It was incredibly hard to sit patiently for each scene to play out with this episode! It was by far the most tension-filled with Qi Yi around Ding Jia Yu more and more and Qi Yi more and more unreachable for Chen Liang Liang!

It’s looking like game over for Chen Liang Liang with Qi Yi pretty much reeled in by Ding Jia Yu. There isn’t much to fault Ding Jia Yu with her found to be not lying; she did have Qi Yi‘s best interest in mind and helped pave the path for his success which allowed him to get back his house and become the boss of his own company. Qi Yi should be indebted to her. (However, we think he needn’t have to be indebted to her if she was a good person and truly loved Qi Yi.)

So, there was a lot of Ding Jia Yu and Qi Yi scenes together in this episode, all of them very frustrating since we love Chen Liang Liang so much! Chen Liang Liang continues to be level-headed and strong, however, even when she comes to have a front row seat to a kiss between Qi Yi and Ding Jia Yu. Qi Yi not only not back away, he even looks in Chen Liang Liang‘s direction whilst still lip-locked with Ding Jia Yu!

We mean, what the hell was that?! What made Qi Yi decide to look in Chen Liang Liang‘s direction whilst still lip-locked with Ding Jia Yu? If he’s not going to break away from the kiss, don’t look! That was our rash side talking. Calmly looking at it, though, we realise Qi Yi‘s actions were more than likely because he didn’t actually realise someone was there, let alone Chen Liang Liang being there; he felt a presence, so he turned. Still, how indignant were we?—”Don’t do that! You’re making Chen Liang Liang feel worse—as if she has anymore strength left to take anymore of this awfulness!”

Actually, it would be quite interesting to hear the internal dialogue that went into that look. It would be interesting to know if it was the actor’s interpretation of the scene or if it was direction/script. We would love to get an insight to what was intended—what was Qi Yi‘s character supposed to be thinking at that moment?

The scene with Qi Yi‘s mother visiting Ding Jia Yu at the hospital after another episode seems to be pushing Chen Liang Liang to fold. Ding Jia Yu has Qi Yi‘s mother’s respect—the person most important to Qi Yi and the person he wants most back in his life. Qi Yi‘s mother likes Ding Jia Yu while Chen Liang Liang is annoying to Qi Yi‘s mother. Chen Liang Liang looks more and more dispirited and it appears like she is starting to realise she has nothing left she can do or offer Qi Yi when Ding Jia Yu is liked more and more capable in every way.

But Chen Liang Liang does have more she can do for Qi Yi and we see her offer it to him at the end of the episode: knowing Qi Yi‘s obligation to Ding Jia Yu and his like towards herself are causing him stress, she sacrifices her own happiness and helps Qi Yi out by taking herself out of the running so she could ease Qi Yi‘s burden! … … AHHH! Chen Liang Liang is beyond incredible! She is truly strong and selfless!

Chen Liang Liang decided to give him up. Qi Yi better think fast and act fast! Or else, he is really going to lose Chen Liang Liang when she does finally seal those feelings up and send them out of her heart to allow another to come in (from the guy who has been patiently waiting next to have her heart. Dean! : oD : oD).

T-shirt messages in this episode: Chen Liang Liang wore, “Sometimes, I just want someone to talk to” and “Create your own [image of sunglasses]” — so cool!




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