng, Janine Chang). Rock N’ Road really deserves many, many more eyeballs!

We can’t wait for the next episode!! LOVE!




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