With every romance-comedy, there’s always a female love rival coming in and she is usually beautiful, confident and driven. Ding Jia Yu is the new character and she enters GAZE as the Creative Director in the GAZEHua Lian partnership. Ding Jia Yu has a motive. She wants Qi Yi. So far, Just You has been quite light on drama, so we don’t think Qi Yi will dismiss Chen Liang Liang and go for Ding Jia Yu. We feel that Ding Jia Yu is everything that Qi Yi isn’t; that’s our reasoning. She seems to be all about looks, and with the response she gave when her uncle, the CEO of Hua Lian, asks about how ‘Jerry‘ was, from that we got the feeling she may be the type to go for successful men. Of course, it wasn’t stated, so we’re unsure. So far, though, we’re not liking her character. She is two-faced and she has too high opinion of herself.

Chen Liang Liang gets in trouble at work again after she hands a proposal to their potential client without the Agreements form and Qi Yi has to take disciplinary action. Unlike all the other times where Qi Yi believes she is absentminded enough to make such a huge mistake, this time he doesn’t think she is at fault. He makes her take leave without pay for a week, but asks Dean to investigate this and help clear Chen Liang Liang‘s name.

The end stretch of the episode is pretty peaceful with some nice scenes of Qi Yi missing Chen Liang Liang when she spends some time with her friends before she returns home to pack a suitcase to spend the free time at her parents’ place. Even though Qi Yi, himself, is going to be away for the week as well (he has a business trip to Shanghai), it is so cool to find that he didn’t want Chen Liang Liang to leave and wanted her to stay at his home during the week and look after it. He’s come such a long way, from “You’re a stranger in my family home” to “You’re a familiar person to me now who I consider family”. It really shows how much he trusts Chen Liang Liang and how positively he views her now. Great scene!




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